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mid-August 2012

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The ABCH Advertising Program

National advertising for certified colorists


You set the goal and passed the ABCH certification exam. It can be a plaque on the wall and a line item on your resume, or you can take full advantage of the marketing opportunities that ABCH certification provides.

The ABCH advertising program, available only for board certified haircolorists, offers your name listed in over 25 full-page color ads in several of the most popular hairstyling magazines on the consumer market. The full-page ads will appear over the next calendar year in hairstyle magazines available in grocery stores and bookstores across America. You are identified by name and state as one of an elite group of haircolorists who cannot only create any beautiful haircolor but also fix any haircolor problem.

ABCH members will soon receive invoices for this advertising program. Same rates as last year, only $325 for advertising in 25 full-page ads that run from September 15, 2012 to August 31, 2013.

Get your money into the ABCH office by September 15 and receive a set of ABCH decals indicating you are a Board Certified Haircolorist. One decal is for your mirror and the other is for the front window. Another benefit to stylists in the advertising program is access to the new "Case History File." There are 128 actual salon clients that have before and after photographs. Go to our website and have a look at the first phase of this wonderful educational tool.

Andre reports...

Sally Beauty Supply Not a Corner Beauty Supply Anymore


  While in Dallas administering the examination, I drove to Denton, Texas, the home base of Sally Beauty Supply. What a home base! It is in the biggest part of Denton and boasts 900 employees in the home office alone.



Timing was a big part of the success of Sally. They came into their own when they saw the coming booth rental craze in the '80s. They recognized the booth renters needed a place to purchase their goods, so as booth renting grew so did Sally. The big distributors did not want to bother with going into a salon and taking orders for individual booth renters who were never around when the orders arrived COD. So they ceased to doing business with booth renters and Sally screamed, " WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS".

They now have 2,700 stores in 10 countries and adding more stores every week. In the U.S. Sally Beauty Supply became a household name. Years ago, hairdressers would not be caught dead going to Sally, especially since they also sell to the public. Now hairdressers make up 50% of their business. 

Case History Files

on the ABCH Website


The first phase of the Case History file is in place with what we call the "Introduction," and includes 128 case histories, 8 on a page, with just a sentence expressing their desire for correcting or being introduced to haircolor. The clients are simply being introduced in this first phase. The next phase is the "Consultation." This phase will go into details of the discussion between the client and the haircolorist, revealing both the technique and the formula. All of the formulas are provided in generic terms. The next two phases will be the "Learning pages" and the "Technique pages". These sections will include in detail what the consumer needs to know about haircolor and defines the various parts of haircoloring. There are recommendations on which colors can be done at home, and which haircolors need a professional to complete the service. There are only seven case histories shown that can be handled at home. The "Results" section will show the haircolor completed. This will be the last portion of the "Case History" file and there will be a small fee to have access to all of this valuable information. The entire Case History file will be completed by the end of the year. Check out this newest learning tool on the ABCH website:    case history files

Coloring Curly Hair

In recent years, texture services have returned to salon service menus as well as new texture smoothing treatments. Both services require advanced knowledge to deal with the increased porosity and compromised structure. However, curly hair needs specialized techniques and formulations due to the three dimensional curly shape and how it reflects light differently.

Clients want color tailored to enhance their hair's natural texture and beauty. They know their own unique texture and expect their stylists to feel comfortable and confident in working with it.

"In our multicultural world, clients can have many types of hair textures ranging from waves, curls and kinks," say Matrix Artistic Directors Brian and Sandra Smith. "You must consider amount of curl, curl pattern, porosity, condition and whether hair has been chemically treated before highlighting textured hair," say the Smiths.

  1. Curly hair often appears less shiny and healthy because the cuticle is more raised and the twists and turns of the hair strands only reflect light from the arcs of the curls. Because of this, avoid using flat shades on curly hair, which will result dull color and minimize shine.
  2. Know how to analyze and color texture. Examine the texture, porosity, condition, and color possibilities before the color service.
  3. Always rinse and shampoo hair with cool water. This helps close the cuticle and prevent color fading.
  4. Use care when coloring and lightening curly hair due to potential damage to the weaker areas along the strands. It's a good idea to apply deep conditioner prior to and after coloring curly hair.
  5. To keep hair in tip-top shape and prevent excessive fading, recommend a personal hair care regimen with specific shampoo and conditioners for color-treated hair.
Lowlights from the Editor  


Over the next few newsletters, I will suggest new marketing ideas to help promote your career and make the most out of your ABCH certification. I fully support the ABCH Advertising Program as a good investment into your career. Like all advertising, you have use it in conjunction with your other promotions. To potential clients, "Did you see our ad?" In local press releases about your salon, "As seen in Celebrity Hairstyles magazine..."

Just as building a new salon does not mean clients will line up at your door, placing an ad will not guarantee that your phone will ring off the hook. Advertising will help to brand your salon as a source of quality haircolor services as well as an advantageous distinction among your competition. You have to work the program. Sign up now and get noticed.


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