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November 2014 

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15th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
June 28-29, 2015 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA  
Come Learn With Us! 
Atlanta Exam 2014 - Our New Group of ABCH   

It has been years since we has a passing rate for the ABCH Exam fall below 50%, but it happened in Atlanta. There was some outstanding work done, but a large number of the candidates fell just short of passing.  

This is often the case when the candidates fail to practice enough on their mannequins. Many of the candidates simply ran out of time and did not finish their optional techniques. Most expressed they would be back. Congratulations to the high scorers, Donna and Kathie! 

ABCH Evaluators for this Exam were Paul Morrison, Bridget Davis,  

Toni Mondragon, Courtney vonBerg, Jay Marshlick, and Tamara Dahill  

Congratulations to our newest Board Certified Colorists!

Northeastern Educational Conference


It was cold and it snowed, but of course it was in Maine in November. On the positive side, haircolorists that braved the weather experienced small, intimate and attentive classes with some great educators; many of whom teach at our Los Angeles Energizing Summit each summer. The bad weather kept some of the audience away but there was a respectable crowd, none the less.    

The Sunday night fashion show was dedicated to Chase Wakeling, one of the educators who passed away suddenly. Randy Hegstrom, the president of the Carabito Corporation, a distributorship based in Maine stated his conference will be back again next year.




Running some swatch tests on Olaplex revealed some interesting information. We also used it in single process color on several clients with interesting results and noted things to be aware of.  

The instructions for using Olaplex are not detailed enough and left to the discretion of the user. For instance, the instructions indicate to use ⅛ ounce not the usual ounce used in bleaches. If you should inadvertently use ounce you could have results that are less than desirable. The color will go darker, it will become runny and release all of the ammonia in the color all at once. This is most prevalent when using liquid color with clear peroxide. Tube color and cream peroxide work beautifully.

We ran some swatch tests (shown below) to see how much slower the Olaplex formula is than regular bleach. When using 20 volume instead of the recommended 30 volume with Olaplex, the bleach reacts very slowly. How much slower is demonstrated with these swatches.

Top swatches have Olaplex with 20 volume peroxide. Swatches were removed in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours and 5 hours. We don't leave bleach on the hair for this length of time, so it is only to demonstrate the difference in lift. The swatches on the right were left on for 24 hours. Both swatches lifted to the same degree. The Olaplex swatch felt much better than the swatch without Olaplex and that was without the #2 bond perfecter!  


Andy Biazis, CEO of Keune,  conducted a very productive meeting on how Keune and ABCH can work together to upgrade professional haircoloring. There were several proposals made, such as having the Keune educational team become ABCH Board Certified. Using the Keune new beautiful training center for holding mentoring events. It was clear during the meeting that all hands were on the same page and the vision for advancing professional haircolor was consistent. Everyone at the meeting is looking forward to the next meeting and the establishing of guiding for moving forward.


Pictured in front of KEUNE headquarters in Atlanta, GA: Andre Nizetich, Andy Biazis, Dana Rogalski and Keune educators Jay Marshlick and Courtney vonBerg.





Excitement is mounting in preparation of the ABCH Performance Exam Workshop.

The two day workshop will be held in Atlanta on February 15/16. The same high quality education is planned and it will prove to be even better than those held last year.

Attending workshops in 2014, we were surprised to see there were students who had never placed foils in the hair, working next to some who had 20 years experience.

We will recruit as many evaluators as necessary to give each student the necessary attention to make it a memorable experience. Regardless of where you are in your level of expertise this workshop will enhance your skills as an elite haircolorist.

Two day Mentoring Workshop $395.00

February 15/16,2015 

Attendance limited 


Registration available on the ABCH website   


For information contact Alicia at the
ABCH office. 310-547-0814 


On our visit to eSalon, we were expecting to see individuals processing orders by filling bottles with haircolor, placing caps on the bottles getting them ready to be shipped. What we saw was a very high tech system in which the orders were filled.

We observed haircolor technicians in front of computers, some formulating and others answering questions. The personalized formulas are generated by information given by customer, to the eSalon questions asked online.

We saw thirteen 55-gallon drums of haircolor that feed formulas to a computer that filled the bottles with haircolor.

We were told 4,000 personalized haircolor orders were processed each day and 70% were repeat customers. New customers are invited to upload their picture, but not required. The repeat orders are generated automatically based on the frequency customers wish to color their hair.

eSalon's success is based on the the fact that the haircolor is personalized for the customer (pic below-- two bottle formula- root formula & gloss for ends).
The bottle of color and instructions have the customer's name, which assures the haircolor would be consistent from application to application. If not happy with the first color received, you could request (at no additional charge) the color be changed or any adjustment they wish.

Only six years in business and the growth in sales have topped the previous five years.  They are projecting an increase of 10% this fiscal year. It should be noted that the majority of eSalon customers are users of box color.  

We will run some tests on the consistency and durability of the eSalon haircolor in the ABCH offices.  


A full page ad in Modern Salon Magazine listed the names of 50 aspiring beauty school students who were given $1,000 apiece to attend beauty school. The Matrix Company establishes 5 year commitment to the hairdressing industry. Each year Matrix commits a minimum of $200,000 a year in scholarships.

A suggestion for Matrix - give money to the salon industry not the schools, as the schools are doing just fine. Let's find a way to help the salon industry. Salons are struggling. There is a good reason enrollments are down in beauty schools. THERE ARE NO JOBS. WE NEED A WAY TO GET MORE CLIENTS IN THE SALON.  

If you have a restaurant and no customers you don't need more waitresses. You need customers so that you can hire more waitresses. California licenses 35,000 new cosmetologists and yet have not produced a single new tax paying job. Why would you contribute to this same fiasco that helps contribute to an underground industry?

We need more stronger salons and more clients so that we can hire more people. We get it--every new licensed cosmetologist can now go to your store/online and buy professional products, but that is not helping the salon industry. It is helping manufacturers sell their professional products. The federal government subsidizes beauty schools to the tune of billions of dollars.

Schools don't need help, salons do. 

            2015 ABCH Examination Dates

Chicago, IL........
March 22
Los Angeles, CA..
July 12
Boston, MA.....
August 23
Sarasota, FL....
September 20
Washington, DC .....
October 18 
Atlanta, GA.....
November 8  
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Lowlights from the Editor   

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Find time to relax this holiday season. 
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