Two day Mentoring Workshop in Atlanta, GA

Feb 15-16, 



As part of your $395 tuition you will receive:

  • Two days of hands-on training by a member of the ABCH Evaluation Team
  • Examination Mannequin
  • Bundle of hair for making swatches
  • Free access to the practice examination
  • All tools, equipment and haircolor necessary

    It is highly recommended that you read chapters 9 & 10 of the ABCH Study Portfolio before you arrive.


    Everything necessary to perform the required tasks will be furnished. 

    Tools, gloves, aprons, combs, clips, mannequin stands, brushes and bowls will be available. The variety of sizes and materials to form packets will require you to bring your own foil or other material.  Haircolor, bleach and peroxide will be made available to you. NOTE- If you bring your own color on a flight, you must check your baggage; you cannot carry on haircolor or peroxide. The mannequin will go home with you in a plastic bag, which will be furnished.


    Two day Mentoring Workshop $395.00

    February 15 & 16, 2015 



    For information contact Alicia at the ABCH office. 310-547-0814

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