ABCH Survey

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experience and knowledge about the haircolor service known as "Bumping the Base". 

Discussions among ABCH Evaluators revealed a huge discrepancy in the definition, formulation and procedure for this service. There are many methods to reach a desired haircolor and we wish to reach a consensus of opinion for a procedure that is both efficient and preserves the integrity of the hair.

The American Board of Certified Haircolorists mission statement lists among the top goals, the standardization of the haircolor terminology. If we as a professional industry can all speak the same language, we will earn greater respect from our salon clients. 

Your answers and comments in this Bumping the Base survey will assist in establishing the ABCH standards for this haircolor service.
Thank you for sharing your time, experience and haircolor knowledge through this ABCH survey. Please watch for the results to the Bumping the Base survey in a future 2013 ABCH Highlights newsletter.

Andre Nizetich