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April 2015 

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ABCH Mentoring Workshop
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Lisa McAuliffe
Claudio Pascuzzo
Palma Anshilevich
Aura Mae
Teresa Reagor
ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
Bridging the Texture Divide
Future Cure for Baldness?
Lowlights from the Editor

15th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
June 28-29, 2015 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA
Classes are filling quickly so



If you want to take and pass the ABCH examination there is no better way to prepare than to take the ABCH Mentoring Workshop. Two days of hands on training will guide you through the examination step by step, foil placement by foil placement. The training is supervised by some of the very best haircolorists who have evaluated hundreds of exam candidates. They know exactly the mistakes made when someone failed and what you have to do to overcome those same mistakes. 
Visit ABCH to register. 

Continuing Introduction of our Summit Educators:


ABCH draws educators from across America and beyond. The following three educators travel from Canada to share their knowledge and talents at this year's Summit: Lisa McAuliffe, Claudio Pascuzzo and Palma Anshilevich. We are also pleased to introduce Aura Mae and Teresa Reagor.
Fast Easy Foil Techniques                                                        Lisa McAuliffe
Sunday: 9:30am 2:00pm
Monday: 11:00am 3:30pm

The object of this class is to have you thinking differently about how you place foils in the hair. A good part of what you do is preparation. Foils, bleach, brushes and combs are all specialized tools used for foil work. Having different sizes of everything for each of the techniques you use will give you the ability to think more creatively about what you do.
We fall into a pattern, all of us do things the same way day in and day out. This class is not only fun but it will teach you to be more productive with your foil work. "In Toronto we do things differently. We have a different outlook about how we color hair. Come to my class I think you will love it."
Hands-On Plastic Wrap Technique                                    Claudio Pascuzzo
Sunday: 2:00pm
Monday: 9:30am
If you ever wondered what it's like coloring hair using plastic then this hands-on class is for you. This technique called Natural Reflections has been in the industry for over 30 years and has never been promoted by the manufacturer, therefore this could be the first time you see this technique. Natural Reflections will change the way you see haircolor because you can see the color process through the plastic and have complete control therefore no toners are used. Claudio will take you through the rules of natural haircolor that he has been applying for 36 years and teaching at the colleges in Canada. He believes that haircolor is an art not a formula and this technique will help you create masterpieces.

This class has a $15.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will
be using mock bleach. and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.

Having a Colorful Life                                                        Palma Anshilevich
Sunday: 11:00am
Monday: 9:30am 2:00pm

Can you imagine a life in black and white? Haircolor does indeed make our life more exciting. Learn from Palma how to market your skills as a haircolorist. Refining your skills through quality workmanship is a priority. You must learn all of the options open to your clients to keep them excited and coming back. We are first and foremost problem solvers. Your clients will keep you on your toes and present you with challenges for you to solve. Palma is a bundle of energy wanting to share what she knows. By participating in hair competitions she has an edge on what is new and exciting. This is a class you don't want to miss, Palma is great!
Working With Direct Dyes                                                    Aura Mae, ABCH
Sunday: 11:00am
Monday: 9:30am 2:00pm

Since the early 1990's Aura Mae has been working heavily with direct dyes. Her salon is known for incorporating crayon colors into looks that work for regular clients, not just kids and rock stars. She will show you how she does it and will also display test results of colors from different manufacturers so you can compare them side by side for color, shine and durability.
Rainbow Haircolor & Design For All                             Teresa Reagor, ABCH
Sunday: 9:30am 2:00pm
Monday: 11:00am 3:30pm

You will learn how to unleash the rainbow! Vibrant crayola colors and soft pastels are great money makers and bring joy to the wearer. Just search Instagram or Pinterest and you see an endless array of outgoing haircolor pic's that are now more widely accepted in a variety of social circles. In this class you will learn how to best approach the hair preparation, formulation, design layout and maintenance. Visual aids on display will be hair swatches in over 40 different color formulas. You
will also learn 4 techniques for a variety of awesome application methods. Instruction is guided by Teresa Reagor, an American Board Certified Haircolorist, who has been creating
customized colors for her salon clients since 1999. This is one class you will be sure to love.
                 2015 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles, CA..
July 12
Boston, MA.....
August 23
Sarasota, FL....
September 20
Washington, DC .....
October 18 
Atlanta, GA.....
November 8  
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  ABCH Certification Exam Registration     

Meet your new ABCH Ambassadors!
The American Board of Certified Haircolorists is proud to introduce the team of Toni Mondragon, Miranda Shears, and Kevin Anthony! This trio of seasoned and new ABCH members will be taking to the road to promote "THE ABCH EXPERIENCE".
Their goal is to increase the number of new ABCH members by targeting markets that have been slow to participate in the Certification. Some stylists have never heard about 
the ABCH, and others aren't sure if there is a place for their educational needs with the ABCH. 
We are going to try to dispel the myth that our philosophy of "generic" color education is for only one type or texture of hair, but instead give them the understanding that hair is hair! We want to introduce them to a whole new world of color education," says Toni Mondragon, ABCH Exam Evaluator and Summit Educator.
If you know anyone interested in learning about The ABCH Experience and would like more information 
on getting these Ambassadors to your city or salon, go to website.  Bridging the Texture Divide
Future Cure for Baldness?

Hair plucking (not tweezing) may be a future cure for baldness, as suggested by a recent study in the medical journal Cell. When hairs are plucked out in a specific manner, the hair-follicle system sends out a distress signal "by releasing inflammatory proteins, which recruit immune cells to rush to the site of the injury," USC News reports. USC Keck School of Medicine professor Cheng-Ming Chuong has proven through tests on mice that by plucking out hairs in a specific way, expansive new hair growth occurs.
The trick is apparently in how you pluck the hairs and which ones you pluck. "When plucking the hairs in a low-density pattern from an area exceeding 6 millimeters in diameter, no hairs regenerated," USC News writes. "However, higher-density plucking from circular areas with diameters between 3 and 5 millimeters triggered the regeneration of between 450 and 1,300 hairs, including ones outside of the plucked region." The study in Cell journal states, "Remarkably, a hair follicle can only regenerate in concert with other follicles, but not autonomously."
The studies were conducted on mice and not men, so future studies may seek balding men who would be willing to part with even more hair with hopes for a future fuller head of hair.
Lowlights from the Editor  
Celebrities changing haircolor. 
Amber Rose, Hillary Duff, Julianne Hough and Amy Poehler
Inspiration for your clients that can result in increased revenue for you. Learn about the rainbow of haircolors available plus corrective techniques at the Energizing Summit in June. Sign up today!  

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