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June  2012     

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David Velasco
Thia Spearing
Misael Aponte
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Maintaining Highlighted Hair
Keratin Treatment Survey
Top Job or Skewed Stats?
Emmylou Harris
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There is still a great selection of classes and talented educators to share, educate, and inspire you. Classes are still available but space is limited.

 to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit
June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel
Non-ABCH Member $300
ABCH Member $250
LAX Marriott Hotel reservations call(310) 641-5700  
The Secrets of a Haircolor Expert
                                                                                   David Velasco
This class will cover the most important aspects of coloring hair from a veteran of haircoloring. David Velasco is a haircolorists' haircolorist. That is to say he speaks to you in a language you can understand. There are very few haircolorists who have the ability to write what they do. David has written a series of books on his trade secrets of haircoloring. He is truly a haircolor expert. Come to this class with any question you have about haircolor and he will answer it for you in a clear, concise manner. David's classes are almost full but there is still space available.
Haircolor 1-2-3
Thia Spearing    

When you apply the system of Haircolor 1-2-3, you will show each client their special qualities, fire up your artistic brain cells and see every client as a beautiful work of art. You will learn to select the perfect color and create harmonious formulations for each individual based on an easy to understand system. You will learn:

*  How skin tones relate to primary colors and how to see them.

*  How the correct value adds richness and framing.

*  Saturated vs complex colors and understanding eye color.

*  Techniques to enhance any color type.

*  Marketing yourself as a Color Artist.

Set yourself apart from the salons in your community and enjoy more success as a Color Artist. 

The Art Of Color And Movement
Misael Aponte  

Misael Aponte has thrilled audiences far and wide. He has always been inspired by creativity and the intrinsic rewards received through education. His keen eye for the blending of haircolors make his class very special and exciting. Misael's unique approach of color placement, the revolutionary Veils, Curtains and DrapesŪ color-placement technique, makes dimensional haircolor more understandable. Using color to accentuate or defuse features of the face require the eyes of an artist. He can teach this to you. You will leave this class excited to go back to the salon to use his methods for coloring hair. Don't miss his class!!

Next Certification Exam

Los Angeles, CA.  June 24, 2012


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The natural blonde category, (S) Soft Brown, can average around 50% of your total color clientele and the Warm Brown (W) category averages 35%. Both categories LOVE their highlights, so the knowledge and skill needed to maintain highlighted hair in a healthy condition it vital to your success. This requires a special skill that is seldom taught.

Heidi Mittelstadt, assisted by Kim Bregal, are the instructors for a hands-on Energizing Summit class, 'Preserving Your Clients Highlighted Hair', on how apply bleach touch-ups on highlighted hair and prevent unwarranted damage or excess blonde build up. Specially designed mannequins with dark roots to simulate re-growth patterns are available in the hands-on portion. Heidi includes props to help you to develop the rhythm that makes this task both manageable and memorable. A combination of the proper bleach, slender brush, and appropriate fill technique will lead to beautifully maintained highlighted hair. Since classes are small, you will receive individual attention. Don't miss the opportunity to take this informative class, 'Preserving Your Clients Highlighted Hair'. Register today,

Keratin Treatment Survey


Over 225 stylists responded to the keratin treatment survey that was emailed last week. There is still time to submit your survey answers, offer your opinion, and share your experiences with this still new and evolving chemical service.


Click here to take the Keratin Treatment survey.

TOP JOB or Skewed Statistics?


U.S. News & World Report has ranked hairdressing as one of the most desired positions for 2012. Some beauty schools were quick to use this statistic in their advertising. It is understandable that they want to keep a constant flow of students but they need to give them all of the facts.

Hairdressing ranks #44 in a list of 50 comparable social services jobs. (link to report)

US News & World Report describes what the job is like, "Hairdressers are charged with making clients happy with their personal appearance ...there are times when the job can be more stressful than others, particularly if a patron is displeased with the final results. Conversely, that also means the job has substantial rewards...Happy clients also translate into larger tips and more referrals for business.

This is an appropriate assessment. However, the article goes on to compare the Average Hairdresser Pay vs. All Social Services Jobs, "Hairdressers are the only professionals of our ranked Best Social Services Jobs that work for tips. But even with that extra income, they're one of the lowest-paid professions on our list. They have a salary that's comparable with security guards and sports coaches. Recreation and fitness workers are also often charged with helping to improve a client's physical appearance (for example, a fitness trainer or a Pilates instructor), and they make approximately $8,330 more per year than the average hairdresser."

Reality check - According to the Department of Labor, hairdressers made an average salary of $22,760 in 2010-including tips. The best-paid 10 percent in the profession made approximately $41,540, while the lowest-paid made approximately $16,350.

Highest hairdresser salaries are earned in these U.S. cities: Santa Fe, NM; Sherman, TX; Boulder, CO; Seattle, WA; and Anderson, SC.

Emmylou Harris - A Silver Vixen

            early 1980s                       late 1990s                       today             

Emmylou Harris is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Early in her career, her signature long dark hair reflected the casual folk music/country style popular in the '70s. Emmylou is probably a B-3 natural category since her long dark hair lightened only to dark reddish tones and not the warmer caramel tones of a W category. Notice how well Emmylou's silver gray hair compliments her skin tone.

Find out more about natural haircolor categories and the characteristics of how this category feels about their gray hair in the Summit class, Mastering Undertones, taught by Bridget Davis. Valuable information about the challenges of coloring gray hair will be found in the Summit class, When Coloring Gray Hair, taught by Pamela Pacheco. There are two Summit classes that deal with choosing the correct haircolor for a client: Haircolor 1,2,3 by Thia Spearing and Haircolor to Enhance Face Shape by Mags Kavanaugh.

Lowlights from the Editor                                       
YIPEE!! California... here we come! 
Join us for a cocktail party on Saturday evening at 7 pm, hosted by Karen Anne Vinson and Della Ricca Salon. Mingle and socialize to celebrate the 12th Annual Energizing Summit.
The incredibly popular Color Forum on Sunday afternoon has been expanded yet again - two panels: business and science as well as  a longer time allotment! Grab a beverage, change into comfy shoes and bring all of your beauty industry questions to pose to our double panel of experts.
Bring your camera to the Energizing Summit and take lots of pics. We are looking for photos to publish in Highlights!    USE subject line: ABCH                 Certifiably yours, 


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