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January 2015 

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2015 ABCH Mentoring Date
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Steve Casciola RIP
Vidal Sassoon and Beauty Schools
Leo Passage DVD
ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
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15th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
June 28-29, 2015 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA
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On behalf of the ABCH Board of Directors and myself we want to thank all of you who have participated in the ABCH examination. Whether you passed or not, you are now a better haircolorist than you were prior to taking the examination.

To those individuals who have been thinking about it but have not yet made the commitment to take the exam, you will be pleased to know we are planning two more mentoring workshops for 2015-first  in Atlanta on February 15 & 16, and then in Chicago on July 8 & 9.  If you need an incentive to take these workshops, we are happy to report that 85% of those who take these workshops pass the performance examinations. Now is the time to make the commitment to become the very best haircolorist you can be. The American Board of Certified Haircolorists is the answer. Do it now!


Two day Mentoring Workshop $395.00

February 15 & 16,2015 

Attendance limited 


Registration available on the ABCH website  


For information contact Alicia at the
ABCH office. 310-547-0814 


The National Association Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, the body that approves the curriculum for beauty schools has approved an eighty-hour curriculum for teaching an Advanced Haircolor Certification program. 

The International School of Beauty in Palm Desert and Indio, California submitted the curriculum that was approved.
Ms. Beardsley-Garrison submitted her curriculum, on behalf of Mirela Holbert, owner of the school. 


The plan is to teach the eighty-hour curriculum to both senior students and graduates of the school. Mirela has taken the ABCH mentoring workshop and passed the Certification Examination to become Board Certified. She was so impressed with the experience and how much it helped with her haircoloring skills, she elected to introduce it in her schools. Her feeling was the eighty-hour class could be a stepping-stone for those who want to take the ABCH examination and advance their haircoloring skills. Hopefully, other schools will follow her lead. 



The Kuene Company has joined Wella in the sponsoring ABCH Certification Mentoring Workshops. Andy Biazis, CEO of Kuene plans to make the mentoring workshops and the certification examination part of their education by integrating the ABCH generic education into their Kuene education. 

The first Mentoring Workshop will be held on February 15&16 in Atlanta.  

We want to thank Kuene and Wella for their generosity in helping with the production of the workshops. 


Enrollment in the workshops is limited, so visit the ABCH website 

or call the ABCH office 310-547 0814 and speak to Alicia. 


The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology have endorsed the idea of having a higher-level certificate for both the haircoloring and skincare categories. It was determined that the greatest potential for harm to the consumer comes from these two categories. How and when this occurs is yet to be determined. 

To change the cosmetology curriculum the State Legislature must first approve it. It was up for a vote last year only to have the legislation adjourn before the end of the year. 

We were hoping they would vote on the legislation now that they are once again in session. 

Unfortunately, this is not how the government works; that would be far too logical. They (the legislature) require the bill be once again introduced. Once passed it will go back to the Cosmetology Board to determine how the new law would be implemented. This could be a time consuming process. You would think that a committee could be formed to work out the logistics while the bill is going through the legislature, so when passed it could be implemented. The most important part is that the  California State Board endorses us! 



Steve Casciola the publisher and CEO of Salon City Media and BE magazine passed away after a three year battle with cancer. Steve, along with his wife Annie, worked tirelessly to put the beauty profession in an exciting position.
He headlined high profile hairdressers by placing them on the same pages along side of movie and television celebrities. He developed an idea to meld the beauty industry with the entertainment industry.  This proved to be a successful marketing tactic, stated Tony Beckerman a long time friend who worked with Steve in Seattle, 
Steve was also an accomplished musician and for a time was part of a musical group called Calyope. His wife Annie will take over the duties of Salon Media and BE Magazine



At a recent discussion of beauty salon professionals, the question arose on whether Vidal Sassoon could have accomplished everything did if his hires first had to attend beauty school. All the new hires Vidal brought aboard started as apprentices. They learned while working in the salon and recognized that was where they wanted to stay. In England, apprentices did not have to be paid while they moved up through the ranks until the salon owner made the decision to allow him or her to cut hair. 

Vidal had training on a regular basis and all of the apprentices were required to be there. Never mind required- they wanted to be there. Having only people who were new to the profession made his job of training much easier. It is amazing the number of high profile hairdressers who never stepped foot into a beauty school, rather were trained as an apprentice. 

Yet apprenticeship has never caught on in the U.S. 



This is a great documentary about a beauty industry giant Leo Passage. The DVD takes you from Leo as a young man in Holland he lived through the trying years of world war two. How his father attempted to get him to work in his barbershop and how he ended up

in a salon in Brussels as an apprentice. 


Leo was a competition giant, he won every conceivable hairstyle award throughout Europe and then came to the United States to became an icon. The rest is history, his skills were so in demand he worked all week in the salon then taught competition hairstyling on weekends. He either was working in the salon, teaching or traveling to the next competition.  His was an unbelievable story of hard work. 

Pivot Point now has franchises in 79 countries.


This DVD is a real inspiration to anyone who is looking to be successful. This DVD is available for no charge, just call Pivot Point customer service 847-866-7390. You'll love it. 

            2015 ABCH Examination Dates

Chicago, IL........
March 22
Los Angeles, CA..
July 12
Boston, MA.....
August 23
Sarasota, FL....
September 20
Washington, DC .....
October 18 
Atlanta, GA.....
November 8  
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Lowlights from the Editor   


Make ABCH Board Certification a resolution for 2015. 
This is the year.
Commit to mastering your career and becoming the BEST haircolorist you can be.
Start with the mentoring workshop next month.   Are you ready?
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