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May 2014 

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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit

LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA   
June 8-9, 2014    
Class space still available!
Last Chance for Summit Hotel Discount!
Deadline-   May 15, 2014

Rooms are sold out at the LAX Marriott so we have arranged additional rooms at Renaissance LAX Hotel (very nearby.)


Energizing Summit Overflow Room Block 

Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel  for $119   per night (same rate as Marriott)

Energizing Summit Overflow Room Block 

(link) or call 1-310-337-2800  


Introducing More 2014 Energizing Summit Educators!
The Importance of Mannequin Prep
Sunday: 9:30 am                                                       
This class is designed to help the potential candidate achieve the goals expected to pass the mannequin prep portion of the ABCH Performance Exam. Step-by-step instructions of foil preparation, the importance of the size of a slice, product workability, easy how-to check progress of packets, workmanship and timing critical to achieving pale yellow stage while maintaining a correct grade of porosity. Toni will explain the grading process and criteria the evaluator follows for each candidates' score.

Sensational Swatches
Monday 2:00 pm                                                         Toni Mondragon, ABCH

Have you tried to make color swatches?!
Does it really take four hours to reach a pale yellow?
This hands-on demonstration of Swatch Preparation for the ABCH Performance Exam will answer all your questions. Toni will throw in a few "tips" of her own to help you achieve sensational swatches not just for the ABCH Performance Exam but for your own color experiments! Hand outs will be included for both pf Toni's classes.
Splitting Hairs, the Real Truth
Sunday: 9:30 am, 2:00 pm
Monday: 9:30 am, 2:00 pm                                                   
Chase Wakeling
Chase will be addressing some of the most common myths in our industry:
* You must use 20 volume developer for coverage on gray hair.
* Demi-Permanent color to refresh ends is recommended.
* Ammonia-free haircolor is more gentle on the hair.
* Processing color with heat is better.
* Do not color a pregnant client.
* Over the counter haircolor is not as effective as professional haircolor. He will address these issues and many more, using science and showing the difference between how things are done in the lab and in the salon helping you become a better colorist.
Transitional Haircolor
Sunday: 11:00 am
Monday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm                                                   Pamela Will, ABCH

In this lively class you will learn how to successfully master
going from light to dark or dark to light. You will fully understand
the importance of replacing pigment and negating unwanted tones
while performing these haircolor services.
In today's haircolor market, change is often requested. For clients who change their haircolor frequently, sometimes to extreme levels, knowing the fundamentals so you can successfully achieve their desired results is critical. There is much to be learned in this class by observing swatches that have been colored.
Pamela brings years of experience and real salon scenarios.
Killer Corrective Techniques
Sunday: 9:30 am 2:00 pm
Monday: 11:00 am 3:30 pm                                                         Denise M. Fraser,ABCH

Killer Corrective Techniques is a class on how to implement various foiling methods. Most corrective haircolors must be applied with some type of dimensional application. It is all a matter of taking a careful assessment of the hair you are going to be working on and giving the client some options.
Some quick and easy techniques will be demonstrated and Denise will offer a solution to those who have difficulty in solving corrective haircolor.
Haircolor to Enhance Face Shapes
Sunday: 9:30 am
Monday: 2:00 pm                                                                            Mags Kavanaugh

This is a class you always wanted but didn't know it existed. Mags  will show you how to make your clients look the best they can. Every now and then it happens, you put just the right haircolor on someone that has that something special. You're not quite certain what you did, all you know is the haircolor looks fantastic.This class will explain what you did to create that special haircolor and Mags will tell you what to do to get the perfect haircolor every time.
This is a class that is perfected over time, but you need the tools to do it, she will provide you with those tools. If you have never seen Mags in action, you are in for a treat..
This class has a $45.00 surcharge for the mannequin. At the conclusion of the class may take the mannequin with you.



The Pravana company is offering to make you a "certified haircolorist" by having you complete a course online with no demonstration of skill or technical use of their product.  

ABCH believes that to become a competent haircolorist requires a course of study where you learn the finer points of haircolor. This does not happen without a structured curriculum that teaches the chemistry, colors, bleaches and peroxides and how each of these react with each other. It is important to know about natural hair and the different categories of haircolor and the stages of lightness each of these natural categories go through to become blonde. Most important is the undertones each of the categories produce while going through the stages of lightness.  

Formulating is not for just one haircolor line, but to be able to formulate with any haircolor line. Any certification takes time and effort to learn. Dumbing down the process will not solve the industry-wide problem of losing clients to home haircoloring. Having a certification that is too easy is not worthwhile and may not help ones career. 


Manufacturers will take advantage of inexperienced hairdressers who are trying to get ahead in this great industry as they look to a company and their platform artists as leaders.


 Certification of haircolor mastery comes from the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. Perhaps the manufacturers could offer "Endorsement" rather than certification.  

Certification means mastery of a developed curriculum and standardized rubric for testing.

"Endorsement" would mean the manufacturer supports and promotes this "endorsed" stylist's use of their haircolor.   Do both- get ABCH certified as well as Endorsed by a specific haircolor brand.  

ABCH Certification Mentoring Workshop
                              Sponsored by Wella

                       July 27-28  Washington D.C. 



After the amazing success of the Los Angeles certification workshop, it is no wonder the  Washington D.C. location is almost sold out..
The workshop will take place at the Alexandria Hilton Mark Center on July 27-28.

Join us for a two-day hands-on workshop with trained ABCH Evaluators personally guiding you thru the process of the Performance Exam.
  Register today 
     Space still Available  

On Working in the Beauty Industry Without Making Women Feel Bad 

By Kristin Rogers


Women talk to me about their body issues a lot.

It's not just relegated to things above the shoulders, even though I am a hairdresser. They'll sit in my chair and look in the mirror across from them and wince at the way their thighs spread as they sit; they'll shift uncomfortably and ask me to put the cape on to cover them up, mouths laughing but eyes not going along with them.

They'll start pulling the skin up at their eyes and tut-tutting at the lines there, or tap up at the skin under their chin with the top of their hand. And I empathize with them, because haven't we all felt that way?

But I've come a long way in my acceptance of my looks and my weight and my chin wiggle, and I want to encourage other women to get cooler with themselves. So I look them in the eye and try to make some remark that's offhanded enough not to get too weird but sincere enough to maybe get through a little bit, like "Oh stop it, you're perfect the way you are."

And then I tell them what they should do with their hair to make themselves look better.

The way I prefer to think of it and put it into action is that there's a very important distinction between "better" and "EVEN better" that I try to honor. And my relationship with my clients is very fulfilling in that way, because I do make an effort to make every suggestion with their personal best interest in mind.

I'm not into trying to convert someone over to coloring their grays who didn't ask for it, or insisting a woman cut her beloved long hair shorter because she's over 40 and "it's time." But I can't deny that when I expand my gaze beyond my station, beyond my salon and into the beauty industry as a whole, I'm a very small part of a big system that's built to get women to want to see themselves a certain way in order to make money from their insecurities - a way that's not always attainable.

Hair commercials with models swingin' it to show off the shine are retouched just like turkeys are shellacked to look all shiny and delicious and in food magazines. And being a part of something like that, albeit a teeny weeny part, can make me feel a little conflicted and gross.

A few of years ago, a couple of other stylists and I were asked to do a small stage presentation at a local hair show...**     


** Read more about that hair show in part 2 of this article in our next ABCH Highlights newsletter!  Watch your email inbox next week. We are sending weekly emails leading up to the Energizing Summit in LA June 8-9.


Republished with permission from the article writer.  

2014 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles ..... July 13                    Washington DC ....  October 12      
Boston  ............ August 17               Atlanta ................. November 9     
Sarasota, FL .... September 14             


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Lowlights from the Editor  

Have you seen this DVD from ABCH ?       --->
Watch over my shoulder to see how I placed my foils and answered Exam questions during my ABCH Certification Exam. Take the worry out by observing colorists in action during LIVE ABCH Certification exams.
Can you find me in this DVD? Hint- I do not look at the camera nor the Evaluators while I answered the question, as I kept my eyes on my work to efficiently complete the Performance Exam on time.
This DVD is sold as a bonus with the study portfolio DVD set,  or sold as a single DVD. All ABCH Study DVD's may be purchased on website.

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