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June 2013


The Wella Professional logo image was shown in error in the previous ABCH Highlights newsletter. For this color comparison, Wella Color Charm hair color was compared to INOA haircolor.

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Most Expensive (INOA)   vs.  Least Expensive  (Wella Color Charm)

Haircolors Compared


With all of the buzz about non-ammonia haircolor being better for the hair, we took it upon ourselves to conduct a comparison. Two identical mannequins were used, donated by Hairart. The mannequins were 30% gray and appeared to be in the warm brown category. 

mannequin #1   INOA    $2.43 per ounce mixed

mannequin #2   Wella Color Charm    $0.57 per ounce mixed

Each mannequin was colored from scalp to ends 5 times and processed for 35 minutes and rinsed. The mannequins were not shampooed until after the last application of color. Between each of the applications of haircolor, the two mannequins were left in the sun. The number of hours left in the sun was not monitored closely, but it was estimated to be around 50 hours. 

Inoa and peroxide was $2.43 per ounce mixed. 

one application (4 oz) =$9.72 x five applications amounted to $48.60. 

Wella Color Charm was .57 per ounce mixed. 

one application (4 oz) =$2.27 x five applications came to $11.40 


There did not seem to any appreciable difference in the condition of the hair between the ammonia color and the non-ammonia color. The two mannequins will be on display at the Energizing Summit. The difference in price between the two colors is $37.20 

Come feel the difference in the two colors. See if you feel it's worth the difference in price.

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