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February 2014 

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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit 
June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 
Early Bird Special in February! 
2014 ABCH Examination Dates:

Chicago  ..........  March 23             Sarasota, FL ......... September 14    
Denver  ...........  April 13                Washington DC ....  October 12    
Los Angeles ..... July 13                  Atlanta ................. November 9
Boston  ............ August 17  

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Registration Now Open  


             2014 Energizing Summit 


Early Bird Special - 20% discount for the entire month of February
Book now to guarantee a place in the classes you want AND take advantage of early bird special
$200 for ABCH member ($250 after Feb. 28) 
                               $240 for non ABCH members ($300 after Feb.28)

View the Summit class descriptions online.
Summit Introductions Continue:

Enjoy Lunch with Two Industry Icons 
Enjoy a seated lunch buffet while watching a lecture by a notable 
industry icon. These classes are optional and require a fee of $35.00. 
The fee of $35.00 includes tax and tip. 
Purchase tickets during Online Registration. Seating is limited.

SUNDAY LUNCH  12:30-2:00  


"The Karg Cut"                                                               Mike Karg


Mike KARG is recognized across the US for his signature DryHairCut techniques and for building the most influential, independent hairdresser shear brand.
KARG's message is simple; a perfect cut will guarantee great looking hair for each client. By eliminating weight and adding texture, hairstyles look instantly modern and are functional and wearable. Learn perfect long heavy bangs, face framing, KARG signature long layers, progressive and stable guide, free hand graduation on straight and curly hair, how to cut an entire new look with texturizing and blending shears and how to cut hair "in front of your fingers". No fuzz, pure hair for serious cutters.

MONDAY LUNCH 12:30-2:00 pm

Creating Awesome + Being Relevant In The Social + Digital Age 
Nina Covner
Caring is currency, engagement is energy and relationships rule in the social + digital age. Nina L. Kovner will take you on a journey of discovering what it means to be a social business in 2014 and how it can empower your biz and hopefully your life.
Nina L. Kovner is a hairdresser who fostered her passion for salon professionals into a thriving career with one of the biggest independent hair care brands in the world. She's a unique blend of creative/strategist, who found her purpose the moment she enrolled in beauty school. Moving from the shampoo room to the boardroom, Nina has helped build, grow and strengthen people and companies in the professional beauty and wellness industries.

Introducing More 2014 Energizing Summit Educators!

Peggy Sue Schmoldt & Emma Hirsch
Eliminate Formulating Frustration

Do you have difficulty in communicating with your client the color she wants? Do you know the color the client wants but you have difficulty formulating to obtain the color? This class will teach you to never fear haircolor again. It is a matter of understanding what a color is capable of. Being able to predict the outcome of a color is a gift that keeps on giving. Haircolor only becomes complicated when you do not have a full understanding of how and where the color is deposited.
Let Peggy Sue Schmoldt and Emma Hirsch eliminate your formulating frustrations!
Advanced Foil Placement
  Michael Page, ABCH
Tired of placing foils into the hair in the same manner? Want to try something new? Michael Page has the class for you. His creative haircolor skills go far beyond what most of us imagine. His approach to creating newness to his haircolor foil placement runs the gamut from avant garde to soft and subtle. There is something for everyone in this class. You will leave this class wanting to run directly to the salon to try these new techniques. His clear, concise manner of teaching will have you leaving the class with a clear vision of what you want to achieve.
Marco's Signature Highlighting Technique
Marco Pelusi
Learn Marco's signature highlighting technique to create your best blondes ever! Marco uses this technique on many of his celebrity clients, and can't wait to share it with you! Approaching blonde highlighting can be tricky -- take the guesswork out of how to do it -- learn an application that you can use every single time you need to do blonding. No matter what hair type or texture, Marco's technique is a standard that you can use each and every day in the salon. This workshop is simply something that can't be missed by anyone who cares about blonding!
Intro to Balayage and Ombre
Monica Byrne, ABCH
The first time a celebrity became fascinated with Balayage and Ombre haircolor it became the new craze. Balayage means to sweep in French. The color technique is achieved by sweeping bleach onto the hair. When you witness it being executed it looks simple. Make no mistake, it requires skill and talent to make it look sensational. The Ombre is very much the same technique. You will do Balayage on one side of the mannequin and Ombre on the other. Both techniques in one exciting 3 hour class. Led by Monica Byrne and her team of haircolorists, you will love this class.
This class has a $15.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will be using mock bleach and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.


ABCH Certification Mentoring Workshops

Sponsored by Wella


  Aspire to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist?

  Join us for a two-day hands-on workshop with trained ABCH Evaluators 

  personally guiding you thru the process of the Performance Exam. 


                 LAX SOLD OUT!!                      SIGN UP NOW!!                                                    

Letter to the Editor:
I have a client that is a level 5 always pulls red or orange I have used straight 7a and 6mb Goldwell still a little brassy also tried Framisi 7c . All 20 vol. I have to put hi lites in which she doesn't mind. Is there a color I can use that will ash it out in between doing her hi lites? Also I cannot find a toner to cut the yellow and /or brass . Used to use Dikson 5ty and 3tp which they have discontinued:( thanks for any suggestions. 
Sent by lastyln1 

Knowing that your level 5 client has strong red undertones, try using a lower developer like 15 vol. A slightly lower developer will help cut some of those undertones and still give efficient coverage. More often than not, I use about a 1/4 less developer than recommended to increase color deposit. Do consider this will go slightly darker so you may need to adjust your formulation slightly lighter. Make sure you are allowing enough time to process. FULL 45 min! If you do not process the full time, you are not allowing time for the color deposit to happen. Some manufacturers recommends pre-softening under the dryer.  This technique myself works for resistant hair but may increase your underlying pigment issue. Decreasing the amount of developer works much better.

Make sure your slices or weaves are fine. Slices process faster and much easier to maintain. There are some great new bleaches out there that lift with more ease. If after these adjustments you find you still need a toner, you may want to apply to dry hair. Most toners are applied at the sink on wet or damp hair. This may be diluting your toner too much. I would use a level 8 or 9 ash or pearl depending on your desired outcome for the highlights. When retouching the base color in between highlighting services formulate 1/2 to 1 lever lighter.

This email response is from
Emma Hirsch, introduced above. Emma's class is
Eliminating Formulating Frustrations, taught with Peggy Sue Schmoldt.
Hurry to sign up and eliminate one more frustration- missing this class!

Blind Hairstylist Launches new Product Line - Mane Intentions 

Keely Kossof comes from a long line of family in the beauty industry and practically grew up in her father's salon. Keeley worked as a hairstylist and make-up artist before she lost most of her vision from diabetes. Passion for her work, love of her clients and the thrill of helping people look and feel their very best empowered Keely to jump back into the industry she loves. With her vision virtually gone, the increased awareness of smells lead her to problem solve for clients, who complained about fresh blowout services gone stale after a few hours in a club or gym.


Mane Intentions is an odor neutralizing hair fragrance. It's available in several scents like Apricot Honey and Bergamot Grapefruit. The product label states that it works on all hair types and colors and does not interfere with other hair care products or chemical treatments.

If Mane Intentions lives up to its promise to remove hair odors caused from dining out or exercising, then clients can decrease the frequency of daily shampoos, which should reduce color fadage between visits.

Lowlights from the Editor
I am SO excited to be included with this long list of haircolor educators at the Energizing Summit in June.  
Early Bird Special lasts through February!

The Summit is held at the LAX Marriott Hotel, five minutes from the Los Angeles Airport, with free shuttle service available to and from the airport.  
$119.00 per night, single or double (800) 228-9290 

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