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August 2014 

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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
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June 8-9, 2014   
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA  
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BOSTON Exam 2014 - Our New Group of ABCH 

The excitement mounted as the evaluators counted the number of candidates who passed the Performance portion examination. Of the 34 candidates taking the examination a whopping 28 passed the Performance Examination. During the closing ceremony Andre had the pleasure of announcing the top scorers for the Performance Examination, Sarah Roy and Susan Diaz, both scored a 123 of a possible 130 scores!   

By putting the written examination questions on line for the candidates to practice, passing grades for the written has soared. Not so in Boston, the written exam caught many of them short.  

We had hoped this would be another record number of candidates passing the examination, but were surprised by the number who failed to pass the written and the interactive portions of the examination. We ended the day with 16 new American Board Certified Haircolorists. The ABCH Evaluators in Boston were  Tamara Dahill, Kris McGinnis, Charles Traina, and Ginger Jacobellis.  

Excellent work people! 

Congratulations to our newest Board Certified Colorists!


            You hear things like "this stuff is amazing" "I'll never color another another head of hair without it", "I love Olaplex". You have to ask yourself how can a product come out of nowhere and just sweep haircolorists off their feet.

            So we decided to run the product through tests to see if it really works. We don't have any special equipment to determine if the condition of the hair is better or worse than using the traditional powder bleach without Olaplex; rather we strictly rely on the hairdressers' feel of the hair. Regardless of the outcome I think it is rather bold to make the statement like, "You will never break your clients hair again". This is a challenge to those who do not know any better and attempt take the hair to its limit.

           An interesting observation we made prior to testing the product is they claimed is that it would take longer to bleach, therefore you need increase the volume of peroxide to keep the timing of the bleach in par with the traditional bleach. ABCH curriculum teaches that is is better to bleach the hair slowly rather than quickly, which is not in keeping with the general teaching of the industry that "Faster is better". Could it be that by using Olaplex and increasing the bleaching time the hair is in better condition at the conclusion of stage of lightness desired?

            One of our ABCH certified colorists,  Theresa Reagor, obtained a copy of the MSDS sheets and upon reading the list of ingredients there is nothing there that is not being used in many other products. The pH is listed as between 3.0 to 3.30. I sent the MSDS sheets to Dr. Hayel Said to peruse the list of ingredients to see if there was anything extraordinary in the product. we are waiting his report.

            One of our ABCH members, Terry DeMarco, sent us product to test and we are about embark on another comparison. Bleach with Olaplex and Olaplex without bleach. We will give you a complete report when tests have been concluded.



The invoices for participation in the ABCH advertising was a little late in getting in the mail, so we are extending the deadline -  September 30.  


The price for advertising had been reduced to $195.00 from $325.00, as a result the number of participants has increased substantially. It is without question the best dollar value for advertising.  


Clients are looking for qualified haircolorists and the ABCH membership is the best place to find one. Our new ads will feature pretty haircolor rather than a page of names.


Board Certified colorists interested in advertising through ABCH should contact Alicia at the ABCH office-  

(310) 547-0814 before the Sept 30 deadline 




A report was recently posted by Cyrus Bulsara of Professional Consultants and Resources, a consultant for the salon industry, stating that chair rentals and salon suites are the fastest growing salon type in the United States. Out of the 253,085 U.S. salons about 47% are booth rentals. This number will continue to grow and dominate by next year. The less prestigious salons and smaller independent salons will feel the brunt of this transition.


Salon suites are developments by big real-estate developers that utilize various hybrids and profit sharing models. Most of these Suites are concentrated in the West and Southwest and slowly creeping to the East coast. Independents and mid-tier salons are experiencing massive walk-outs by veteran staff.


The salon owner has been the mainstay of the salon industry, they alone are responsible for grooming new talent. The easier it becomes for a new talent to walk, the less interested a salon owner becomes in developing new talent. So the question becomes where are new beauty school graduates going to go to work? And why is this not happening in other countries? To receive a full report from Bulsara, he can be reached at 



     Ask anyone who has studied for and taken the American Board of Certified Haircolorists examination, they will tell you it was the very best experience of their career. To learn anything takes time away from watching TV or playing on your phone or any number other more pleasant things Learning makes you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, to have learned is an exhilarating feeling-it empowers you, it gives you confidence, it teaches you to communicate with your client in a way that will impress them and that will cause them to believe in you as a person. Someone who gives them comfort when having their haircolor service performed.

      Another very important part of learning is you do not become duped into making purchases of products that promise to do things that are impossible to accomplish. Remember this: A manufacturer will tell you anything to get you to purchase the product they are attempting to sell. It is as though they want to convince you the product has a brain and knows the difference between porous and non-porous hair or as the ad above states will prevent graying hair. This ad is complete rubbish; peroxide does not cause gray hair and does not reach the papilla to stop graying. Yet hundreds of hairdressers will make this purchase before they find it is a scam. Much can be accomplished with Photoshop so be careful and don't believe everything you read and hear.

2014 ABCH Examination Dates
  Sarasota, FL .........  September 14 
              Washington DC ....  October 12      
              Atlanta .................  November 9
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