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May  2013

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13th Annual Energizing Summit
June 9-10, 2013 
LAX Marriott Hotel   
Hurry! Time is running out!
Register for Summit classes today.

Correction 2013 ABCH Examination Dates

   L.A. ..............JUNE 30                         SEATTLE...................SEPTEMBER 8

DALLAS ........JULY 14                         WASHINGTON DC.....OCTOBER 13

         BOSTON.......AUGUST 18                    ATLANTA .................NOVEMBER 3 


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Please Note Correction- The date for ABCH Exam in L.A. was incorrect in previous newsletters. The correct date is June 30.
2013 ABCH Energizing Summit in Los Angeles 
June 9-10 at the Marriott Hotel LAX 

Over ten hours of educational sessions over two days

No loud runway music during hair fashion shows.

No big screen needed to see details of platform work.

Just intimate class settings that allow you to raise your hand to ask questions. 

Hands-on classes for the services you need every day in your salon.


ABCH Members $250 

Non ABCH Members $300


Book your room at the LAX Marriott Hotel by the  May 15 deadline to 
receive a discounted room rate of $115 
Call 310-641-5700 to make room reservations and be sure to mention you are attending the Energizing Summit or you can book online at Marriott Hotel LAX .
Register for classes NOW!
2013 Energizing Summit Educator introductions continue:

Leo Lapierre
Let Me Help You to Succeed

From the lips of a distributor who witnesses failure of salons on a weekly basis, Leo Lapierre has the answers if you only listen. He has  a burning desire to help salons survive in these turbulent times. 

  • Learn to overcome the fear of raising prices
  • Get the most from your distributor
  • Business strategies and solutions:
    • seven ways to increase sales
    • two ways to increase profits
    • two things that motivate everyone
    • two biggest service mistakes that cause customers not to return. 

This class will focus on your color skills and how to make more money. Making money is great, keeping more of it is better.

We are proud to welcome Leo as the Master of Ceremony. Leo is a giant in our industry, transforming a small beauty supply into a powerhouse through education.  Join us at the Opening Ceremony on Sunday at 8 a.m.

Lisa Kelley and Brenda Amaral
The Truth About Haircolor

Lisa Kelley and Brenda Amaral tell it like it is. How can we expect to become proficient in haircoloring if the haircolor manufacturers are not telling us the truth?

In this class, you will learn how we are duped by the professional manufacturers wanting to sell you the latest new product. Lisa and Brenda are aware of the latest technology in haircolor and what the manufacturers are doing to market this new technology to consumers. This is a great class. Let Lisa and Brenda teach you to be a brighter and better haircolorist.

Pick Her Brain, PLEASE!

Certification is a challenging but rewarding process. Certification is full of exciting and often stressful experiences, all of which help you to grow your skill set and knowledge base. Curious? 

Just three years into her cosmetology career,  Emma Hirsch was determined to take and pass the American Board Certification examination. Follow her through the process of preparing and practicing to make passing a reality. She called on a friend who was Board Certified to advise her on the details of how to pass. While preparing to take the examination, she was faced with the opportunity of purchasing the salon where she worked.  For most, this would have been a reason for postponing the examination. As a salon owner, she was more determined than ever to become certified. 

Let Emma tell you in her own words how taking and passing the exam gave her the marketing she needed to set her above the competition and gain respect from her staff and clients. Portions of her examination can be seen on DVD. She is going to share her score sheets with you in the Summit class, The How and Why of Certification.  Classes available Sunday and Monday.

Andre warns...


There are more and more haircoloring manufacturers emerging on the scene. Not sure whether they are actual manufacturers or if there are just a few manufacturers making haircolors for everyone. Much like those manufacturers who make private label shampoos. The only way professional haircoloring can progress is to have more education rather than more haircolor lines. 

Introducing a new line of haircolor has to be a marketing nightmare, since it's all the same stuff with a different story. You have no choice but to find a new fact to spin and a new lie to tell. After all... it's all been said before. 

This is a true story - I received an email from a lady indicating she has just assumed the position of Director of Education for a new line of haircolor. Her question to me, "Do you know where I can go to learn the color wheel?" That, my friends, is how low we have sunk and how scarce quality haircolor education has become. The quest of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists is raise the level of professional haircoloring so that we can be respected by consumers. Yet, there is no support from those who are profiting from our ignorance.

Calling a Spade a Spade

By Mary Petillo


There is another haircolor company touting it's water based formulation. Winn Professional Color System. It claims to offer a healthier color service to clients, as well as individuals who are color sensitive, allergic or who prefer a safer alternative with little to no fading. It is a 90% water-based formulation and is 100% ammonia free, oleic acid free, alcohol free and odor free. That is a whole lot of FREE! 

However, when I contacted about the presence of PPD, I received this response:"...we have extremely low level of PPD in our color, much lower then that of other standard brands. 97% of out test market were color sensitive clients and only 1% could not use it." GREAT! Of course, I am in that 1% (and a Board Certified Haircolorist!)  Still, this is deceptive advertising. 

After visiting their website, I could not find a single mention whether this color was a permanent or deposit only color. Their Winn Professional kit includes haircolor tubes and two bottles of peroxide, 10 vol and 20 vol. Their color chart (obscured by peroxide bottles in the photo) seems to show only about 20 swatches. 

Winn Professional responded to my inquiry about possible levels of lift. Their response..."WINN Color will lift about a shade, our color spectrum begins at a medium -dark blonde, levels 7 through 2. and is mostly used as a deposit only color line.This is due to our 90% patented water based formulations."

Their website didn't offer a swatch chart nor list of those "20 vibrant shades." The webpage offering "How to Use Winn color" was labeled "Coming Soon."  It is not too soon, though, to advertise in "The Colorist", a national trade magazine! That is putting the cart before the horse, I would say!


ABCH is dedicated to raising the standards of the professional haircolor industry, which includes promoting clear and concise information about the professional products we use in our salons. Promote your product but call it what it is. 

  • Haircolorists need both demi-permanent haircolors with absolutely no lift as well as those brands which offer just a little bit of lift to allow flexibility to deal with all haircolor situations. Currently, unless you study MSDS sheets with a chemist's education, you will not be able to tell the difference.
  • We need haircolors to accommodate clients and stylists with chemical sensitivities (PPD-free, ammonia-free, MEA-free etc), but please be honest with that information, especially on website and marketing collateral. 
If we could get professional haircolor manufacturers to identify their products by appropriate types up front, both colorists and clients would be better served. 
We can dream of such a world...
The end of gray coverage as we know it? You might think so reading the newspapers today. According to a European study, scientists have discovered the secret to fighting the cause of gray hair rather than just treating the symptom itself.   The culprit  in the cause of graying haircolor is Hydrogen Perioxide, which accumulates in the hair follicle when the body produces less of the enzyme catalase, that breaks hydrogen peroxide down naturally. This causes the hair to bleach itself right from the root and thereby growing out gray.  The study was conducted to find a treatment for vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin and hair. While finding a new method to treat vitiligo, however, researchers stumbled upon the the pseudo-catalase's ability to halt the process of graying, too. The new treatment will lead to re-pigmentation of skin, hair and eyelashes.

Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB journal, concludes, "While this is exciting news, what's even more exciting is that this also works for vitiligo. This condition, while technically cosmetic, can have serious socio-emotional effects on people. Developing an effective treatment for this condition has the potential to radically improve many people's lives." As haircolorists, we can all agree that graying hair also causes socio-emotional effects on those gray haired individuals. While this treatment will improve their psyche, it may (at least temporarily) hurt our income. There is still money to be made off the Gen Y and Millennial clients wanting those trendy soft pastel gray shades!

Lowlights from the Editor 
Did you catch that up there? Yes, I am a Board Certified Haircolorist who became incredibly allergic to haircolor (PPD) earlier in my career. Come hear my story over a casual lunch on Monday at the Energizing Summit. Please feel free to email me with questions about coping with allergies in the salon. 


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