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October 2013

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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit 
June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 
WASHINGTON DC EXAM RESULTS: Congratulations to our newest ABCH!

Washington DC was our biggest exam site of the year. Clearly the haircolor community did not get the memo to shut down!  We had 42 candidates all prepped and ready to become the next American Board Certified Haircolorists. There was some very nice work on display from the swatch boards to the mannequin preparations. The candidates came well prepared and put together - looking the part. One candidate passed the Performance exam and finished 22 minutes early!!!!! The Evaluators did a great job--Toni Mondragon, Courtney von Berg, Charles Traina, Ginger Jacobellis, Pam Pacheco and Bridget Davis. Board Members Kris McGinnis and Tamara Dahill were on site to help and continue working on the curriculum for the upcoming Wella sponsored ABCH Mentoring events.
Only one more ABCH Exam scheduled for 2013! 
Final Exam Date for 2013:   ATLANTA......................NOVEMBER 3
2014 ABCH Examination Dates:
Chicago  ..........  March 23              Boston  ............... August 17                         
Denver  ...........  April 20                Washington DC..... October 12    
Los Angeles . ... July 13                   Atlanta ...............  November 9 


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Andre warns...


Salons are looking for beauty school graduates who know what it takes to be successful; raising money to give to charity is not one of those skills.  

Some schools have their students scrambling around doing car washes and bake sales to raise money for charities. While this may seem a noble cause, ask any salon owner what they look for in a beauty school graduate and raising money would not be on their list. Shampooing, haircoloring, cutting, perming and general customer service would be on top of the list.

Most schools charge students a hefty tuition to attend their school, in some cases as much as a California university. I don't think a California university would have their students out doing car washes to raise money to give to charities. If you complain to beauty schools about quality education for their graduates, the response is they must teach what the State Board dictates. Nowhere in any of the Cosmetology curriculum does it have fundraising as a necessary salon skill.

One of salon owner's greatest business expenses is getting a new hire up to speed and making them productive. Beauty schools can help by doing their job through teaching appropriate skills needed to be successful in a salon arena and not just the bare minimum to pass State Board. More time studying the effects of porosity on haircolor services, please!



The Wella Company is sponsoring ABCH workshops to prepare individuals who want to take the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) examination.  According to Rueben Carranza, "We are keenly interested in developing better haircolorists. The ABCH does a great job in preparing haircolorists to meet the wishes of today's demanding clients. We want to do our part to aid them in this venture." 
The dates for the first mentoring workshop is February 9,10 at the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los Angles, CA.
This two day hands-on training is not an attempt to sell you Wella haircolor. You may use color and bleach from any manufacturer you are comfortable with. This is an opportunity to improve your standing as an outstanding haircolorist.
For more information on the ABCH Mentoring Program call the office after November 1st. (310) 547-0814.   
Is This the Solution?

After all of the ruckus about formaldehyde fumes in the salon and the hazards from breathing second hand fumes created during the keratin treatment process, a manufacturer released a new design of flat iron that claims to be the solution.
Izunami's Fume Iron claims to extract formaldehyde, odors and fumes while it purifies the air. Fume Iron states it is the first and only flat iron system that captures fumes at the source.

This cutting edge safety technology comes with a high price tag- $1299 per unit (heavy duty for high usage; on casters) or the more portable smaller unit for $500 (table top). The actual flat iron is the same size for both units.
Since this is a new product to the market affecting a serious topic in our industry, we are interested in the perceived effectiveness of this iron as used in your salon.
If you have used this salon tool, please contact me to comment and review the new Fume Iron.

Lowlights from the Editor         


The new flat iron mentioned above is almost space-age in its design. I found it in the pages of Beauty Store Business magazine. In that same issue I also found a full-page ad promoting The Original Mane n' Tail shampoo and conditioner. Do you remember this brand from the '70's? No surprise, they now offer a color protect formula!
What haircare brands and products do you predict will still be around in the year 2053?

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