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June 2014 

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This Spearing
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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit

LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA   
June 8-9, 2014    
 View the Summit brochure here!  
Introducing More 2014 Energizing Summit Educators!
Let Me Help You Succeed
Sunday: 11:00 am
Monday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm                                                               Leo Lapierre

From the lips of a distributor who witnesses failure of salons on a weekly basis, Leo Lapierre has the answers if you only listen. Don't worry, he won't call on you. He is not trolling for customers,
he just has a burning desire to help salons survive in these turbulent times. Let him tell you how to get the most from your distributor.
This class will focus on your color skills and how to make more money. Learn the seven ways to increase sales, the two ways to increase profits, the two things that motivate everyone and the two biggest service mistakes that cause customers not to return. Learn
to overcome the fear of raising prices. Making money is great, keeping more of it is better.
Haircolor Myths Unveiled
Sunday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm
Monday: 11:00 am 3:30 pm                                            Lisa Kelley & Brenda Amaral
Ever wonder what's really going on in the minds of
the major hair companies? Take a behind the scenes tour of these mammoth companies and discover why fighting diversion is just lip service, why they are still teaching haircolor methods from 30 years ago and what you can do about it! Brenda Amaral and Lisa Kelley, veterans of the beauty biz and former employees of some of the biggest names in the professional hair world, will shed some light on what really works, what doesn't, and how to fix almost any haircolor
problem that comes your way, no matter whose brand you use. Leave your brand loyalty at the door, these ladies are loyal to YOU and this industry!
Framing the Face with Haircolor
Sunday: 11:00 am
Monday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm                                                               Roy Peters      
The ability to understand lights and shadows and how this simple concept will lay the groundwork for successful haircoloring.
This is just one of many concepts Roy will cover in his astounding classes. Becoming a top-notch haircolorist requires you know the colors you are working with and how they will affect the face shape
when applied properly. Haircolor is much more than mixing and applying a haircolrcolor to your client, we are basically problem solvers, and the interaction with clients relies heavily on your communication skills. Roy is a master of conveying information to his audience.
Guarantee Color and Color Correction
Sunday: 9:30 am 11:00 am
Monday: 2:00 pm 3:30 pm                                                      Trisha Kemp Rice

Trisha has been training master haircolorists, academy
instructors and celebrity hairstylists for many years. In just one session she will teach you how wellness and technology will help you to achieve better haircolor results with any brand of haircolor. You will achieve better gray coverage, less fading and more vibrant long lasting reds and brighter blondes.
She will teach you how to process your haircolors
faster while preventing re-dos with guaranteed results.

The long anticipated Bumping the Base DVD is completed and will be available at the Summit. When purchasing the DVD, you will also receive color copies
of the swatches made for the DVD, as well as the "ABCH Guide to Bumping the Base," a comprehensive guide to this specialty haircolor service.
Prior to production, we solicited comments in a survey held on the ABCH website. The comments were far from consistent so the guide took a cross section of the comments and outlined the vast differences. There's no possible way you can get an agreement by everyone.
By having a guide, it will give a variety techniques of how to proceed, which can be then be altered based on the results. Learn the four elements of bumping the base and how they can vary based on the results you want to achieve.                                                                                DVD cover photo
Watch for the addition of this DVD to our website, 
Article found on
10 things no one ever tells you about coloring your hair
Some of the 10 points in this article were good and some were misleading. Professional cosmetologists should pay attention to the information available to our clients both online and in print magazine and books. Home haircolor is becoming quite popular with the economy continuing to struggle and inspiration abounds with the ease of online research and YouTube tutorials from wannabe- haircolorists.
Here are a few of the article points -article text in "quotes" with ABCH comments in red

"6. It's okay to completely mess up
Not that we suggest messing up, but it's nice to know that with products like Color Oops, your hair color catastrophe can be washed out completely." ABCH says- NOT ALWAYS!! Natural haircolor category, original color used (black is not coming out!) and porosity grades are all factors that affect the success of color removal. Using strong chemicals like this at home is a nightmare.

"8. The real difference between single and double process color
Single process is exactly like how it sounds: Applying color to the hair a single time. A double process requires bleaching out the hair (first process) and then toning the color (second process) to get the desired result. Double process takes longer and is much more harsh on hair, so be wary of this when choosing a color."
ABCH agrees! TRUE!!

"10. Leave your hair dirty before you start
Color not only holds better to dirty hair (clean hair can be too slippery), but if you wash your hair before coloring, the dye or bleach may burn your scalp because it's more sensitive then." ABCH both agrees and disagrees. On-the-scalp bleach, just like sodium hydroxide relaxers, shuld be applied to hair washed at least 24 hours prior to chemical service to avoid scalp irritation. However, hair should not be dirty prior to haircolor. Certain hair products could inhibit penetration- silicone serums, clays, waxy pomades. etc.

  When clients show up in your salon chair with haircolor problems and complaints from home haircolor experiments, product knowledge about cleansing the hair as a pre-service will serve you well. Don't start with dirty hair! 
Trisha Kemp Rice will explain in her ABCH Summit class, "Guarantee Color and Color Correction," how Crystal Gel treatments from Malibu will immediately remove product build-up including layers of "rock" on the hair caused by mineral build-up that can inhibit the successful processing of color & highlights.

Another Summit educator, Dr. Hayel Said, offers Get Pure, a clarifying treatment from L' Avant Garde, his professional haircolor and haircare line, that will also free the hair of all minerals and cosmetic build-up in preparation for chemical services. Both products will be available in our vendor area at the Summit. During the Summit, Trisha and Dr. Said will be available in each of  their vendor booths to answer your questions. 

Transitional Haircolor Continued


In the last newsletter, we presented this theoretical model example since haircolorist today must be prepared for the vast array of color requests. The desire for these colors can be very challenging to create and maintain, as well as a very difficult task to transition to a different color. Pamela Will's Summit class, Transitional Haircolor will cover similar haircolor challenges.

Patti, the client in this theoretic example, had her hair colored 2 months ago. The color has begun to fade drastically and since the client wants to be a more natural shade, she chose light brown with honey ombre. This is Pamela's response to this situation-


Patti is a natural level 5 medium brown W-2 category. Our consultation established realistic expectations, thoroughly explaining to Patti that her hair's integrity was greatly compromised prior to the color. We discussed what was possible and what was not. Never over promise and under deliver! We explained to Patti that the type of dye that was used is much like the staining of food coloring you never really get it all out; you just lessen the intensity of the hue and cover over it with a deeper color. Patti was happy that we were honest with her and understanding that our hands were tied as to what we could achieve. She agreed to allow us to create a darker brown tone with follow up appointments to place highlights when the hair was ready.

2014 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles ..... July 13                    Washington DC ....  October 12      
Boston  ............ August 17               Atlanta ................. November 9     
Sarasota, FL .... September 14             


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ABCH Certification Mentoring Workshop
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                      July 27-28  Washington D.C. 



After the amazing success of the Los Angeles certification workshop, it is no wonder the  Washington D.C. location is almost sold out..
The workshop will take place at the Alexandria Hilton Mark Center on July 27-28.

Join us for a two-day hands-on workshop with trained ABCH Evaluators personally guiding you thru the process of the Performance Exam.
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Lowlights from the Editor
Summit Starts Saturday with Andre's Roast! 

Correction:Misnamed bleach manufacturer. 
It's EUFORA (not Euphoria) who has recently branched out into hair color and lighteners.  
I was given samples of this Eufora powder bleach to try and I was not impressed. The plastic was a gloppy mess in the mix and I didn't like the results at all. Good advice about using what you know, especially on something as critical as the ABCH test.
Lynda Schoonhoven, Encore Salon & Spa, Tucson, AZ           Thanks, Linda!

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