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September 2012

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               American Board                           of
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  June 9-10, 2013 

Boston Rocks the Certification Exam with 18 New ABCH! 

                                Congratulations to the newest ABCH

It is always a delight when we have such an outstanding group of haircolorists turn out for the examination. We tested 26 candidates at the Hilton at the Boston Logan Airport. The evaluators were in awe over the quality of the work. Eighteen candidates passed the certification exam but several more who did not pass, missed by only just a few points. Overall, Boston produced an exceptional group with outstanding results. Congratulations on your success after all that hard work! 

Thanks goes out to the evaluators for the Boston examination: Charles Traina, Ginger Jacobellis, Lisa Kelley and Brenda Amaral, with team captain Tamara Dahill.  

American Board of 
Certified Haircolorists  
Upcoming Certification Exams: 
Seattle, WA    Sept 9, 2012
Washington D.C.   October 7, 2012
Atlanta, GA   November 11, 2012
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The ABCH Advertising Program

National advertising for certified colorists

The ABCH advertising program, available only for board certified haircolorists, offers your name listed in over 25 full-page color ads in a variety of the most popular hairstyle magazines on the consumer market. The ads will appear over the next calendar year in hairstyle media magazines available across America. You are identified by name and state as one of an elite group of haircolorists.  Your info will also be listed on the ABCH website. 

     $325 advertising (ABCH certified only)

  • 25 full-page ads in national hairstyle magazines
  • September 15, 2012 to August 31, 2013
  • Receive a set of ABCH decals indicating you are a Board Certified Haircolorist, if you get your money into the ABCH office by September 15th.


This kind of thing is scary and it can happen to you. There are bleaches that should not be placed under heat to speed up the processing. These bleaches contain Sodium Meta-silicate, a chemical that when mixed with water produces heat on its own. When used with heat the temperate shoots up to boiling and can burn the scalp. Thinking the scalp is free from burning because the bleach is between foils is a mistake. This is not a chemical burn, it is caused by heat. So whose fault is it if one of your clients receives a burn on her scalp? The manufacturers should be placing on the package in big red letters, DO NOT PLACE YOUR CLIENT UNDER HEAT WITH THIS BLEACH. But the manufacturers will not put this warning on their packaging because they are afraid the haircolorist will not use the bleach, particularly if other bleaches do not have such warning. 

At the 2013 Summit, we will have Tom Maricich a professor of chemical sciences lecture and demonstrate the hazards of bleaches which contain Sodium Meta-silicate. He is an expert witness for many cases that involve burned scalp. 

The Reality of Apprenticeship


Salon owners have not yet grasped the idea of apprenticeship as a means of developing staff. There are salons who created a process of educating untrained people from the beginning into the salon's philosophy, culture and techniques. Don Westbrook, salon owner in Murietta, Georgia, has embraced the concept of apprenticeship and his salon is buzzing along at a 4 million a year pace. According to Don, "I like the idea of training my own people rather than having someone else training them for me. I end up having to retrain them if they go to beauty school and that takes much longer".  

In the weeks following the passing of Vidal Sassoon, We gave a lot of thought to his accomplishments in the hair industry. In England, apprentices are employees and often the salon is subsidized by government for providing training for a career. Could Vidal have achieved all that he did and put together his world famous team if he had to hire only beauty school graduates ?

We put this question to Tony Beckerman, one of Vidal's first team members. He replied, "That would have been impossible, we gelled together as a group immediately and fully accepted the Vidal concept. That's all we knew and his success speaks for itself." 

North American Trend Vision Awards 
From North America, there were 900 
entries vying for four finalist positions in this haircolor competition sponsored by Wella USA. Finalists were chosen from 900 photos submitted to the company in July. Eight stylists made it to the finalist round for the Young Talent USA category. 
Kelsey Deuel won FIRST PLACE, 
taking home the gold, for Trend Vision 2012--Young Talent. This is a huge accolade for a young woman who has only been doing hair, professionally,for a little over 18 months!
Pat Helmandollar, ABCH, 
owner of Savvy Salon mentored 
Kelsey Deuel on her winning entry.
Lowlights from the Editor  


Over the next few newsletters, as promised, I will suggest new marketing ideas to help promote your career and make the most out of your ABCH certification. 


Mentoring works, as noted by Pat and Kelsey's story above. Try including ABCH curriculum to salon workshops and staff meetings to promote continuing education. All ABCH certified stylists are invited to contact me (email below), not the ABCH office, to request the class outline for my "ABCs of ABCH" Summit class. 

Whether or not ABCH certification is a career goal for each stylist, encourage all stylists to use the ABCH curriculum knowledge to become better haircolorists. 


Write to me... I love getting email and talking to other stylists about haircolor! USE subject line: ABCH


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