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October  2012

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Washington D.C. Exam Results
 Congratulations to the newest ABCH!


The Washington DC examination was this year's largest for 2012. There were 34 candidates who studied hard and did their very best. There were 3 who tied for the high score of 123 out of  a possible 130. Ekaterina Noda received a perfect score in the interactive no easy feat. Kayla Hinzman received a high score for the written examination. We netted a whopping 18 new ABCH's  the candidates will move on to reap the reward for all of their hard work.  

All of the examinations had reduced numbers this year. Can we continue to blame the economy or are there other reasons people who are struggling with haircolor do not take the time to become Board Certified?  It has proven to be the very best thing you can do for your haircolor career. If there is anyone out there who is uncertain about taking the examination because you don't know what it can do for you, do this-go to the website and go to "find a haircolorist." There you will find a list of ABCH members. Select one and call to ask, "What has becoming certified done for you?" Let them give you their story, then we can expect to see you at an exam site in the future. Evaluators for this examination were Tamara Dahill, Courtney vonBerg, Bridget Davis, Charles Traina, Ginger Jacobellis, and Paul Morrison.

American Board of 
Certified Haircolorists  
Upcoming Certification Exams: 

Atlanta, GA   November 11, 2012
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Courtney vonBerg, ABCH, of Nashville Tennessee, has discovered a way to entice clients into the salon. It's a simple enough formula. You find a client who thinks they can't afford to have their hair colored and you do it FREE! That's right free. The selection of the client is important, since it works best with someone who is in front of lots of people-teachers, nurses, clothing and shoe store employees. Giving Nancy this makeover netted no less than 6 new haircolor clients.  

"One other thing- they must be able to come in during your slow time," says Courtney. Many first time haircolors can be expensive, a lot more than the maintenance of the color. Such is the case with Nancy, Courtney's model. Nancy works for the city in child protective services. Courtney notes, "Sometimes you need to give a little love and attention to someone just because you can. Nancy's a well deserving lady and it was an amazing uplift for both of us. This color makeover changed her on the inside, too."


Here's Courtney's formulas: Level 9 color with 20 volume at the scalp, 40 volume on the mid-shaft and ends, same application. Shampoo, dry and highlight with foil and powder bleach. Courtney plans on maintaining the color using level 9 and 30 volume for the retouches, with the highlights added every third retouch. Is this beautiful or what? 

Courtney has taught several classes at the Energizing Summit, "Mastering Undertones" and "ABCH Performance Exam Simplified" (with Jay Marshlick.) Courtney is also an ABCH Exam Evaluator. 



 Randy Hegstrom is a small distributor in Maine. He has put 

together a small show for his clients. He is fashioning his show after the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, Energizing Summit, the once a year event held in Los Angeles. Randy has several educational events during the year where he will invite someone in to educate. Whatever is being taught, it is done in generic fashion. 

Randy says,"It is amazing how much more people learn when you do not include selling products. We completely separate educating and selling. My customers really appreciate it". Sounds like it will be a great event. 

For more information on this event in Portland, Maine call 

207-478-4930 or visit  

Best of Beauty in Allure

I know that most of you enjoy fashion magazines as much as I do, since it is a great way to keep up with new styles, celebrity news, and up-to-date on topics that our clients want to discuss. The October issue of Allure is amazing! 245 Best of Beauty products, 18 product breakthroughs and several great articles- Millionaire Hair and my favorite, Portrait of an Artist- Kevin Aucoin (miss him!.)

Two important product reviews with new technology- Finesse Color Lock Mousse and

 Hairspray and a Coolway flatiron system.

While Finesse is not a professional product and so not found in salons,  their new technology is intriguing. We know water is haircolor's biggest threat and shampoo/conditioners can help reduce fading but Finesse scientists identified that surfactants reduce surface tension of water, making it easier for water to penetrate and cause fadage. Adding color protective polymers to the styling products provides a barrier already in place before you enter the shower. The polymer coating washes away by the end of the washing process to avoid build-up. This color-locking polymer even claims to protect tough to hold red haircolors. If this technology really works, we will see it in professional products soon.

Coolway flatirons only heat the hair to 299 degrees but with the Coolway system, they apparently achieve great results with less thermal damage. They do not even call it a flatiron- they call it an AutoSense Styler! Their engineers knew that heat damage comes after the moisture in the hair evaporates when the high heat begins to degrade the cuticle. Inspired by golf course wetting agents, their pre-styling spray reduces surface tension of water allowing water to penetrate deeper and more evenly. A specially designed scanner in the flatiron measures the hair's texture and moisture content and the humidity in the air to calculate the lowest temperature iron needed to smooth hair that day! So the flatiron temperature would automatically change if the person using it was in humid coastal weather one day and then in dry desert weather the next. Company sponsored clinical studies show the Coolway system (spray & tool used together) strengthened hair more that 300%, reduced breakage by 75% and reduced frizz by 50%. This equipment is also not considered professional and is sold only through their website with a monthly program to ship you replacement product. Again, if his technology really works, we will see it in professional equipment soon.


In the last newsletter's article about clients' scalps being burned, Andre indicated it was bad for schools to graduate more students that salon owners can train.  As a result, we have new graduates who don't know the dangers of bleach that are becoming independent booth renters.  This is a response to those who chastised him for saying booth renters are bad for the industry.  

Like everything there is good and bad, I understand that.  I was one of those salon owners who trained and helped build many stylists' careers over the years.I trained and built, trained and built, trained and built, again and again.  When they leave your salon to rent a booth after they have been educated at the salon's expense, the salon never recovers the cost.  After a while you say screw this I am going to convert to booth rental and not train anymore.  Now I ask you, if what happened to me happens over and over, who is going to train?If the renter goes home with all of their money in their pocket, there is no money left for the salon owner with all of the salon bills to pay.  Now the salon owner has to take his earnings to help pay the expenses: utilities, building expenses, insurance, property taxes. This is what is wrong with booth renting.  So you booth renters, be kind to the owners. They are providing you with a place to work, and are left with all of the headaches.   Love,  Andre
Lowlights from the Editor   

Marketing Tip series: Promote your career and make the most out of your ABCH certification. 

The next marketing idea to want to share with you is the knowledge about how advertising works in general. Just because you open your own salon or lease your own station, does not automatically mean that clients will line up at the door. Just because you became ABCH Board Certified and are a fabulous haircolorist also does not guarantee a full appointment book. You still need to promote your career, in print ads, online ads, word-of-mouth, social media, community events.

The Courtney's beautiful makeover on Nancy, shown above, is another example of smart marketing. Not only was this beautiful makeover good for business, but worthy of a huge karma deposit as well. Give back to your community whenever possible and good things will come back to you.

Fun Factoid Found Online (Science World)- 

You grow 121 feet of hair every day.

The average hair on your head grows at a rate of 0.4-0.5 mm/day and that there are approximately 90,000 to 140,000 hairs actively growing on the average head.  Do some simple math and you can see that the average person grows a lot of hair over the course of a day! 

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