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July 2014 

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Jessee receives ANDY award
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Energy in your Salon
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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
receives rave reviews!
June 8-9, 2014   
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA  
Thank you for your support. 
Highlights from the 2014 ABCH Energizing Summit in LA

Andre's Birthday Roast, Saturday evening

Educators Sharing Generic Haircolor Knowledge

Always popular Hands-on Classes at the Energizing Summit

Some of our Summit Vendors


Link to photo gallery from 2014 Energizing Summit

Andre Presents Jessee Skittrall the 2014 ANDY Award

Each year ABCH recognizes an educator for dedication in raising the level of professional haircoloring. Jessee completely embraces the ABCH curriculum and is among the most popular educators on the Energizing Summit roster.
Every year, Jessee Skittrall's classes are filled to capacity and most importantly receives rave reviews. You better register early to get a seat in his 2015 class.

Congratulations, Jessee!
Colorists Elevate Their Talents at the Energizing Summit LA

By Anne Moratto,

On June 8-9, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel LAX, hundreds attended the Energizing Summit haircolor educational conference. Over 150 separate classes were conducted by over 50 educators teaching new techniques in small classes. Also, new and emerging haircolorists attended classes dedicated to helping them prepare for the various segments of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) examination.

Steve Reiss (pictured right) shared a presentation on Industry Trends. 

"This is a great show. Andre has a unique commitment to training and making the industry more respected," Pat O'Donnell of Wella, the Salon Division of P&G said. "The focus here is on education and the people here want to become better colorists. It's not a shopping or grazing show; the classes are two to three hours and many are hands-on, with mannequins." 

Marco Pelusi taught his signature highlighting technique to create the best blondes ever and Trisha Kemp Rice offered insight into Color Correction.  There were also business and brand building classes and presentations. 

Steve Reiss of MODERN SALON presented industry trends, and Nina Kovener shared how to stay relevant in the social and digital age and Gordon Miller talked about the building your brand on Facebook.

On the show floor, (pictured left)   


Trisha Rice, Malibu C Director of Global Development, takes time to flash a smile.

Jan Caruso shared this tip for passing the performance portion of the ABCH Exam: "Buddy up with a friend and practice."

Andrea Shumate on highlighting long hair: "You have to figure out during the consultation what is going on with this hair and with your client.  Do they swim often? Do they wear their hair up or down? And before you do anything you have to clarify the hair."

Thia Spearing on radiance through color harmony: "Colors that are complementary pairs push against each other.  That can be a very dynamic color placement and appropriate for something like a NAHA submission."


How is the Energy in Your Salon?
Some salons are naturally high voltage and fun; others have created a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Either salon culture still requires a positive energy field within the staff.  

This is an excerpt from one of several marketing blogs that are great for personal growth and to keep energized throughout the year.

How to Stop De-energizing
the Team

It takes a miracle to re-ignite a fire once you've hosed it down.

Skillful leaders use words to energize and release. Foolish leaders rein in and control.


10 principles of energy:
  1. Leading is easy when teams feel energized. Tip- Explore low energy when energy is high. Don't bring it up when people are low. 
  2. Energy levels are leadership's responsibility. Self-employed- Lead yourself to success 
  3. Untended fires go out.   
  4. Energy and passion are gifts. Can't be bought or taught but inspired from within. 
  5. Energy indicates love. High energy says people are doing what they love.
  6. Everywhere you see energy... follow it, study it, and fuel it with words.
  7. Progress and success energizes. Create and celebrate wins.
  8. Excellence energizes. Mediocrity deflates.
  9. Failure deflates. Evaluate failure and move forward quickly.
  10. Remove wet logs. Energy is contagious but, one wet log cools the whole fire.

It's easier to throw wood on a fire than to start one from scratch.   


6 ways to energize teammates:  What makes their eyes light up?
  1. Clarify focus. Goal setting, employee reviews. self-employed- get a mentor
  2. Simplifying next steps. Set achievable short term goals-Trade show, salon workshop
  3. Keep people in the loop. Regular scheduled staff meetings, newsletter 
  4. Respect their talent and contribution. Salon contests/rewards
  5. Solve meaningful problems together. Staff retreat, group volunteering in community
  6. Finish something today:

*  Keep a checklist and make it public for motivation.

*  Change the salon Facebook profile pic- followers will be notified!   



The shampoo comparison was on display at the Energizing Summit. The last one was held two years ago at the 2012 Summit. This time there were fifty shampoos compared, some were part of the last comparison, while others were tested for the first time. The shampoos were purchased from a variety of sources: Sally Beauty Supply, drug store, over the counter beauty supply (OTC) and Professional beauty supply. Many of the shampoos were available from more than one source, but for obvious reasons they were purchased at the least expensive source. Once it was discovered that we were holding the comparison, several manufacturers volunteered to add their shampoo into the mix. We have received two and if anyone else would like to add their shampoo, you may do so and we will put their shampoo through the same process in our office.

If anyone wants to put their shampoo through the same process (in salon,) we are providing kits so you can put the shampoo you are currently using through the same standard. The kit includes the same swatch hair with the same color and testing directions. Enclose $5.00 for postage and handling.

            With this comparison, we printed ballots and had the attendees at the Summit submit their five best choices for the winners and the five worst shampoos. It was a blind test and no one knew whom the shampoos belonged to.

We are including the ten best based on the votes received, there were only forty seven votes submitted. Only the first place shampoo, Rusk, received almost a unanimous vote the remainder were just a few votes apart. 




4) CHI


6) VO5


8) TRI




Next month we will reveal the worst ten. Are you holding your breath?

2014 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles ..... July 13                    Washington DC ....  October 12      
Boston  ............ August 17               Atlanta ................. November 9     
Sarasota, FL .... September 14             


   Links for more info: 


  ABCH Certification Exam Registration     

ABCH Certification Mentoring Workshop
                              Sponsored by Wella


                      July 27-28  Washington D.C. 

      Sold Out! 

After the amazing success of the Los Angeles certification workshop, it is no wonder the  Washington D.C. location is sold out. The workshop will take place at the Alexandria Hilton Mark Center on July 27-28. Check back for future Mentoring Workshops.
Lowlights from the Editor
I had a wonderful time at the Summit! At the last minute, I filled in on the panel to roast Andre in celebration of his 80th birthday (I'm on the left).  
After a few silly stories, I finished with a story that included a roll of toilet paper as a gift. Gentle jabs for our fearless leader.  
Great party, great classes, great talent!

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