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June 2013

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Beards are Back
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14th Annual  
Energizing Summit
 June 8-9, 2014 
LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA 

2013 Energizing Summit: Hundreds Attend LA Haircolor Conference

By Anne Moratto | 06/12/2013 

Toni Mondragon, Joann Nizetich, Shelly Labac

The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) held their 13th Annual Energizing Summit on June 9-10, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel near 

Los Angeles International Airport.  Two full days of haircolor education drew a record number of haircolorists who chose from well over 100 different classes. In small, intimate groups, haircolorists interacted with instructors, had their questions answered, applied new techniques and prepared for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists examination.

"There is so much energy in these rooms," says President of ABCH Andre Nizetich who was teaching Hands-On Speed Foiling "I hear from hairdressers all over the country and they are hungry for this kind of straightforward education and basic skills. We teach real things that can happen with haircolor."

A small exhibit hall welcomed supporters of the summit including Malibu C, Color Charm, Soma, Keune, and Ergo. Introductions at the show included Martin Parsons' new shaping spray archiTRESS and Bella Colori's innovative new salon system with foil dispenser, interlocking color coded bowls, lids and brushes.

Summit Sound Bites:

Martin Parsons

"I feel so fortunate to be invited to this summit because the people here are focused on increasing their intellect--they came to learn."

Parsons on  teaching the art of the updo: "It's about controlling the hair.  I don't teach creativity, I teach assembly.  At our classes, traditional cutters or colorists come and learn 16-18 looks they take away and feel they have updated their skills."

(above) Martin Parson's team with Modern Salon's Anne Moratto


Trisha Kemp Rice, Malibu C: "We spend a lot of time talking about color correction and the things--from minerals to medication--that can haunt your haircolor."

Laura Rogala, Malibu C: "The questions we get at the summit are so great, everyone is so curious and they really want education."

Dennis Gebhart, National Educational Training Consultant with Keune: "We help them understand that the key to success is two parts--the first is technical skills, the second part is people skills. 85% of the reason people keep coming to their colorist is because they like them."

Rey Cardenas on his new tooling/coloring system, Bella Colori: "Haircolorists are being less creative and experiencing 'color stagnation'  because of limited workspace and limited time. This system keeps color close at hand and makes you more efficient."

Robert Reed, Ergo:"With the purpose of sharing insights and techniques for haircolor, the Energizing Summit delivers just that, and all with a familial feeling.  There are those willing to share and those willing to learn and hundreds of new relationships fostered."




This award is given each year to the individual who has made the greatest contribution to the success of the Energizing Summit. With his vast email audience, he is constantly promoting the attributes of attending the Energizing Summit and is credited for a large portion of the 2013 audience. David has a unique method of teaching haircolor, which comes from his extensive salon experience and as a former educational director of various haircolor lines. David has written several books on haircolor and teaches on a regular basis. The American Board of Certified Haircolorist proudly presented their 2013 Andy award to David Velasco. Thank you, David and congratulations!

David Velasco pictured on the 

ABCH Color Forum panel at the 2013 Summit

Bump The Base Guide Completed


The American Board of Certified Haircolorists has completed what is considered to be the first Bump the Base Guide. The Guide was completed from information gathered from a survey on the ABCH newsletter. A follow up survey was taken on a second newsletter. All of this information was printed and sent to the team of ABCH Exam evaluators. 
It was like taking a ballot. The participants were asked to respond by indicating what they would do and what they felt was something they would never do. You can only imagine the variety of responses given. It was up to the ABCH committee to place the most popular concepts in the Guide. The guide ended up with "Bumping the Base" and a more drastic "Breaking the Base".
Some of the respondents indicated they never take advantage of the service, others felt it was too much like home haircoloring. However you feel, we now have a Guide. It is a start. A copy of the guide was available at the Summit and used in the Bump the Base class taught by Andie Makowski. If you would like to purchase a copy, please send $5.00 to the ABCH office for postage and handling.

As seen in Menswear Insight magazine (UK)

There is a new look 

to men's fashion.   

Beards may be back in a BIG way!

Left are photos of James Franco and Justin Timberlake at Cannes this year sporting neatly trimmed beards. 

On the other end of the follicle spectrum, John Lewis & Co., a men's wear label in the United Kingdom and a store with a reputation for middle-class respectability and tradition, specifically asked for a model with a beard to show off its John Lewis & Co men's label. According to Matthew McCormack, John Lewis's buying director, this new look 'represents what the brand is about'. 

He added: 'He is a little deconstructed, but kind of smart and has a great sense of style. 

'He is a bit dishevelled and is deliberately growing his hair, but he cares about his look. 
'He is a hard-working, everyday-hero kind of bloke.'  
The indie bearded model is Johnny Harrington, 32, a former carpenter. 
Just like the trend setting GQ men wearing ponytails with their expensive Italian suits in the 1980's, this new rugged style may keep this guy away from your scissors on a monthly basis. But he is definitely into grooming and image, so recommend grooming products and subtle haircolor. Ginger tones seem to be a theme here, as well!
2013 ABCH Examination Dates

   L.A. ..............JUNE 30                         SEATTLE...................SEPTEMBER 8

DALLAS ........JULY 14                         WASHINGTON DC.....OCTOBER 13

         BOSTON.......AUGUST 18                    ATLANTA .................NOVEMBER 3 


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Lowlights from the Editor 
The 2013 Energizing Summit was amazing!
Record attendance! 
Overheard at the Summit:
"This is the best Energizing Summit yet! I'm so inspired by the many new techniques, products, and professional tools I have found. Thrilled with how empowered I feel learning the generic haircolor knowledge that will follow me through any product I choose. Thank you!" ~ Coral Fuentes
SAVE THE DATE  for next year!   June 8-9 2014
 More Summit pics coming in a few weeks. Watch Facebook, too!
 Good luck to the next ABCH Examination candidates, June 30!

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