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February  2013

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13th Annual Energizing Summit
June 9-10, 2013 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Registration opens on February 1, 2013!
Print brochure will be mailed the first week of February. Watch your mailbox or 
Early Bird Discount
2013 Energizing Summit in Los Angeles
June 9-10, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel LAX 


Registration opens February 1, 2013 

Early Bird Discount 20% off
good through February 28.


             Register for classes at  and SAVE!

                   ABCH Certified Members $200 Early Bird ($250 regular)

                   Non ABCH Members  $240 Early Bird ($300 regular)


145 separate classes, including 20 hands-on courses, conducted by 46 educators.   
Hotel discounted room rates of $115 if attendees book their room by May 16th.  Call 310-641-5700 to make room reservations and mention you are attending the Energizing Summit or you can book online at the Marriott Hotel LAX.
2013 ABCH Examination Dates
                                      CHICAGO                      MARCH 10

                                      DENVER                        APRIL 21

                                      L.A.                                JUNE 23

                                      DALLAS                         JULY 14

                                      BOSTON                        AUGUST 18

                                      SEATTLE                       SEPTEMBER 8

                                      WASHINGTON DC       OCTOBER 13

                                      ATLANTA                      NOVEMBER 3


2013 Energizing Summit Educator introductions continue:
Aura Mae
Working with Direct Dyes


Since the early 1990's Aura Mae has been working heavily with direct dyes. Her salon is known for incorporating crayon colors into looks that work for regular clients, not just kids and rock stars. She will show you how she does it and will also display test results of colors from different manufacturers so you can compare them side by side for color, shine and durability. If this photo of Aura Mae wasn't B&W, you would see her passion for bold color!

Misael Aponte
The Art Of Color And Movement
Misael Aponte has thrilled audiences far and wide. He has always been inspired by creativity and the intrinsic rewards received through education. His keen eye for the blending of haircolors make his class very special and exciting. 
Misael's unique approach of color placement makes dimensional haircolor more understandable . Using color to accentuate or defuse features of the face require the eyes of an artist. He can teach this to you. You will leave this class excited to go back to the salon to use his methods for coloring hair. Don't miss his class!! 
David Velasco
The Secrets of a Haircolor Expert
 David Velasco is a haircolorists' haircolorist. He speaks to you in a language you can understand. This class will cover the most important aspects of coloring hair from a veteran of haircoloring.  
There are very few haircolorists who have the ability to write what they do. David has written a series of books on all aspects of haircoloring. He is truly a haircolor expert. You can take what he says and put it in the bank.  
Come to this class with any question you have about haircolor and he will answer it for you in a clear, concise manner. This is a golden opportunity to hear a true haircolor icon.
Andi Makowski
Bumping the Base


Whether you call it bumping the base, breaking the base or any other names that are circulating through the haircolor community, it is in need of clarification. Armed with swatches galore, Andi Makowski will clear up any misconceptions you may have about this highly useful skill. If it is performed in isolation or used in conjunction with another service, it is a service that is required as part of your haircolor arsenal. When taking this class you will leave with a full knowledge and formulations to execute "BUMPING THE BASE".  
Andi has been board-certified for over 6 years and also acts as an Evaluator. She has embraced the ABCH curriculum and has a no nonsense approach to teaching bumping the base.
Leo Lapierre Master of Ceremony and educator
Let me Help You Succeed


From the lips of a distributor who witnesses failure of salons on a weekly basis, Leo Lapierre has the answers if you only listen. Don't worry he won't call on you. He is not trolling for customers; he just has a burning desire to help salons survive in these turbulent times. Let him tell you how to get the most from your distributor. 
This class will focus on your color skills and how to make more money.  Learn the seven ways to increase sales, the two ways to increase profits, the two things that motivate everyone and the two biggest service mistakes that cause customers not to return. Learn to overcome the fear of raising prices. Making money is great, keeping more of it is better.  
We are honored to welcome Leo Lapierre as the Master of Ceremony of the 2013 Energizing Summit. Attend the General Assembly on Sunday 8 a.m. to kick off the premiere haircolor education event in America!
Definition of Bumping the Base- Online Survey Part 2
Sincere thanks to those who participated in the Bump the Base Survey. The survey is now closed and the results are open to the public if you wish to access the responses. Results link.
The follow-up survey to help ABCH define the Bump the Base service is now ready. 
If you currently use the bump the base service in your salon, you are invited to share your experience and opinion in the  Bump the Base survey- part 2. You will also be emailed a separate Part 2 survey link.

Andre is concerned...


It seems far-fetched that OSHA would investigate salons for violations of workplace hazards, but they are. Just ask Don Westbrook of Elon salon in Marietta Georgia. 

OSHA entered his salon without warning and promptly fined him $12,000 for allowing his

 staff to mix haircolor without proper equipment. It turns out you are to wear a mask, goggles and gloves before mixing any haircolor. Needless to say Westbrook objected and eventually 

OSHA lowered the fine to $1,200; but they required 

Westbrook to provide all of the equipment necessary for his staff to mix haircolor.


So a supply of gloves, goggles and masks are on hand and a sign is posted to remind his staff to use all the necessary equipment. 

OSHA reminded Westbrook that if he violates their rules, he could receive fines amounting to as much as $70,000. Don surmises that with construction slowing down, OSHA has nothing to do so they have to justify their existence by finding new sources of revenue. Let's hope construction picks up. 

Lowlights from the Editor   
Knowing your competition is part of a successful business plan.
Remember the article in 2012 about
Sadly, this growing competitor of every salon in America has a pretty darn good website with content that entertains the general public with blog articles, fashion trends, and styling tips. Unfortunately, they also include info about corrective color such as "colorfill" for going darker. Even worse, they suggest that if you need to lighten artificial haircolor to use a drugstore color removal product! Their other lightening suggestion ..."just do the regrowth (lighter) and let the ends of your hair gradually fade to match"... could send clients crying to your chair! 
Does your website/online content attract the interest of new clients?
You have no control over what the other guy does. You only have control over what you do.  ~ 
A. J. Kitt

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