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August 2013

14th Annual  
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 June 8-9, 2014 
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Name: Joyce Myers
Phone #: 973-494-1745
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Comments: HELP! Hi, I'm Joyce and I live in Madison, NJ. PLEASE point me in the right direction to fix a HAIR COLOR DISASTER!! 
Story: I had bleached blonde hair - my hairdresser did "low-lights" and my hair turned many shades of gray, from dark charcoal to light. Then the top started to fade out in places where blonde came through. So, in two weeks I went to have it "corrected" - the new colorist said he had to dye my entire head back to near my natural color because of the many gray colors (my natural is med-dark dishwater blonde)- it is now a honey brown which looks like my head is covered in molasses (I know - it's kind of funny!) You can still see some darker streaks where the charcoal was. Please, I can't wait for my whole head to grow out! - is there any way for me to get back to a nice blonde at this point without all my hair falling out?? (have had no loss so far!) HELP!! Joyce

Dear haircolorists,
Why we don't have more haircolor clients?  Haircoloring is a service that can not be taken lightly.  A cosmetologist who does not know haircolor can do extensive damage to a person's hair, as well as their well being and self-esteem.
Damage is also done to an industry currently trying to recover from a loss of haircolor business.  Can someone help this client and help to restore our credibility?  
PLEASE do not respond just because you can use a new client.  This person is desperate and needs someone who knows what they are doing.


Andre Nizetich, President ABCH
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