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November  2012

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Help for Hair Loss
Fighting Slow Economy
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Atlanta Exam Results
 Congratulations to the newest 13 ABCH!

There were slightly less candidates taking the examination in Atlanta than in years past. Atlanta still holds the record though for the most candidates at a single examination with 57 candidates in 1998, which is more than twice as many that signed up for this year's examination. Congratulations to the thirteen colorists who diligently prepared for and conquered this arduous certification exam!The evaluators were Bridget Davis, Jay Marshlick, Courtney vonBerg and Vice President, Tamara Dahill.

Our sincere apology to Christina Cross, who passed the ABCH certification exam in Washington, D. C. in October but whose name was omitted in the last newsletter. Congratulations, Christina!
 American Board of 
Certified Haircolorists  

That's All Folks! The Atlanta exam concludes 

the ABCH Certification examinations for 2012. 


Total new ABCH 2012- 92

      Total ABCH members- 1,678

Help for Hair Loss

A preliminary German study recently treated 16 men showing early stage baldness with a rub-on application of Latanoprost, similar to Latisse, the popular eyelash growth stimulator, which produced promising results. Over 50% of the men had visible hair density increases in the areas where latanoprost was applied. 

25% also noted a slight darkening of their hair, as well as some temporary redness in the treated areas. Thankfully, the irritation is temporary, but the darkening could be a benefit. Darker hair is perceived as thicker since the light is absorbed.
A clinical trial for treating hair loss in women is currently testing bimatoprost (active ingredient in Latisse.) "I think this group of molecules, prostaglandin analogues, might also be of potential interest to women, but we have to wait for further confirmation of their effectiveness.," says author Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, dermatology professor in Berlin.
Since darkening hair color is a side effect of this growth stimulator, perhaps future studies can harness this chemical & physiological reaction for cosmetic use or to interrupt the graying hair color cycle. This is a realistic goal since Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, originated as a heart medication with the side effect of hair growth. 

Fighting the Sluggish Economy
There are lots of ways to improve your skills, including in-salon workshops, webinars, and the ABCH Energizing Summit. Another way to combat this sluggish economy is through strategic marketing of your haircolor business. Every salon and stylist in America is looking to increase clientele and dollars spent, especially since clients tend to stretch the time between their appointments to accommodate their tighter beauty budgets. Identify the current demographic of your salon or clientele and use this to drive your marketing tactics.
Target markets:
Whether you already have them as clients or are seeking to attract them into your salon, here are a couple of target markets and what they might like:
Teens: They often have discretionary income since they live at home. 
Try tester products in the salon and offer samples to take home!
Affluent households: Try salon events such as jewelry trunk shows,
 wine & cheese tasting, or fashion shows.
 Cross promote with a local company to save on cost.
Make a Statement:
Be memorable and become a destination salon.
*  Provide a strong retail area with tester products where possible.
*  Create a color bar to show off your haircolor mixology expertise!
*  Use a conversation starter, like a True Mirror.
*  Offer a unique service like a personal color palette system.
*  Showcase a signature piece of art or allow local artists to show their work in your salon. 
Andre is concerned....  


Allen Edwards closed his last salon saying it just is not worth it any more. Strong words coming from a celebrity hairstylist famous for designing the hair of Farah Fawcett and many other Hollywood Celebrities. "Booth rental is the ruination of our industry," says Edwards. "We invest thousands of dollars in a business and give people a nice place to work... The booth renters come to work make a mess and go home with a pocket full of money leaving their mess behind. This booth renter thing has gone way too far."  

Many salon owners feel this way and this is the reason Andre also says that booth renting is eroding the salon industry. Often (but not always) the salon owners who booth rent are not interested in training and building new employees with clients, which is very expensive with no chance of getting a return on their investment.Things may get worse in the salon industry before they get better. Some larger salon owners will switch to booth rental to avoid the Obamacare requirement to provide health insurance. 

What might be the answer?  We need more ABCH certified haircolorists who are also salon owners. These owners can offer mentoring to talented new stylists so they can quickly improve their coloring skills and knowledge to become successful members of the team. Our certification results show that booth rental salons who study together to pass the ABCH exam as a team have a healthier salon culture to show for their efforts.

Meanwhile, celebrity salons like Allen Edwards' and so many other salons continue to fade into the night, but Allen is not giving up. He will take a small space and work alone. Sadly, all of his employees have to find a new salon, as well. Allen Edwards will be a guest speaker at the 2013 Energizing Summit.


Lowlights from the Editor   
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