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May 2014 

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Beauty Without the Bad Feelings
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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit

LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA   
June 8-9, 2014    
Class space still available!
Introducing More 2014 Energizing Summit Educators!
Celebrity Haircoloring
Sunday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm
Monday: 11:00 am 3:30 pm
Dwayne Ross
Ever wonder what formulas and techniques a celebrity haircolorist uses? Dwayne Ross will share with you his personal formulas and techniques he uses on his celebrity clients. He works on television shows, award shows (Oscars, Emmy Awards) and editorial photo shoots.
"Haircoloring is an art that should be grounded in science," says Dwayne. His class will motivate and help you become more creative and successful as a haircolorist. Come and enjoy his class as he shares with you how he went from sleeping in his car to become one
of Beverly Hills most successful haircolorists.
Facebook and the Salon
Do's and Don'ts for Building your Professional 
Brand on Facebook
Sunday: 11:00 am
Monday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm                                                            Gordon Miller

With over 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is second only to Google in online visits - and may soon be the most highly trafficked site in the world. In just 7 short years, Facebook has grown into a global mega community featuring a variety of tools enabling not only personal connections but also a wide and growing array of business building resources to help salons grow (and extend) their brand presence to existing and new customers.
Bumping the Base
Sunday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm
Monday: 11:00 am 3:30 pm
Andi Makowski, ABCH
Whether you call it bumping the base, breaking the base or any other names that are circulating through the haircolor community, it is in need of clarification. Armed with swatches galore, Andi will clear up any misconceptions you may have about this highly useful skill. If it is performed in isolation or used in
conjunction with another service, it is a service that is required as part of your haircolor arsenal.
When taking this class you will leave with a full knowledge and formulations to execute "BUMPING THE BASE". Don't miss the opportunity to see and hear one of the very best.
Hands-On Plastic Wrap Technique
Sunday:  2:00 pm
Monday: 9:30 am                                                                                    Claudio Pascuzzo

This hands-on class teaches you to color hair using plastic.
This technique called Natural Reflections has been in the industry for over 30 years and has never been promoted by the manufacturer, therefore this may be the first time you see this technique. Natural Reflections will change the way you see haircolor because you can see the color process through the plastic and have complete control therefore no toners are used.
Claudio will take you through the rules of natural haircolor that he has been applying for 36 years and teaching at the colleges in Canada. He believes that haircolor is an art not a formula and this technique will help you create masterpieces. The class has a $15.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will be using mock bleach and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.
The Marriage of Color and Cut
Sunday: 2:00 pm
Monday: 9:30 am                                                                                      Franco Marino
This hands-on class will give you the step by step knowledge of how to design a haircolor and haircut to work together in Synergy. Franco will teach you a full hair cut and color technique during his three hour class. He is continuously recognized for breaking new frontiers in our industry. As the founder and master educator at the Westchester Hair Academy in Chappaqua NY, Franco teaches the ability to visualize and put into action how your finished look will be effected and enhanced by the color placement and the cut that goes with that color. At the end of this class you will walk away with a clearer and more complete understanding of how the mechanics of haircutting and the creativity of haircolor placement can take your work to a higher level.
There is a $45.00 surcharge for the mannequin in this class. You will need to bring a pair of shears. All haircoloring equipment and product will be furnished.
Check out this website-

sHair your passion

From the website's About page-
Hairbrained launched in March of 2009' with a few text messages and emails sent to a small group of friends. Less than three years old and Hb is energizing the industry and has become the most relevant ecosystem for growing talent and fostering creativity among hairstylists worldwide.
Gordon Miller,
Summit educator, is one of that small group of friends.
Hairbrained News shows up in my inbox every Sunday with an amazing collection of hair inspiration- editorial photos from around the world, educational videos and more.
Check out this beautiful model by Yanick Chartrand-Kravitz, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.    ---->>

Vivienne Mackinder posted this amazing video of Pop Art haircolor onto


On Working in the Beauty Industry Without Making Women Feel Bad 

By Kristin Rogers     (part 2) 


[Women talk to me about their body issues a lot.

It's not just relegated to things above the shoulders, even though I am a hairdresser.] (part one appeared last newsletter.)  part two... 

...A few of years ago, a couple of other stylists and I were asked to do a small stage presentation at a local hair show. It was pretty simple, we were just asked to pick a model to cut and color their hair ahead of time, then bring them onstage and talk about what we did.

Now I don't remember wording, but the gist was basically that we were supposed to use people who were model-y, meaning conventionally attractive and probably thin. And I found myself silently fuming - what does that matter? We're supposed to be talking about their hair, aren't we? Aren't we supposed to be showing other hairdressers what they can do on their clients, clients who might have small noses or cankles or asymmetrical faces?

But I bit my tongue and went onstage with a great model, but one whose hair I wasn't able to do as much with as I wanted, toeing the line and showing people a modified version of what I (and they) can do.

It was a bummer but it was when I realized that expanding my career into facets of the industry I was interested in, like becoming an educator for color lines, probably wasn't something that was going to work for me. Hair shows and things like that are generally part of the package, and participating just didn't make me feel good about my job.

What makes  me feel good about my job is being sincere with people and working toward helping them realize what's going to work best for them, but maybe helping them reconsider the way they think about their hair a little bit.


It doesn't necessarily have to be about wishing that you had hair like Nicole Richie ..."and her body too," as many clients joke. I try to steer clients toward thinking about the idea that there are a lot of reasons to do different things to your hair, it doesn't just have to be to make it pretty. It can be because it's functional and you actually don't care about it that much. It can be tactile, because you love to zone out and run your fingers through it. It can be because you want to convey something about yourself.



There are things that you're allowed to value alongside or over being attractive.

So much of beauty standards and the beauty industry is built on aspiring toward something that you don't have. And having aspirations isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. There's aspiration that's super fun and has you crossing your fingers that something works out, and then there's aspiration that makes you feel like you just don't stack up.

Luckily I spend my time in the beauty industry working in a salon with a really amazing group of people who share a lot of the same morals I do. It's inspiring and heartening. I've had more positive experiences with hairdressers who really want to see people leaving the salon feeling a little lighter than negative ones with hairdressers who want to be rockstars with scissors.

At the end of the day, I do love my job. But I've come to realize that I'm happiest and the most useful in it when I keep to my tiny part of the system, standing across from women looking at themselves in the mirror and telling them that they're better than what they wish they were. They're perfect.


*Republished with permission from the article writer.  View entire article here. 

2014 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles ..... July 13                    Washington DC ....  October 12      
Boston  ............ August 17               Atlanta ................. November 9     
Sarasota, FL .... September 14             


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After the amazing success of the Los Angeles certification workshop, it is no wonder the  Washington D.C. location is almost sold out..
The workshop will take place at the Alexandria Hilton Mark Center on July 27-28.

Join us for a two-day hands-on workshop with trained ABCH Evaluators personally guiding you thru the process of the Performance Exam.
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Lowlights from the Editor  
Jennifer Aniston's New Brunette Lob

The photo on the right shows Jennifer Aniston's new long bob haircut in a warm mahogany tone, which is quite a change from her signature light blonde. Not too surprising though once you see the photo (below) of a frumpy looking Jennifer on set for her latest film, Cake.

How smart of her colorist to take advantage of this situation to change up her style.
Haircolor is a wonderful accessory that can change a person's self-esteem and attitude. It also gets you noticed. Jennifer debuted her new color and cut at the Living Proof Style Lab in Boston last week. Jennifer is the spokesperson for that brand of haircare products.

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