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March  2013

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13th Annual Energizing Summit
June 9-10, 2013 
LAX Marriott Hotel   
Don't put off registering as
classes are filling fast! 

2013 Energizing Summit Educator introductions continue:

Andrea Shumate
Long Hair Effects Teens Love

With more and more young people wearing their hair long it becomes increasingly important for professional haircolorists to be able to maintain long hair. This class will teach you some special effects for highlighting long hair with "Peek-a-boo Highlights", "Flip Flop Highlights" and others. This is a fascinating class, designed to arouse your creativity and draw awareness to the advantages of being proficient in the retouching of long hair highlighting. Andrea is a long hair expert who will dazzle you with her creative designs. Her approach to teaching is smooth and understandable. She describes what she is doing in a way that makes you feel as though you can go home and replicate what she taught. If you have a lot of long hair clients you won't want to miss this class.

Craig Miller
Knowing and Understanding Bleaches

This class is all about bleaches. Working with a variety of bleaches, each participant will put their bleach through its paces. Then the participants will compare results: which is faster, which is slower, which produces the most dust when mixing. It is also interesting to note the pH of each bleach and how much it changes the longer the bleach has been mixed. The price of each bleach is explored to see if the more expensive bleaches are worth the additional money. You will come away from this class with a world of knowledge about bleaches.
Craig says, "as haircolorists we are often faced with making decisions that could be detrimental to our reputations and our client's hair." Knowing the product you are working with is essential to be successful in the demanding field of dimensional haircoloring.  

Kathy Partin

Color Concentration

Are your colors not reacting as they should? Do you get brassy and red tones when you use an ash color? This class is for you. Kathy Partin, ABCH has developed a method of adding more color to your formulas so you get less fading and more durable haircolors. She calls the system she developed "Color Concentration." It is substituting more haircolor in your formula in place of the water. You don't put water in your formula, you say? Yes you do! Did you realize more than half of your formula is water? Water that dilutes your color and makes it wash out of the hair faster leaving the hair dry and brassy. Using a digital film to bring you into the salon you'll learn the why and how of peroxide, unwanted red tones, banding, fade, DAMAGE and gray coverage. This class is so enriching and so fast moving you will be crying for more. Don't miss Kathy Partin, ABCH. 

Tom Maricich
Hazards of Bleach  

Caution- this classes uses photographs of an actual salon clients who received scalp burns in a salon with manufacturers' bleach. This behavior is being repeated with some regularity in salons across the country.

Dr.Tom Maricich has acted as an expert witness in many court cases that have taken place. He has a simple test you can use to determine if the bleach you are using is capable of imparting third degree burns on the head. According to Dr. Maricich many of these burns many not be caused by just the chemicals, but are actually caused by heat. A number of products heat up when the bleaching powder is mixed with hydrogen peroxide or water. This class will take you through the list of conditions and ingredients that will cause this to happen. 

Dr. Tom Maricich is a professor of chemistry at California State University, Long Beach. He has taken a special interest in cosmetic chemistry and has conducted many experiments with the assistance of his students. 

Summit Lunch & Lecture with Irma Jobst    
Sunday  12:30-2 p.m.

Salon private label products can be a lucrative venture but careful product development (what's in the bottle?) including brand (what's on the bottle?) and marketing plan (How much is/Where can I get this bottle?) is important and should be carefully planned. 
Have lunch with Irma Jobst and learn how to start making money by developing your own line.
$35 ticketed event.  Sit-down lunch buffet and lecture

If you are not attending the Energizing Summit, visit the Signature Formulations website for more information about private label haircare products.
Summit Lunch & Lecture with Allen Edwards    
Monday  12:30-2 p.m.

Possible goals for hairstylists- own your own salon (check!), respected educator (check!), celebrity clients (check!), spokesperson for national haircare brands (check!) Allen Edwards has truly placed his mark as an
 innovative talent and trend setter. 
Come hear Allen's philosophy on self-image and gain a world of knowledge from a giant in the hair industry.
Have lunch with Allen, educator, businessman, hairstylist.
$35 ticketed event. 
Sit-down lunch buffet and lecture

Allen cutting Tamara's cute short haircut.
Allen Edwards and Tamara Dahill, ABCH Vice President
2013 ABCH Energizing Summit in Los Angeles 
June 9-10 at the Marriott Hotel LAX 


ABCH Members $250 

Non ABCH Members $300

Discounted hotel rates of $115 if you book your room by May 16th. Call 310-641-5700 to make room reservations and be sure to mention you are attending the Energizing Summit or you can book online at Marriott Hotel LAX.
Register for classes now!

Andre is concerned...


Say that to someone and they will refer to the Professional Beauty Association. The PBA does not represent the cosmetologist. Cosmetologists are on the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to representation through the PBA. An organization cannot represent all factions of the industry; for instance, schools vs. salons.


Salons are looking for high quality employees that are well trained and ready to go to work. The schools on the other hand worry more about them learning to pass an examination given by the Board of Cosmetology. As the old story saying goes, "He who has the gold, rules." The schools that are the most prosperous segment of the industry usually end up getting their way.

First they campaigned against the instructor's license; that it was too hard to find instructors, so now you don't need a license to teach cosmetology. [No one asked me how I felt about that!] Imagine... you can go to beauty school, graduate, get your cosmetology license and the next day they start teaching. You have someone teaching cosmetology without ever having worked in a salon! 

Yet, when someone mentions they want to get rid of the cosmetology license, which is the first group to scream? the schools. That is just one example of schools verses salons.

How about salons vs. manufacturers. Who do you think is going to win that battle? The salons are the backbone of the beauty industry yet we are at the bottom of the totem pole. We are tired of being disrespected & taken advantage of and something has to change.

The reddish hair seen on many Egyptian mummies may not have been dyed with henna but instead due to the change in haircolor that occurs after a person dies. Pheomelanin is more stable, so over time the eumelanin oxidizes while most of the pheomelanin remains. 
Lowlights from the Editor 

Q. What do you call a line of rabbits walking backwards?

A. A receding hareline. 

Q. What do you get when you cross a bunny with a spider?

A. A harenet.

Q. What do you call a dumb bunny?

A. A hare brain.

Q: Why did the magician have to cancel his show?

A: He'd just washed his hare and couldn't do a thing with it. 

The Easter Mummy

by, Will Bullas

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