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October 2013

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14th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit 
June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 
2013 ABCH Examination Dates

                                       WASHINGTON DC.........OCTOBER 13  

                       Watch for Exam Results special newsletter next week!


                                     ATLANTA......................NOVEMBER 3

Dates and locations for 2014 Exams will be listed on website in November


Links for more info: 


It is not often we have to turn candidates away for an examination but it happened in Washington, DC.  This has only happened twice before.  We love having exams in Washington, DC.


Ratner Companies owns five salon brands and use ABCH to build their haircolor business. They have a staff member who is well versed on the ABCH curriculum who trains the future candidates for the exam.  

Four hours a week for ten weeks is all it takes to maintain consistency. More salons should take a clue on how to build their color business from Ratner Companies' success. 



October 27th & 28th will be the second annual Northeast Educational Conference.   This year promises to be a blockbuster year with Randy Hegstrom, president of the Carabito Beauty Distributors producing the event. While Randy was attending the Energizing Summit in Los Angeles he stated, "Hey, I can do this in Portland Maine". So he set out recruiting some top talent and has put together a tremendous educational event.
Many of the educators are from the Energizing Summit and are pleased to be a part of this new generic educational event. Some of the talent seen at the event are:
Don't miss the opportunity to see all of this
great talent.




 In addition to acting as Master of Ceremony, Andre will also be teaching "Foil Placement Defined."


One way to have your prosperous salon is to have all of your staff become an American Board Certified Haircolorist.  Salons that do this have increased their haircolor services by more than 100%. Team spirit is nurtured by having all of the staff members work together to become Board Certified, and it pays off.

The ability to bounce a haircolor problem off your teammate of the same mindset allows for more stability and consistency of the salon staff. A common generic haircolor language in a salon will make a huge difference in the consistency of haircolor services.  It is difficult to have staff that all come from different backgrounds and schools and maintain constancy. ABCH is the answer.




Image Productions put out a brochure attempting to attract exhibitors to their California beauty show. They quoted the Department of Labor statistic indicating California has 726,000 cosmetology licenses, more than any state in the country.  This number has almost doubled since 2007 the start of the economic downturn.


Schools are cranking out students as fast as they can get them enrolled. No one cares if those students find work. Schools are now renting abandoned super markets and converting them into beauty schools. If you do the math, you can figure the billions of dollars being spent on cosmetology education. There are two testing locations in California testing 200 people a day and they have a three-month backlog!  


The sad thing is that the salons are being affected. Those graduates not getting jobs will end up at home doing haircolor services for friends and family (people who once went to salons for their services).  It is safe to say these graduates will never recover the money working in a salon to pay for their student loans.


Someone in the state capitol in Sacramento is not paying attention. What is happening to our industry in California is sad. If hairdressers were in charge, this would never happen.



The Wella Company is sponsoring ABCH workshops to prepare individuals who want to take the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) examination.  According to Rueben Carranza, "We are keenly interested in developing better haircolorists. The ABCH does a great job in preparing haircolorists to meet the wishes of today's demanding clients. We want to do our part to aid them in this venture." 
The dates for the first mentoring workshop is February 9,10 at the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los Angles, CA.
.  This two day hands-on training is not an attempt to sell you Wella haircolor. You may use color and bleach from any manufacturer you are comfortable with. This is an opportunity to improve your standing as an outstanding haircolorist.
For more information on the ABCH Mentoring Program call the office after November 1st. (310) 547-0814.   


After a recent newsletter article about health claims tied to some keratin treatments, I exchanged emails with a distributor of Brazilian Blowout who was upset that we disrespected Brazilian Blowout in our article. Here is a link to the report from OSHA regarding subsequent testing of that product. The results, he claims, proved that BB was "safe" under legal limits :

All Brazilian Blowout had to do was re-label their product, not change it in any way.  They had to take off "formaldehyde free" , because of the minute traces of formaldehyde gas, and add "safe when used as directed.  Brazilian Blowout's insurance company recommended that they simply settle the lawsuit rather than pay millions to attorneys.  
he whole scare on Brazilian Blowout was a media induced frenzy to try and report negative things.  It's what the media does! No one at ABC news ever looked at one of the actual scientific tests on the product.  Brazilian Blowout was absolutely guilty of putting "formaldehyde free" on their bottle when they shouldn't have.  You don't see "formaldehyde free" on a water bottle, because it's not.  BB knew that their product had nearly untraceable levels of formaldehyde so they were confident in their statement.  That's really the only thing they did wrong.
Obviously, this distributor has totally bought into this manufacturer's PR claims about this product. He cannot see what the basis of this ABCH article was about a salon owner whose health was damaged by passive exposure to their product. Imagine the fumes the clients and stylists doing the services are withstanding! Bottom line- If this product was safe, then why are salon patrons and staff still getting sick when exposed to keratin treatments?

The saddest part of this is that the distributor is correct in saying that BB formaldehyde percentages were within legal limits. Since everyone knows about the lawsuit and the OSHA testing, the media didn't cover this report nearly as well. The final results are rather lame, since the levels average under the limits.

The truly sad part is the most important statement of the entire report was the final printed sentence, and it was in a footnote on page 29:
As the standard notes, formaldehyde can cause signs and symptoms at much lower levels than the specified exposure limits. which is why the standard triggers a number of requirements at an 8-hour time-weighted average of 0.I ppm. The action level and permissible exposure limits (PELS) can perhaps better be described as "danger" levels
- They are regulatory levels of significant, and exceeding the PEL is a serious violation of the standard
While staying below the action level may mean that an employer (manufacturer) is in compliance (assumes the air monitoring. medical 
surveillance, personal protective equipment and hazard communication requirements of the standard also are met.) It does not mean that formaldehyde levels are 'safe.'.
Read that last sentence again because That is the point.
Does blowing .0799 in a breathalyzer mean you are not drunk? Legally yes, but driving like that could still result in someone getting hurt. Formaldehyde fumes levels may be within legal limits but that does not mean breathing those fumes are safe. Subjecting other clients and co-workers in the salon to those fumes is the unethical part.
Lowlights from the Editor         

This is an older post from Facebook in August but I wanted to share it again...


AMAZING color transformation of one of our Summit educators Palma Anshilevich.  
Here's how Yolanda Recinos made the magic happen: 


Visit the ABCH Facebook page (link above) to read more about this color makeover. Usually makeover 'before' photos are frumpy but Palma ROCKS both of these haircolors! Don't you agree?  


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