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September 2013

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Brazilian Blowout Fallout
Lowlights from the Editor- Black Henna Tattoos Contain PPD

14th Annual  
Energizing Summit
 June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 
Congratulations to our New ABCH Board Certified Haircolorists!
On September 8, the exam in Seattle produced 12 new American Board Certified Haircolorists. Kudos to these high achievers, especially for the Performance Exam. Passing is 104 out of 130, but the average score among those that passed in Seattle is 117.

It appears (for the time being anyway!) the ABCH exam pass rate has increased to near 80 %, much better than the paltry below 50% numbers we have been getting during the past years. There are many reasons for this exciting trend-

  1. the practice examinations on line have been used by more candidates. 
  2. the scores are higher as more of the individuals find mentors to help them.
  3. Studying in groups helps a great deal to absorb all of that valuable information that makes for better haircolorists. 
Everyone who studies for the ABCH examination admits that, pass or fail, they have definitely become a better haircolorist. Now that the Wella company is partnering with us to hold Mentoring Workshops, the pass rate and number of candidates will increase even more!
2013 ABCH Examination Dates

                                     WASHINGTON DC.........OCTOBER 13   

                                     ATLANTA......................NOVEMBER 3

Dates and locations for 2014 Exams will be listed on website in November


Links for more info: 



Andre Nizetich, President of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists will be traveling to Hong Kong to teach haircoloring to a group of eager hairstylists. Their haircolor thus far has been confined to light black, medium black and dark black. As the country becomes more westernized, they are anxious to learn new techniques the population views on TV and on the Internet.

Because they hold no cosmetology licenses in China, Andre is hoping while he is there he can convince the hairdressing population to start a certification program to give the hairdressers and haircolor clients a point of difference.


Hǎo yn Andre.

"Good Luck" in Chinese

ABCH 2013-2014 Advertising Program
You worked hard to become an ABCH Board Certified Haircolorist. Promote this special distinction by advertising in the annual ABCH Advertising Program.
$325   total cost for annual program
  • Your name and contact info listed on the ABCH website, which now provides driving instructions to your salon!
  • Your name listed under your state on 25 national full-page ads in consumer publications. The kind you see in your salon and on magazine stands everywhere!                                               
If you are in a salon with more that one ABCH, the first ABCH member is $325 and each other ABCH member in that same salon is only $175.

Contact Alicia for details!




Sally beauty supply introduces Ion 10 minute color. The "get them in & get them out" trend for clients continues. Everyone's is in a hurry and quicker processing will increase the earning potential of the chair. There is a demand for getting the clients out of the salon faster when having their hair colored; but how does the haircolor fare when it comes to the accuracy of the color, gray coverage, porosity/condition, smell/residual odor, color durability and price?

We selected 6N in both the traditional Ion color and the        10-minute Ion color. We tested the color on a 30% gray mannequin. We first applied the 10-minute color on half of the mannequin and timed it for 10 minutes. It took 7 minutes to apply the color and the timing started at the conclusion of the application. We made note of where we started the application to see if the additional time the color was on the hair would make the color darker. It did not. [The question then becomes if the application of the 10-minute haircolor takes 30 minutes would it become darker. That was not determined.]

The color rinsed out of the hair very easily; we did not shampoo. Next, we applied the traditional color to the other half of the mannequin and processed it for 35 minutes before rinsing the color out.


  • Ease of rinsing winner is 10-minute Ion color.
  • They both smelled the same, and resulted in the same level of gray coverage and condition.
  • Where the 10-minute color won hands down was the durability. After a series of shampoos and exposure to the sun, the 10 minute color was much more durable with less fadage.

Andre suggests it is worth a try and he would be interested in your results and opinion. It is slightly higher in price but he thinks it is worth it, for the durability alone. 

Brazilian Blowout continues to create havoc


In a strongly worded letter to the Brazilian Blowout Company, salon owner, Christine Ventura, expressed concerns regarding health issues caused by exposure to their product. It was not as though she could have ceased to use the product, since it was used by one of her booth-renters. It was the equivalent of exposure to second-hand formaldehyde.


Before finally evicting the renter, Christine suffered from shortness of breath, watering eyes, congestion, coughing, and chest tightness. She suffered through these symptoms for a year avoiding going into the salon when the Brazilian service was being done. 

Her doctor indicated she is to have no contact with any Brazilian blowout service. 

In addition, the doctor indicated in doing so could cause irreversible lung



It is strange that some seem to be immune to the formaldehyde fumes while others suffer tremendously. As such, you have to give a lot of thought to exposing yourself and those around you to such risks. 



Lowlights from the Editor         
Recently on the ABCH Facebook page, we had a discussion about PPD present in black henna temporary tattoos. Traditional henna tattoos are reddish brown but the newer black henna is longer lasting and also quicker to process (due to the addition of PPD), making it very popular with the resort/vacation crowd. There are now warnings of salon clients pre-sensitized to PPD from temporary black henna tattoos having an allergic reaction to PPD in salon haircolor services. 
Trick is... the manufacturers of the henna tattoos, as well as major haircolor manufacturers, are placing warnings within their product literature, often in very small writing. If this is a warning, why is it hidden in small font on the product insert? This looks like a classic case of CYA. Are these same manufacturers including this black henna warning verbally in their in-salon education?
Please write to me and let me know what type of warning, if any, regarding pre-sensitivity tied to black henna tattoos that you find in your brand of haircolor. 


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