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May  2013

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Denise Fraser
Direct Dyes Testing
Haircolor Pressed Powder
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13th Annual Energizing Summit
June 9-10, 2013 
LAX Marriott Hotel   
Hurry! Time is running out!
Register for Summit classes today.

Correction 2013 ABCH Examination Dates

   L.A. ..............JUNE 30                         SEATTLE...................SEPTEMBER 8

DALLAS ........JULY 14                         WASHINGTON DC.....OCTOBER 13

         BOSTON.......AUGUST 18                    ATLANTA .................NOVEMBER 3 


Links for more info: 

Please Note Correction- The date for ABCH Exam in L.A. was incorrect in previous newsletters. The correct date is June 30.
2013 ABCH Energizing Summit in Los Angeles 
June 9-10 at the Marriott Hotel LAX 


ABCH Members $250 

Non ABCH Members $300


Call 310-641-5700 to make room reservations and be sure to mention you are attending the Energizing Summit or you can book online at Marriott Hotel LAX .
Register for classes NOW!
2013 Energizing Summit Educator introductions continue:

Peggy Sue Schmoldt
Eliminate Formulating Frustrations


Peggy Sue will give you the "no-fail" tools to formulate. Formulating should not be a shot in the dark. It should be a well thought out process based on factors everyone should know. Peggy Sue will put you through the 4 step process. This plan follows the ABCH curriculum from the lift deposit concept through the natural hair and determination of the undertones. You will see how big a part the undertones play in the final color result, and be amazed at how easy it is. Peggy Sue conveys her message with clarity and crispness. 

Two classes filled (closed) but there is still space available in Monday afternoon's class! 

Denise Fraser
Killer Corrective Techniques

Killer Corrective Techniques is a class on how to implement various foiling methods. Most corrective haircolors must be applied with some type of dimensional application. It is all a matter of taking a careful assessment of the hair you are going to be working on and giving the client some options. Some quick and easy techniques will be demonstrated and can offer a solution for those who have some difficulty with solving corrective haircolor problems. Denise is a dynamo! You will love her class. 

Working With Direct Dyes 


 Shampoo testing is done! Come to the Energizing Summit class, "Working With Direct Dyes" with Aura Mae to see which brand is which. (We will post the results after our Energizing Summit for those who can't attend.) Feel free to share your guesses on Facebook. The colors tested were all labeled Pink or Hot Pink. One was called Magenta. 

The swatches on the left of each set are freshly colored and the ones on the right have been shampooed to simulate a month's aging. These are the brands tested:

Color Jam 
Paul Mitchell Inkworks 
Manic Panic  
Goldwell Elumen

Do You Speak ABCH?   POP QUIZ!

By Mary Petillo


How would you formulate differently for a B-2 and a W-2 both wanting level 4 medium brown? Why?

Client profile- 85% gray in frontal zone and 15% gray in rear zones. Grades two and three on average length of 4 inches. 

Goal is first time gray coverage.


1. Is brand of haircolor influential here- American or European?

2. Permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent?

3. Technique for color service? 

4. Different or same technique for second color appointment?


Hint- B's often are your "No red" clients. W's often had sun-bleached hair in their youth.

Knowledge of ABCH concepts of porosity grading, natural haircolor categories, and formulations for gray hair helps to streamline the consultation process, leading to successful haircolor services. 


Effective Consultations ABCH style

  • Natural Category: B, W, S, R + 1-3 w/in categories
  • Natural Level/Beginning Level (if previous chemical)
  • Desired Level:   base + highlights + lowlites
  • Desired Tone:   warm, neutral or cool
  • Percentage Gray:  % and patterns on head
  • Porosity Grades:  roots + midshaft + ends

Come to the Energizing Summit or read the ABCH Study Portfolio to learn more about speaking ABCH, and referencing this wealth of knowledge to deal with every haircolor situation. Learn to Talk the Talk!

Haircolor Pressed Powder


In the quest to cover gray new growth in between salon visits, clients have turned to just about everything. Years ago it was with mousses, gels, lotions and sprays which made their hair stiff. Now there are new softer products with sponge tip applicators, dry sprays and pressed powder haircolor. 

Lynnette Lange grayed early, so she had a personal stake in developing Grayce Root Revive pressed powder haircolor in response to the messy haircolor cover-ups on the market. It claims to be smudge proof and stays on even when wet. Available in 10 colors, it is applied with its own short bristled applicator brush. Since it contains no chemicals or wax, it should not interfere with future haircolor services. 

Lowlights from the Editor  
Are you within driving distance to Los Angeles? 
Two words...    ROAD TRIP!!! 
Get another haircolorist friend, register for Summit classes and drive to LA!
* Saturday evening arrival...the first drink is on us!
   Cocktail party with live music. 
* Sunday and Monday includes over 10 hours of                 haircolor education. Balayage, Ombre, & more.
* Haircolor Forum Sunday night (ask questions or  make a comment)
* Summit Vendors with haircolor products, styling tools and educational                   materials are available Sunday and Monday.
See you at the Energizing Summit in LA!

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