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July 2013

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LA EXAM in June
Dallas Exam in July
ABCH Exam Dates
Jenelle Orlando,. RIP
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Semi-permanent color
Blowout Pay Out
Hillary's Hair Again
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14th Annual  
Energizing Summit
 June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 
ABCH Exam in Los Angeles
New ABCH Board Certified Haircolorists!

The Los Angeles ABCH Exam this year was a little different with Andre out sick but Toni Mondragon and Tamara Dahill evaluated the candidates and we welcome 11 new ABCH Certified Colorists. 

The exam was small but mighty. We had some excellent candidates there. Both Tamara and Toni recognized many familiar faces who attended the Energizing Summit.

Tamara Dahill, VP of ABCH and Senior Evaluator, could tell there were some candidates who took the Performance Exam Prep classes at the Summit by the quality of work and the ease in which the exam flowed through the day. She has observed over the years that the candidates who take any of the ABCH exam prep classes offered, seem to be more relaxed and have an easier time when taking the exam.

Congratulations to our new ABCH Board Certified Haircolorists!
Special Recognition to:
Alexa Kline 
Highest Interactive Score, 49 out of 50! 
Keep going and try again!
            ABCH Exam in Dallas, TX

The turnout for the Dallas exam was low but everyone there was very easy to work with.  We had a high score of 120 from a candidate, Dena Wright, who took the Exam Prep class at the Energizing Summit. She was SOOO prepared and it showed. Kristi DiGennaro retook just the Performance portion of the Exam and passed! It is so rewarding to see someone devoted to becoming a better haircolorist. It makes all the hard work worth it. We would have liked a larger group of candidates taking the exam as we love coming to Texas.  The Evaluators for the exam were Tamara Dahill and Bridget Davis. 

Congratulations to our newest ABCH Board Certified Haircolorists!
2013 ABCH Examination Dates

                                      BOSTON.....................AUGUST 18                   

                                      SEATTLE.....................SEPTEMBER 8               

                                      WASHINGTON DC.......OCTOBER 13   

                                      ATLANTA....................NOVEMBER 3


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Jenelle Orlando

On a sad note, ABCH lost a very talented colorist and amazing young woman. Jenelle Orlando passed away suddenly of a heart attack. She was 30 years old. Jenelle passed the Performance Exam with a perfect score at the Denver Exam in 2011. She also helped Peggy Sue Schmoldt in her class at the Summit. She worked for Dennis and Ame Metcalfe as their head colorist for five years at their D'Ametris Salon in Arvada.

She loved haircolor and had such a creative eye, always smiling and full of enthusiasm.   It is a terrible loss. Everyone who knew her will miss her.




     A contingent of school owners from throughout Tennessee gathered at the capitol building in Nashville to protest a new law that would allow students to complete half of their training hours in a salon serving as an apprentice. This would cut down on the number of hours the schools received payment for training. Speaking to some of the school owners, they indicated it would be bad for the industry, consumers, salons, and students.

    However, the students we spoke to were looking forward to going to work. Being able to work in a salon as an apprentice is a great idea. Getting real salon experience before becoming licensed is important in being placed in a salon for a job. We spoke to some consumers and they said there appears there are many services an apprentice can do in a salon that does not require special training. Most graduates need to work as an apprentice after becoming licensed any way; this just gives them a jump-start on their career. Schools disagree; they say only qualified teachers have the expertise to teach the special skills required for a student to be successful.

     The law was due to take effect on July 1 but rules must be ratified to determine how a apprentice program will work. This will give the schools an opportunity to mount a full-fledged protest.

     Should this bill succeed it may become a catalyst for other states to pass similar bills. The savings to states for cosmetology education dollars would be tremendous. There would be no loss of jobs. If teachers had to be laid off, in most cases they could go to work in a salon. Salons are always seeking qualified cosmetologists.

     Andre Nizetich, President of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, also runs an apprenticeship program in Southern California. He indicated, "This is a great law. With this law, you will not be able to produce more cosmetologists than you actually need. In California, we license 30,000 new cosmetologists a year, in spite of this there has not been a single additional tax-paying job produced. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to educate cosmetologists who never go to work."

    There are fewer tax-paying jobs today than 10 years ago. In effect, the taxpayers are funding an underground industry. I'm sure other states are feeling the same effect. We need to get to the European model whereas we do as the new Tennessee Law does and have a portion of their training done in a salon.

The Stigma of Semi Permanent Haircolor


Have you noticed a general disdain in professional beauty supply stores when inquiring about semi permanent haircolor?They direct us to Paul Mitchell Inkworks or other fashion color brand and look blank when we ask about natural shades. 

A few professional lines offer semi-permanent haircolor- Pravana Silk Degrees (tube), Schwarzkopf Igora Mousse (can); but there are many more brands available to the public at Sally's, many in the natural range and tons of the vibrant shades.  

In the Porosity class at the Energizing Summit, it is noted that at grades 4 and 5 porosity, the hair strand is so degraded that permanent color will act like temporary color and temporary color can act like permanent color. Therefore, when your toners are uselessly sliding out of the over-processed ends of the hair at the shampoo bowl, your best bet is to use a semi-permanent haircolor. Please remember, ALL semi-permanent haircolor are NEVER mixed with any type of developer. If a developer of any kind is required, the product is a demi-permanent color, which may bump or break the base.  Since semi-permanent haircolors are the best solutions for extreme haircolor corrections and challenges, why are there so few choices?  For now, Clairol Beautiful Browns and Ion Color Brilliance are semi-permanent colors available from Sally's. 

Learn about Porosity- how to control chemical porosity and prevent getting to grade 4-5, how to get the best color results on damaged hair, and the difference between physical porosity and chemical porosity.  

David Velasco (recipient of the 2013 ABCH Andy Award) has published another book about haircolor, one focusing on African American hair, both natural and chemically relaxed. David co-wrote this super-sized book with Paul Chambers, ABCH and Semi-permanent haircolor is mentioned extensively in this book.   

Aura Mae's class on Direct Dyes at Summit ROCKED and her bright pink test swatches drew a lot of attention on Facebook. There are many benefits of semi-permanent haircolor...Just take the time to learn them.  

Brazilian Blowout Will Pay Out

This was the newspaper headline today regarding the class-action lawsuit regarding inaccurate formaldehyde content in Brazilian Blowout resulting in health problems for stylists and clients. Those who bought this hair straightening product on or before June 6, 2012, may be entitled to a cash payment under a $4 million class-action settlement. 

This week, reported on the settlement,  noting that those exposed to the product have until Sept. 23 to submit a claim form and supporting documents. The website provided the following details:

Class members of the Brazilian Blowout settlement include stylists in the United States who bought Brazilian Blowout products from GIB or one of its authorized distributors on or before June 6, 2012, and who underwent a treatment using the products on or before that date.

The settlement will provide cash payments to stylists and consumers out of a $4,225,000 settlement fund.

Stylists who submit a valid claim form, according to the website, will receive $75 for each purchase of a Brazilian Blowout product. They may also forfeit their cash refund and return, at no expense, unopened bottles for an exchange with a bottle of new Brazilian Blowout Zero.

Consumers who submit a valid claim form will receive $35 for each Brazilian Blowout treatment they received, up to a maximum of three treatments, or $105.

Stylists or consumer also can claim up to $2,000 in medical reimbursement if they include records that reasonably demonstrate medical expenses incurred as a result of short-term symptoms or conditions caused by exposure to the formaldehyde. Qualifying symptoms or conditions for medical reimbursement include:

** Eye disorders, such as irritation, increased tearing, blurred vision, hyperemia.

** Nervous system disorders, such as headache, burning sensation, dizziness, syncope.

 **Respiratory tract disorders, such as cough, nasal discomfort, wheezing, throat irritation.

 **Nausea hypotrichosis, chest pain, chest discomfort, vomiting, rash.

The only way to receive a cash award from the Brazilian Blowout settlement is to submit a valid claim form and supporting documents no later than Sept. 23.

Find claim forms and more information online.

"Hair Icon and Pantsuit Aficionado"

 Hillary Clinton is in the fashion media news again regarding her hair. Lately, she has underplayed her looks by wearing glasses and going without makeup before this latest makeover. Vanity Fair called Clinton's new look "cheerful and vivacious" and referred to her side-swept bangs as "kicky."  
While Michelle Obama's bangs have their own Twitter and Facebook account, Hillary has recently joined Twitter @HillaryClinton, Twitter bio jokingly described her as "hair icon and pantsuit aficionado. Women's Wear Daily reports that Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, wants to feature Hillary on the magazine's cover if she becomes president. 
Mention has been made about the color of a politician's tie but it's too bad the political media spends so much time concerned about Hillary's hair....please leave that to us fashionistas.
Lowlights from the Editor 
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We were taking a slight summer hiatus.
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