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mid-May  2015 

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Gordon Mller
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Tom Maricich
Trisha Kemp Rice
ABCH Mentoring Workshop
Gloomy Outlook for Beauty Stores
Deposit only comparison
Rejected Fundng Application
Malibu C - new product DDL
ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
Lowlights from the Editor

15th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
June 28-29, 2015 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA


Summit registration has increased over previous years. 

Sign up soon as classes are filling quickly!


Continuing Introduction of our Summit Educators: 


Facebook and the Salon                                     

Gordon Miller

Sunday: 2 pm

Monday: 9:30 am 


Building your Professional Brand on Facebook. Facebook is the world's largest online marketing and brand building platform. One that provides owners and stylists with opportunities to better engage and build client relationships, drive more traffic, build referrals and sales. Also, most importantly, connect and engage with fellow professionals and related resources. In this fast paced, enlightening program, participants will learn:
Why Facebook matters to salons and stylists alike
* The right way to create your professional presence
* The value of online role models and mentors
* The best practices to inspire and guide your career
* How to curate relevant content to engage your audience

Knowing and Understanding Bleaches   

                                      Craig Miller 

Sunday:  2:00pm
Monday:  9:30am 11:00am 

Lecture Interactive 


This class is all about bleaches. Working with a variety of bleaches, each participant will put their bleach through its paces. Then the participants will compare results: which is faster, which is slower, which produces the most dust when mixing. It is also interesting to note the pH of each bleach and how much it changes the longer the bleach has been mixed. The price of each bleach is explored to see if the more expensive bleaches are worth the additional money. You will come away from this class with a world of knowledge about bleaches.

Eliminate Formulating Frustrations                                                     

Pamela Pacheco

Sunday: 11:00 am 

Monday: 9:30 am and 2:00 pm  

Lecture ABCH Curriculum


Do you have difficulty in communicating with your client the color she
wants? Do you know the color the client wants but you have difficulty
formulating to obtain the color? This class will teach you to never fear
haircolor again. It is a matter of understanding what a color is capable
of. Being able to predict the outcome of a color is a gift that keeps on
giving. Haircolor only becomes complicated when you do not have a
full understanding of how and where the color is deposited. Let Pamela
eliminate your formulating frustrations! 

Hazards of Bleach

Tom Maricich 

Sunday: 9:30 am and 2:00 pm



This is a photograph of an actual salon client whose scalp has been
burned in a salon with manufacturers bleach. This behavior is being repeated with some regularity in salons across the country.
Dr. Tom Maricich has acted as an expert witness in many court cases that have taken place. He has a simple test you can use to determine if the bleach you are using is capable of imparting third degree burns on the head. 
According to Dr. Maricich, many of these burns may not be caused by just the chemicals, but  are actually caused by heat. A number of products heat up when the bleaching powder is mixed with hydrogen peroxide or water. He will take you through the list of conditions and ingredients that will cause this to.

Guarantee Color and Color Correction                        

Trisha Kemp Rice

Sunday: 9:30 am 11 am                                                    

Monday: 2:00 pm 3:30 pm

Lecture Interactive


Trisha has been training master haircolorists, academy
instructors and celebrity hairstylists for many years. In just one session she will teach you how wellness and technology will help you to achieve better haircolor results with any brand of haircolor. You will achieve better gray coverage, less fading and more vibrant long
lasting reds and brighter blondes. She will teach you how to process your haircolors faster while preventing re-dos with guaranteed results.  



If you want to take and pass the ABCH examination there is no better way to prepare than to take the ABCH Mentoring Workshop. Two days of hands on training will guide you through the examination step by step, foil placement by foil placement. The training is supervised by some of the very best haircolorists who have evaluated hundreds of exam candidates. They know exactly the mistakes made when someone failed and what you have to do to overcome those same mistakes. 
Visit ABCH to register.


In an article written by Marc Birenbaum, Editor of Beauty Store Business, the author predicts beauty stores will lose market share to online stores such as Amazon and to big box stores such as Walmart and Target. 

If Amazon wins, the focus of sales will be that it is convenient and shoppers will rarely leave home and sales volume will be sucked out of the local retail stores. Large numbers of retail operations, including supermarkets, will no longer be able to support their base to the determent of low-income consumers. There was no mention in the article of how salons will be affected by the change in client purchases. 

The article made it sound as though salons were no longer a factor in the big picture of retailing. It is amazing how many of us are still screaming about diversion. You can buy anything you want to purchase online. Diversion is no longer a factor.  



The deposit only haircolor comparison is underway. We will put the deposit only haircolor through the same rigors as we did the permanent haircolors 5 years ago. The results will be on display at the Energizing Summit. Each haircolor will be deposited on three Yak hair swatches. (Yak color very much like gray hair) Information about the colors will be compared, such as price, price per ounce when mixed pH, raw colors pH when mixed. After all the swatches are colored one of the swatches will be soaked in shampoo 5 times for one hour, another will be left out in the sun for 10 days to determine which of the colors are most durable. 


The colors we have gathered thus far are as follows: 

Beth Minardi, Brocado, Clairol (4), Chromastics, Campagina De Colore, Framesi, Goldwell, I.luminate, Joico, Kenra, Keune, L'Oreal, Matrix, Paul Mitchell (2) Redken(2), Rusk, Ion, Scruples, Strands, TIGI, Wella (4) CT, Zotos. Schwarkopf, Second Nature, Midway Couture, Box color, Natural Instincts', Farouk Chi, Alpha Parf, Pro-Essentials. 

Some of the haircolors being compared make the claim you can use their permanent haircolor as a demi by simply lowering the volume of peroxide. What happens to the Ammonia? 

Please do not send in any more colors since we are going into the durability phase. 


BEAUTY CHANGES LIVES (BCL) is a nonprofit association dedicated to uplifting the lives of individuals who want to be successful in the beauty industry. Those who can use help in getting started the professional beauty field. Beauty school is just the first step in starting a successful career. The haircolor mentoring programs established by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists(ABCH) have had great success in getting a cosmetologist comfortable with haircolor. By attending the two- day workshop the students have the opportunity to receive hands on training. All ABCH Workshops are manned by teams of experienced ABCH Evaluators. 

In spite of our success in training haircolorists, the BCL Chairman Lynell Lynch could not vision the ABCH helping new graduates into a successful career in haircolor.  Instead, the money will be used to provide $1,000 scholarships for students wanting to enter beauty school. Does that surprise anyone?

Malibu's Direct Dye Lifter   

The chameleon  clients are sitting in your chair every few months with tablet in hand showing you various vivid colors. Changing to a new haircolor tone is a challenge when using direct dyes which can stain deeply, especially on high grades 4 and 5 porosity with fragile cuticles. This new Malibu product may give you more control over your color formulas, while preserving the integrity of your client's hair. It has a creamy, non-drip formula that is designed for use with or without developer.   
DDL, Direct Dye Lifter, removes unwanted direct dyes and can be used creatively for special effects, giving colorists the control they need to take off color quickly. 
                 2015 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles, CA..
July 12
Boston, MA.....
August 23
Sarasota, FL....
September 20
Washington, DC .....
October 18 
Atlanta, GA.....
November 8  
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  ABCH Certification Exam Registration     

Lowlights from the Editor   

Recently, I received a Letter to the Editor requesting info about clay based lightener products used for balayage and hair painting.

The clay base of some lightener products can provide a better consistency for saturation and painting hair. When you use a granulated silica (sand) based foil lightener when painting balayage, you could end up with puffing, dusting, bleeding, and holes in your highlighted streak. The clay formula is said to "encapsulate" the hair so it can dry on the outside of the painted hair strand but the interior in contact with the hair is still moist and active. The drying clay based product covering the strands would also prevent rubbing off of the lightener onto adjacent hair. 


Problem? Question? Complaint? Suggestion?  

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