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August 2012

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 Dallas, TX Exam Nets 4 New ABCHs

Congratulations to all of our new board certified haircolorists! Success and gratification after so many months of preparation and study! 

The turnout was low with only 11 people that signed up for the Certification Examination and then only 4 candidates passed all three portions of the exam. However, there were a lot of bright spots from the various candidates and many will follow up on the sections they missed. 

Highest scores:

Performance Exam    Tracy Llamado: 120

Written Exam           Tex Martin:  222

Interactive Exam       Lorna Sanchez Agredo: 47 


As mentioned last month, the ABCH Board of Directors introduced a new policy that allows the candidate who fails the written examination the first time to retake the examination online. This saves the candidate the travel expense of going to an evaluator or Board member to have the exam administered.  
American Board of 
Certified Haircolorists Exam
Next Certification Exam: 
Boston, MA August 19, 2012
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Marketing a product for bumping the base with a one-size-fits-all approach is about selling a product that isn't really needed. Goldwell's New Blonde product, Base Lifting Cream, promises "neutral results without brassiness - on every tone level with just one product, can be used on base levels 5-9 and lifts up to 1 1/2 levels depending on hair type." This type of claim is setting less experienced haircolorists up for failure or at least a surprise.


Bumping the base is an exact science and it is not necessary to have a separate a product. You can use your existing color line. There are four elements to consider when providing this service:

 *  the volume of peroxide - 5 to 20 volume

 *  the level of color used - 8 to 12

 *  the time the mixture is on the hair - 5 to 10 minutes

 *  Most importantly - consider the natural haircolor category

The warmer undertones of a (W) Warm Brown category requires a different formation and/or technique than if the client is in the (S) Soft Brown (natural blonde) category. Sometimes you first bump the base before highlighting so you do not diminish the brightness of the hair that's been bleached. Other times, you may want to lift and add tone to diminish the contrast between the natural hair and the highlights. There are many variables when it comes to bumping the base.

You should not rely solely on a manufacturer's education to further your haircoloring skills and knowledge. The ABCH curriculum provides the knowledge for haircolorists to effectively evaluate new haircolor products and their claims, then make informed decisions, and create insightful formulations, thereby using the professional products successfully.

Andre Nizetich had an occasion to discuss the possibility of becoming a consultant for a hair color manufacturer. During the interview, the interviewer stated more than once that American Board Certified Haircolorists should be selling a product, not just haircolor education. Andre has always voiced his strong opinion that you cannot learn haircolor from a manufacturer, but you certainly will learn how to stock up a lot of haircolors. 


Andre reports...



It is amazing that in spite of the depressed economy that the Cosmoprof show increased the number of exhibitors by 100 plus. Although salon owners struggling, the manufacturers, distributors and beauty schools continue to prosper. That's because those segments of the beauty industry no longer depend on the salons to sell their wares. Schools graduate more students even though so many new stylists struggle to find salon positions. On the other hand, the manufacturers sell their suds to drug stores and out of work hairdressers.

There is still a strong presence of hair extensions and hair straighteners at Cosmoprof. What was missing on the show floor - demonstrations of any kind. Scissors have faded into the sunset along with perm rods and feathers. China and Korea had a strong presence on the show floor, along with Brazil. The Exhibitors must have had a difficult time knowing who their audience is with both distributors and hairdressers in attendance. They had to play close attention to the badges they were wearing!

The Saturday evening honoring George Schaffer of OPI fame was a sell out with some top-notch entertainment. The entrants of the NAHA awards presented some fantastic looks.  A look at the winners and finalists.  

INOA Haircolor Re-launch


The so-called haircolor of the future has already faded into the past. After the multi-million dollar launch of INOA, "Haircolor of the Future," it is time to give it another go, this time in traditional tubes. This product re-launch makes using the haircolor simpler and you don't have to attend a special class to learn how to mix haircolor and peroxide. The bad news is that is going to be just as expensive.

L'Oreal is not going to let Goldwell have the most expensive professional haircolor. We'll just have to wait to see if this new product lives up to the techno-hype and luxury price point.

2012 Summer Olympics in London


The Olympics are sporting events so it is no wonder that the majority of the competing athletes wear their hair in very utilitarian styles. Their primary objective is to control hair strands, while offering a clean polished image. Most of the women wear slicked back ponytails with very few bangs on display. No short gymnast haircuts like past Olympians Dorothy Hamill or Mary Lou Retton. 

The four athletes shown above come from around the globe and seek distinction through more than their physical performance. They are fashion statements! Venus and Sharhar demonstrate to the world their national pride.

Lowlights from the Editor  


Katy B and Mark Ronson in Coca Cola video Move to the Beat. Katy B's beautiful red wavy hair is amazingly vibrant

and Mark is workin' that pompador and shades. I love how the athletes were integrated into this music video.


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