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June 2013

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13th Annual Energizing Summit
June 9-10, 2013 
LAX Marriott Hotel   
Hurry! Last few days to
register for Summit classes!

2013 Energizing Summit Educator introduction:

Andre's TeamHands On Speed Foiling**

Andre Nizetich, ABCH President, and his group of dedicated haircolorists will teach you the fastest and the most proficient way of placing foils in the hair. Whether you are a new haircolorist learning foil placement or an old pro looking to streamline your placement of foils, this class is for you. Do not come to this class thinking you are going to learn a faster method of refining the method you are currently using, rather learning a new faster, proven method of applying foils.

Andre's team of haircolorists have been working together for years. They have completely embraced this method of placing foils in the hair. Team members will be next to you in class, helping you to learn and embrace this technique. You will go back to your salon and use it on your very first client. 


A $45.00 charge will be assessed for the mannequin. At the conclusion of the class you may take the mannequin with you.

2013 ABCH Examination Dates

   L.A. ..............JUNE 30                         SEATTLE...................SEPTEMBER 8

DALLAS ........JULY 14                         WASHINGTON DC.....OCTOBER 13

         BOSTON.......AUGUST 18                    ATLANTA .................NOVEMBER 3 


Links for more info: 

Speaking Volumes About Color

Letter to the Editor 


Hello-I have been in the business for 23 yrs and have  a question about developers. I attended a color class about two weeks ago. I understand that all color companies have their own way about selling their brand and using a color a certain way,  but the person that was teaching the class said that 10 Vol. does not lift!?...I found that hard to swallow as I use 10 to use as a demi or gloss and in my experience it does lift a half level to one depending on  how long you leave it or the porosity of the hair. What you advise is on the developers? Thanks you and looking forward to what you have to say on this matter. 



Response from Brenda Amaral, Summit Educator, The Truth About Haircolor 

First of all,kudos to you for not taking the standard 'because I said so' for an answer! Unfortunately over the years this type if teaching has begun to suffocate inquiring minds in order to create more 'sheople'! Often educators are so loyal to a brand they reiterate whatever their manufacturer tells them is right instead of understanding that there is almost never one blanket answer for everything. 

Developer works differently depending on texture, porosity, and a plethora of other factors. If the hair is strong, dirty, dry, covered in silicone, and filled with pollutants it could act as a 5 volume. If the debris exists and the hair is thin and fine it still could lift as much as two whole levels and create more porosity where the color has created burns from reacting with foreign objects in the hair. 

Manufacturers would ultimately like to lull us into believing that 10 volume or lower is a Demi/Semi color situation for everyone and that is just not the case. As you stated on many people it can lift a level, so unless their color is formulated without ammonia/MEA/ or a substitute that acts exactly like those catalysts, you can never say that 10 volume won't lift! There is a deposit only color on the market but their technology is different than that if a standard catalyst and if a company has something different like this there is normally an explanation that comes with it!


Second response from Mary Petillo, Summit Educator, ABC's of ABCH 

Natural haircolor category will affect how much lift you get from 10 volume. In my opinion,

  • The B category has so much pigment that you need more than 10 volume to go up one full level.
  •  The W category will get a little more lift with the 10 volume, especially on W-3 with less melanin than W-1 and W-2.
  •  I am an S-3 natural blonde who was a level 9-10 as a child, that darkened to a cool level 7. My hair easily would lift one level with 10 volume. I think most S categories would also experience one level of lift with 10 volume. 
This is another example of speaking ABCH. This generic haircolor knowledge helps you formulate consistently and get it right the first time with realistic expectations.

  Andre Retains Position on Top 40 Haircolorists


Andre retains his position on Beauty Entertainment BE! Magazine's top 40 lists of haircolorists nationally. Andre is recognized for his teaching ability and is known as one of the nation's top educators. He is also active in administering the ABCH certification examination in cities across the country during the year. He is also recognized for the production of the Energizing Summit, the once a year event for haircolorists. Haircolorists come from across the country to attend this event, which is held in Los Angeles. This year will be the largest with over 800 haircolorists in attendance. 

Bump The Base Guide Completed


The American Board of Certified Haircolorists has completed what is considered to be the first Bump the Base Guide. The Guide was completed from information gathered from a survey on the ABCH newsletter. A follow up survey was taken on a second newsletter. All of this information was printed and sent to the team of ABCH Exam evaluators. 
It was like taking a ballot. The participants were asked to respond by indicating what they would do and what they felt was something they would never do. You can only imagine the variety of responses given. It was up to the ABCH committee to place the most popular concepts in the Guide. The guide ended up with "Bumping the Base" and a more drastic "Breaking the Base".
Some of the respondents indicated they never take advantage of the service, others felt it was too much like home haircoloring. However you feel, we now have a Guide. It is a start. A copy of the guide will be available at the Summit for a dollar donation. If you would like to purchase a copy send $5.00 to the ABCH office for postage and handling.

  Alima Korchinskaya Scores Big In Argentina


Alima is one of our featured educators at this years Summit. 

She is a freelance artist who loves to travel all over the world to compete. She is so devoted to competing that she will be on the road for months at a time refining her skill. This trip to Argentina was exceptional as she came home with three bronze metals!

Alima was competing against some of Argentina finest and most talented hairdressers. At the Summit she will be teaching haircolor for long hair.  






Most Expensive   vs. Least Expensive Haircolors Compared


With all of the buzz about non-ammonia haircolor being better for the hair, we took it upon ourselves to conduct a comparison. Two identical mannequins were used, donated by Hairart. The mannequins were 30% gray and appeared to be in the warm brown category. 

mannequin #1   INOA    $2.43 per ounce mixed

mannequin #2   Wella Color Charm    $0.57 per ounce mixed

Each mannequin was colored from scalp to ends 5 times and processed for 35 minutes and rinsed. The mannequins were not shampooed until after the last application of color. Between each of the applications of haircolor, the two mannequins were left in the sun. The number of hours left in the sun was not monitored closely, but it was estimated to be around 50 hours. 

Inoa and peroxide was $2.43 per ounce mixed. 

one application (4 oz) =$9.72 x five applications amounted to $48.60. 

Wella Color Charm was .57 per ounce mixed. 

one application (4 oz) =$2.27 x five applications came to $11.40 


There did not seem to any appreciable difference in the condition of the hair between the ammonia color and the non-ammonia color. The two mannequins will be on display at the Energizing Summit. The difference in price between the two colors is $37.20 

Come feel the difference in the two colors. See if you feel it's worth the difference in price.

Lowlights from the Editor  
See you at the Energizing Summit in LA!
Watch for the Summit recap in the next issue of ABCH Highlights!

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