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September 2014 

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ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
receives rave reviews!
June 8-9, 2014   
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA  
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Sarasota, FL Exam 2014 - Our New Group of ABCH 

This was the very first time the ABCH went to Sarasota for an examination. There were 30 candidates and only one who was there to retest. Lisa Kelly, ABCH and an Evaluator, does a lot of education in the Sarasota area and was largely responsible for the great turnout for the first exam in that area. The eager group of candidates was quite anxious to become board certified.    

Congratulations to the 16 who passed and  we're certain those who fell a little short will be back to try again. The ABCH Evaluators for Sarasota were Lisa Kelly, Tamara Dahill, Bridget Davis, Jay Marshlick.  

Congratulations to our newest Board Certified Colorists! Well done.



ABCH is concerned when manufacturers promote unrealistic product benefits or results to a market of professionals with varying degrees of experience. There has been quite the fervor on the internet about the new product Olaplex. The claim is there will be no breakage to hair during bleaching services as long as you use Olaplex.  

The reason for this introductory test was to discredit the notion that you can put something in bleach that would prevent you from ever again breaking a client's hair. This is a dangerous notion to instill in stylists who could be new to coloring or bleaching. This Olaplex challenge is all they need to start bleaching a client's hair thinking nothing wrong can happen as long as Olaplex is added to the formula. That this product will make the hair bulletproof? While this first test with Olaplex is a bit extreme, it is carried out strictly to make a point.

  1.  We used a mannequin that had already been lightened. While lightened, the hair was still in good condition (grade 3 porosity)
  2. We mixed one bleach with 20 volume peroxide and the the Olaplex bleach was mixed with 30 volume peroxide.
  3. The respective bleaches were applied to each side of the head using a generous amount of bleach and placed between foil.
  4. The hair was processed for a period of 6 hours. No heat was used.
  5. At the end of 6 hours, the rebuilder was used on the Olaplex side of the mannequin, applied according to Olaplex product instructions.
  6. The hair was then brushed out using a separate brush for each side to determine the amount of hair that was broken.
Results: The Olaplex side WAS NOT immune to breakage, as a matter of fact there was more breakage on the Olaplex side.

To be fair, the next test will not be as severe. We will be bleach virgin dark hair swatches to a yellow stage. One set of swatches will be bleached with powder bleach and 20 volume cream peroxide, the other side will be bleached with 20 volume cream peroxide + Olaplex. We will bleach the hair swatches until it reaches yellow, then determine which strand is in the best condition. The ratio of bleach to peroxide will be the same for both bleach mixturers           

This will tell us the length of time it will take each side to achieve a yellow stage and the condition of the hair once it has reached that stage 

Watch for more Olaplex test results.  



The date to get your money in for the advertising program has been extended to September 30. This will carry you through to September 30, 2015.   


The price for advertising had been reduced to $195.00 from $325.00, as a result the number of participants has increased substantially. It is without question the best dollar value for advertising.  


Listing your name and contact information on the ABCH website is the best way for someone to find a competent haircolorist.  

Consumers can identify with the words BOARD CERTIFIED and ABCH are the only board certified haircolorists. There are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Board Certified Accountants, and now there are Board Certified Haircolorists.  


Board Certified colorists interested in advertising through ABCH should contact Alicia at the ABCH office-  

(310) 547-0814 before the Sept 30 deadline.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your name and contact information listed with this professional group of haircolorists. 


Salon owner, Summit educator and dedicated haircolorist Michael Page has passed all of the requirements to become an ABCH Evaluator. According to Michael, "It took me a long time to complete the requirements but it was a real pleasure working with all of the other Evaluators in learning the criteria. There is really a lot to it. There is a lot of emphasis placed in becoming consistent." Michael works in Danville, California and has been a Board Certified haircolorist for over 11 years. 



Due to the overwhelming positive response, the WELLA company has elected once again to sponsor, in part, the ABCH Mentoring Workshop.  


We are planning the next Workshop for February 2015.  Dates will be posted in the next newsletter

The focus of the two-day workshop is to guide the students through the Performance portion of the ABCH Examination. The hands-on workshop is open to all levels of haircolorists. There will be an ample number of Evaluators guiding the students through all portions of the Examination, from making and coloring swatches to the preparation of the mannequin. 

The price for the two day hands-on workshop is a very reasonable $395.00. This includes an examination mannequin. Space is limited so register early, as the 2014 workshops were both filled to capacity!


Our thanks to the Wella Company for supporting this event helping us educate haircolorists to higher standards, resulting in even more beautiful haircolor and successful salon careers!



 Andre, with the assistance of Pamela Pacheco, will guide students on the finer points in passing the ABCH performance examination.  

If you are considering becoming an American Board Certified Haircolorist, this class is for you. He will be teaching two, three hour hands-on classes that will take you through the step-by-step process of taking and passing the performance portion of the ABCH Examination.   

The Northeast Educational Conference has been in existence just four years and making a huge impact in the educational arena.


Testimonials from past attendees about Andres' class:

 "After taking Andres' ABCH class, when I took the exam I knew what to expect and I was able to pass without any difficulty".  Brenda Gilbert 


"The class helped me to make it through the exam and stay on time, accomplishing the various tasks and what the evaluators are looking for was invaluable."  Sarah Vesque    




We are proud to say Peter was an American Board of Certified Haircolorist.  He was a talented educator at the Energizing Summit for several years where he teamed up with Deborah McCann and taught a very exciting foil placement class.  

He went to Redken and was instrumental in aiding the Redken Company in developing their certification program, which in many ways, mirrored the American Board of Certified Haircolorists examination. 

Peter, May you rest in Peace.  


     2014 ABCH Examination Dates

  Washington DC ....  October 12      
               Atlanta .................  November 9

The Washington DC examination is going to be a whooper! 70 candidates have already signed up.  

Even after adding additional space, we found it necessary to cut off registrations.

Holding the examination for that number has some challenges. It will be all hands-on-deck to have the number of evaluators needed to evaluate this large group of candidates. 

Links for more info: 


  ABCH Certification Exam Registration     

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