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January 2014 

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ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
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Roy Peters, MC
Summit Haircolor Forum
Misael Aponte
Jessee Skittrell
David Velasco
Paul Morrison & Thea Daniels
Wella Sponsored Mentoring
Andre dislikes PBA ad
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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit 
June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 
2014 ABCH Examination Dates:

Chicago  ..........  March 23             Sarasota, FL ......... September 14    
Denver  ...........  April 13                Washington DC ....  October 12    
Los Angeles ..... July 13                  Atlanta ................. November 9
Boston  ............ August 17  

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Many new educators are participating in the 2014 Energizing Summit, as well as your favorite educators of the past years. Haircolor education has many aspects and there are many points of view on the same haircoloring services. Whether you are a beginning haircolorist or veteran, there is always something new to learn.  

To often, we get stuck behind our styling chair, surrounded by the same people and never get out among new people to see what is fresh and current. What makes the Energizing Summit unique is that you are learning from your peers. 


The 2014 Energizing Summit registration starts Feb.1st with a 20% discount for the entire month. View the Summit class descriptions online.


  Summit Welcomes Roy Peters as Master of Ceremony 

"Talent is overrated, just be nice to clients." Roy's opening remarks are something everyone can relate to. Developing a clientele is based more on how you treat a client rather 

than your creativity. This is especially true in haircoloring where clients are looking for consistency and reliability.
Keeping the clients' color consistent is not always easy. Let Roy inform you on how this is done. Take it from this world master. He knows what is required to be successful in this competitive arena. Make the most from your trip to the Summit. Roy has made a career of making haircolorists wiser. Don't miss this opening session!
Haircolor Forum for Everyone 
The Haircolorists forum has proven to be one of the most
popular features at the Energizing Summit. Tony Fanelli will lead
a discussion of distinguished haircolorists, scientists and
others who are closely related to the haircoloring industry
in an open forum. There will be some "hot topics" discussed
and valuable advice given.
This is a one of a kind gathering and there is no one better than Tony Fanelli to lead it. The Forum will take place on
Sunday at 4:00 PM and will continue for two and a half hours. Come and express your views.

Led by Tony Fanelli  

Introducing 2014 Energizing Summit Educators!
These are the first several educators and the classes they offer this year:

The Art of Color and Movement
Misael Aponte
Misael Aponte has thrilled audiences far and wide. He has always been inspired by creativity and the intrinsic rewards received through education.
His keen eye for the blending of haircolors make his class very special and exciting. Misael's unique approach of color placement makes dimensional haircolor more understandable. Using color to accentuate or defuse features of the face requires the eyes of an artist. Learn this skill in Misael's class. You will leave excited to go back to the salon to use his methods for coloring hair.
Correcting Haircolor Disasters
  Jessee Skittrell, ABCH
This is more than a corrective haircolor class. During this three-hour class, you will learn to deal with the worst of the worst haircolor disasters; everything from consultation to formulation.

     Where has the client been?

     Where does she want to go?
     How are you going to get there?
Above all, you must be able to learn how to deal with porosity, something that is always present with corrective situations.
This class is interactive where you have the opportunity to observe one of the most brilliant educators who still works behind the chair. This is so important in being able to relate to your everyday haircolor challenges.
The Secrets of a Haircolor Expert
David Velasco 
This class will cover the most important aspects of coloring hair from a veteran of haircoloring. David Velasco is a haircolorists' haircolorist. That is to say, he speaks to you in a language you can understand.
There are very few haircolorists who have the ability to write what they do. David has written a series of books on all aspects of haircoloring. He is truly a haircolor expert. This is a golden opportunity to hear a true haircolor icon. Come to this class with any question you have about haircolor and he will answer it for you in a clear, concise manner.
Tone on Tone Haircoloring 
Paul Morrison, ABCH
& Thea Daniels, ABCH
Tone on Tone is the biggest add-on color service in the salon today. You can virtually double your haircolor income by learning and perfecting this simple technique. Tone on Tone is a process of coloring the hair utilizing two different colors, with the amount of hair and contrast varying greatly. There are several methods
used for doing Tone on Tone, all of which can be learned in this three hour hands-on class.
All tools and materials will be furnished. This class has a $15.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will be using mock bleach and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.


ABCH Certification Mentoring Workshops

Sponsored by Wella


Aspire to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist?

Join us for a two-day hands-on workshop with trained ABCH Evaluators 

to personally guiding you thru the process of the Performance Exam. 



Andre is worried...
PBA ad campaign misses the market

Our association that represents cosmetologists (PBA) ran this ad in their ISSE show program. Can you imagine another profession sinking this low to promote professionalism? Can you imagine doctors, nurses, or dentists running an ad like this. It looks like they are recruiting for gangs, not a profession.
It also is rather deceptive, because having a license does not make you a professional. The ad went on to say "You worked hard for it, you earned it. Be proud of your profession." Have you visited a beauty school lately? What they get in beauty school is not work ethic--they get rest fatigue.
Call me an old fuddy duddy but I wouldn't let this guy anywhere near my salon. This looks like an ad for a tattoo parlor.  My message to the PBA is to get a new ad agency, because this group is out of touch.
Andre Nizetich, ABCH President  
 Lowlights from the Editor

  Golden Globes 2014- Three Bombs and a Bombshell

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