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mid-January 2015 

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2015 ABCH Mentoring Date
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Andre teaches at ISSE
Steve Reiss , Modern Salon Summit speaker
Gordon Miller joins American Salon
ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
Correction- Leo Passage DVD
Lowlights from the Editor

15th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
June 28-29, 2015 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA
View the Summit Brochure for the list of class schedules.
Registration opens February 1  
Early Bird Discount!
Save money and take your pick of classes & workshops!



The 2015 Legacy Award to honor Leo Passage, the founder of 

Pivot Point International, will be held at the ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO. Leo was a very humble man, were he still alive today he would be embarrassed over all of the fanfare honoring him. At the same time, he loved the beauty industry and would be pleased to be a part of raising money for the good of the industry. The ticket proceeds will all be donated to Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, the non-profit established to raise funds for the celebration of careers in the beauty industry.

Your ticket will entitle you to view some fabulous fashion presentations showcasing models as live art, as well as private art showings. The entire beauty industry is invited to the event. The festivities get underway at 7:30 P.M. on Saturday, March 21,2015.

To purchase tickets visit:


*See correction at the bottom of this newsletter regarding DVD.


The company states they are filling four thousand custom formulas a day, of which 70% are repeat orders. Their plan is to grow the brand to 1.2 million for the year. The question is, are these salon clients looking for alternative haircolor or box color customers looking for a change? It is difficult to know the reason so many customers are relying on a computer or someone on a phone line to determine their specialized formula. The product cost is twice as much as box color but less than salon color.
The packaging is very impressive and they go to great lengths to make the customer feel like this is a haircolor formulated just for them by adding their name on the box, bottle and instruction sheet.
We tested the formula for consistency. The two colors were mixed as instructed and applied to separate swatches, the two colors were compared and turned out identical. 

The color was a dark blonde, and gray coverage was good. The difference between the level 10 and Yak hair was substantial, which shows it does not respond well to porosity. They do a good job in keeping the colors consistent. We also gave one of the swatches the 6N shampoo fading test and saw very little to no fading.
Photo of swatches (right). The two formulas were purchased a month apart and were completely consistent.


Is eSALON a fad that will diminish as time goes on or is it here to stay? Time will tell, but meanwhile, they are making a ton of money.



Andre has been invited to teach at the ISSE show at the Long Beach Convention Center, January 24-26. He will be holding a 3 hour hands-on Speed Foiling class.  Andre says,"It is a privilege to be teaching at such a prestigious event".  Andre is no stranger to teaching as he was instrumental in the founding of both the International Haircolor Exchange, as well as the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, of which he is now President. The two organizations have made an impact in the haircolor industry by giving hairdressers the opportunity to increase their haircolor skills.

The speed foiling class he is teaching will make foiling easy and more fun. Along with increasing your speed in foiling he also teaches some of the finer points of foiling. 

To register for his class go to the ISSE show website., linked here. 


Steve Reiss of Modern Salon will be appearing at the ABCH Energizing Summit in June as a keynote speaker. He has a lot to say about the digital age and how it is effecting all segments of the beauty industry. He gave an example of Instagram which was not even on the magazines radar and now we have 100,000 people in our Instagram community.
Peoples' choices are changing in the world of endless choices. People expect information when, where and how they want to receive it and their loyalty often extends to the person or company that can provide this. Reiss stated that 75% of Moderns traffic comes through mobile devices. He indicated when Modern launched their ecommerce platform in early 2014 it was designed to be used on a phone.
So if you want to get your customers attention online, focus on where they are spending their time. If you want to learn more about this fascinating subject be sure to catch him at the ABCH Energizing Summit. He will be making his appearance Monday Morning for everyone. Don't sleep in!
Check out more about Steve's Summit class and other classes on the ABCH website. View the Summit brochure. 



The Proctor and Gamble Company (P&G) is putting the Wella Company up for s ale. 
Mike Nave, of the Beauty Industry Report (BIR) indicates that Ruters reports P&G is working with Goldman Sachs to explore the sale. The potential move of the estimated $7 Billion haircare businesses is part of the company's plan to streamline business.
P&G said in August it would shed 80 to 100 slow growing product lines in order to focus on about 80 brands. A P&G spokesperson said the company does not comment on rumors. 
BIR als o reported that Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, stated at a recent investors meeting that the company is in the hunt for a higher end personal care brands. "We continue to look at opportunities to bring our personal care business more premium". Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. 



Gordon Miller, a favorite educator at the Energizing Summit, has joined American Salon Magazine as the Senior Director of Digital and handles their social media strategy. He will also be responsible for the development of their website and digital platforms.

That fits right in what he teaches at beauty shows and we are fortunate to have him as an educator at the Summit.

Congratulations Gordon!    

            2015 ABCH Examination Dates

Chicago, IL........
March 22
Los Angeles, CA..
July 12
Boston, MA.....
August 23
Sarasota, FL....
September 20
Washington, DC .....
October 18 
Atlanta, GA.....
November 8  
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We made an error when publishing the information necessary to receive a copy of the LEO DVD. While the DVD is free, you must pay the $12.00 cost of shipping and handling.  Also, the number for the DVD is 800-886-4247 for customer service. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Lowlights from the Editor   

What blogs or hair websites do you rely on for inspiration? is one of my favorites. I look forward to their Sunday News email every week for photos, videos, and more from around the world.
Chicago Shoot in Modern Salon 
An impromptu shoot in Chicago with Brig Van Osten
turned into a 2 page feature in Modern Salon.
Hair: Brig Van Osten 
Wardrobe: Kaitlin Butler 
Photography: Joshua Flowers ( 

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