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September 2014 


       For those of you that are prepared to lynch me for the newsletter statements I made about the first of many Olaplex tests, I would be the first to admit to you that I was an idiot. Maybe idiot is a little strong, how about just dumb. I don't want to be regarded as a loose cannon.

       I tried to be the hairdresser's hero and just assumed that Olaplex was trying to rip off the hairdresser, making claims such as "You can't break hair if you use Olaplex." First, let me say that I acted on my own and none of the ABCH Board of Directors had anything to do with what I said. I could not have been any more wrong about Olaplex.

      I spent the afternoon with Dean and Darcy Christal from Olaplex, truly beautiful people. We ran some tests and I want to tell you this product is fantastic. This is not just fancy packaging -- this is all new technology, a real breakthrough.  

Dean reached out to me because he was overwhelmed with the support he received from his followers. Because of what I said in the newsletter, he came to my rescue. Think about that. He took what I said and came to help me better understand the product and enlighten me. Two things came out of this, one good and one great.  

The good thing is I learned not to jump to conclusions. When a new product is introduced, use it extensively before trying to find fault in it.

The great thing is that Dean Christal has agreed to lecture at the 2015 Energizing Summit! His story about the inspiration behind the creation of Olaplex will amaze you. He is a great man!  The beauty industry is lucky to have Dean Christal in our camp.  

       Olaplex Testimonial from ABCH Board Certified Colorist

We received several accolades from ABCH members about what good things have come about as a result of using Olaplex. From what Andre learned through testing of this product, he too can attest to it. Kelly Glavas sent pictures of her work using Olaplex.


I have Olaplex in my salon, and I have had great results. Of course it is not a cure all. It has been great for my blondes who want to lighten their lowlights , and getting red out in hair that I would usually be scared to do.   


My hair was blonde -then I used Pravana purples and Magenta.I wanted back blonde and I am.  Also my client Darien was blonde from old highlights and wanted to be Platinum to go back to college.  I told her the only reason I would do it is because of Olaplex , and it was phenomenal.  I'm sending some pics with this to show you. Just thought I'd let you know.  I am scheduled to attend the Summit next June. .. Can't wait! !

   ~  Kelly Glavas



Beautiful results using Olaplex. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

Lowlights from the Editor 

This is the perfect example of why ABCH is so amazing. Running a non-profit organization is a  challenge. ABCH takes pride in its role as a watch-dog for the hair industry, testing product claims to protect both the public and industry professionals. Overzealous actions lead to this public statement of correction.
ABCH is all about learning and improving this industry. All comments and suggestion are always welcome. Thank you for your support.

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