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mid-February  2013

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Diversion Case Dismissed
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13th Annual Energizing Summit
June 9-10, 2013 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Registration opened on February 1st

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Early Bird Discount  
2013 Energizing Summit in Los Angeles
June 9-10, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel LAX 


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ABCH Certified Members $200 Early Bird ($250 regular)

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2013 Energizing Summit Educator introductions continue:


Pamela Pacheco
When Coloring Gray Hair
Gray hair is the cornerstone of the haircoloring business. More people color their hair because of the appearance of gray hair than for any other reason. It is critical you make the proper choices when coloring the clients hair for the first time. Pamela has broken down the choices based on age, percentage of gray, haircolor category and how the client feels about their gray hair. Learn Pamela's successful methods for making that gray hair client come back. She has some proven methods of introducing your gray haired clients to color. 
Mary Petillo
The ABCs of ABCH

In studying to take the ABCH examination, Mary Petillo was taken with how much easier her haircolor decisions became. In this class she will review the ABCH curriculum and what she perceives to be the parts of the curriculum that were most important to her and why. These are --- the haircolor categories, the grades of porosity, the gray card rule, and the rules of natural haircolor. Already a competent haircolorist she found a renewed enthusiasm for her work. The ability to communicate with her clients in a more intellectual manner was important to her, and as a result her business flourished. This class will be extremely helpful if you plan to take the ABCH examination and a great place to start.

Thia Spearing
Haircolor 1-2-3

When you apply the system of Haircolor 1-2-3, you will show each client their special qualities, fire up your artistic brain cells and see every client as a beautiful work of art. You will learn to select the perfect color and create harmonious formulations for each individual based on an easy to understand system. You will learn:

*  How skin tones relate to primary colors and how to see them.

*  How the correct value adds richness and framing.

*  Saturated vs complex colors and understanding eye color.

*  Techniques to enhance any color type.

*  Marketing yourself as a Color Artist.

Set yourself apart from the salons in your community and enjoy more success as a Color Artist.

Palma Anshilevich
Designing Hair with Color for NAHA


This is a class on creativity. Palma's love for hairdressing compels her to participate in every creative competition she can. She is a bundle of energy wanting to share what she knows with anyone who is willing to listen. 
Participating in competitions is the best way of refining your skills for the clients in your chair. Of course you don't style your clients hair with sci-fi avant-garde styles, but learning how to produce them gives you the skills to keep your clients interested and coming back to you. Learn from Palma how marketing these extraordinary skills have helped her leap to the top of the hair fashion world. In her own words, "There are thousands of stars in the sky and we all deserve to shine."
2013 ABCH Examination Dates

 CHICAGO ......MARCH 10                       BOSTON..................AUGUST 18

 DENVER........APRIL 21                         SEATTLE...................SEPTEMBER 8

 L.A. ..............JUNE 23                           WASHINGTON DC.....OCTOBER 13

 DALLAS ........JULY 14                           ATLANTA .................NOVEMBER 3


Definition of Bumping the Base- Online Survey Part 2 Continues
The follow-up survey to help ABCH define the Bump the Base service is still available online. This survey will close on February 28.

If you currently use the bump the base service in your salon, you are invited to share your experience and opinion in the  Bump the Base survey- part 2. 
Your participation in this ABCH survey will allow you to be an integral part of advancing the standards of haircolor for our industry!
Is anyone surprised that a lawsuit that involved virtually all of the major beauty manufacturers was dismissed before it ever came close to trial? In spite of a powerhouse attorney taking on the case, they could not move the suit forward. Each of the defendants was cited separately for their misdeeds-- promising salons that their products would remain professional and not be sold to non-professional outlets.

The lawsuit was filed in Federal court on July 1, 2010, against the following manufacturers: L'Oreal USA, the owners of Matrix, Redken,Purology, Kerastase and others; The Proctor and Gamble company, owners of Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin, and Graham Webb; Conair Corporation, the owners' of Rusk; Farouk Systems, the owners of Chi and Biosilk; Sexy Hair Concepts; TiGi and the Paul Mitchell Systems.

On January 3, 2011 while being represented by Susman Godfrey, the Salon FAD (fight against Diversion) won the first round in federal court by convincing the judge the to deny the manufacturers' motions to dismiss the case, allowing FAD to move forward with the case and their effort to protect the professional nature of their business.

However, the lawsuit eventually was dismissed because the suit was a class action and the plaintiffs were unable to certify the class. The plea for more plaintiffs by FAD fell somewhat short because there were not enough salon owners willing to testify against their favorite manufacturer.           

So there you have it--manufacturers can say and do what they want, and we the hairdressers will continue to buy their products regardless of what is said or done.


 The ISSE (Long Beach) show continues to prosper regardless of mishandling of their exhibitors and attendees. Last year, people stood in lines for an hour waiting to enter the show. Although they appeared to have solved that problem, there were other grumblings about the lack of education in the classrooms; and in some cases, there empty classrooms.
Classrooms that were filled to capacity at each sitting were a Product Club class teaching haircolor foiling techniques, Balayage and Ombre. Another class that had a full house was the Malibu class by Trisha Kemp teaching the perils of bad water. The audience was memorized with the chemical effects Trisha was doing. The hands-on classes seemed to not be as popular this yea, but Ergo held a class on the Art of Blow Drying that was well received by the audience.

The top name artists- Martin Parsons, Mark Hayes of Vidal Sassoon and Nick Arrojo, filled the larger theaters to capacity on Sunday. Monday appeared to have 35% less attendees. There was some disgruntled exhibitors who indicated sales were half of what they were the previous year. It appears the beauty shows have not yet recovered from the recession. With many of the major manufacturers no longer participating in shows, it is no wonder that they have slowed down.

Human Hair Embroidery

Zaira Pulido is a Colombian artist who uses long strands of human hair instead of thread to create embroidered works of art.

Bogota-based Zaira Pulido has been asking every one for strands of their hair to use in a series of embroidered artworks. She uses the human hair instead of the usual thread and creates various works, like embroidered portraits of her friends (each made with their own hair). 

While I appreciate Zaira's embroidery skills and artistic talent, as an art observer and hairstylist, I would have a seriously hard time not picking off the stray threads of hair artistically draped across this portrait. 

How do you feel about using hair cuttings as an art material? Pamela Pacheco, ABCH educator, ABCH Exam Evaluator, and salon owner uses it in her art studio resin sculptures. Ask her about this unique art form at the Energizing Summit in June! 

Lowlights from the Editor   
The rooms at the LAX Marriott are comfortable and reasonably priced, $115 per night. Share a room and SAVE--only $58 each per night!  Bring a friend or co-worker and share the knowledge! Exchange new ideas and discuss the Summit highlights afterwards over dinner & drinks at the LAX Marriott restaurants or around the outdoor pool. Book NOW!

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