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May  2012     

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There is still a great selection of classes and talented educators to share, educate, and inspire you. Hands-on classes are still available but space is limited.

 to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit
June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel
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Keep Uncle Sam Out of Your Pocket!
                                                                                       Larry Kopsa
By working with 100's of salons and spas, Larry Kopsa, CPA, has found that many salon owners are overpaying on their taxes because they don't realize the deductions they are missing. In this program, Larry, will teach you the basics of taxes, what deductions you may be missing, and how to keep more money in your pocket. The combination of his practical knowledge from being a former salon owner, combined with the financial skills of a Certified Public Accountant provides valuable resources to help solve problems and help salons and spas to have more money at the end of the month.  
Making money Big Time
 Leo Lapierre      

As a distributor who witnesses failure of salons on a weekly basis, Leo Lapierre has the answers if you only listen. He has a burning desire to help salons survive in these turbulent times. Let him tell you how to get the most from your distributor. This class will focus on your color skills and how to make more money. Learn the seven ways to increase sales, the two ways to increase profits, the two things that motivate everyone and the two biggest service mistakes that cause customers not to return. Learn to overcome the fear of raising prices. Making money is great, keeping more of it is better.

The Marriage of Cut and Color
Franco Marino  

This hands on class will teach you the creative aspects of haircolor as it relates to the finished look. The ability to visualize how the finished look will be affected by haircolor and how you can enhance your designs with haircolor. He will take you through step by step by demonstrating the color then giving you  the opportunity of duplicating the effect on your own mannequin. This is your opportunity to work with a great hair artist and be inspired by him. Franco has the teaching experience to convey his knowledge to you. Three hours have never gone by so fast.

There is a $15.00 surcharge for the mannequin in this class. You will be using artificial bleach and color for doing the color designs. You DO NOT keep the mannequin.

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Los Angeles, CA.  June 24, 2012


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"The Face of Cosmoprof in North America" is Daniela Ciocan and the title of an article in the June issue of Beauty Store Business magazine. Daniela works in both New York and Las Vegas as the marketing director for Cosmoprof North America (trade shows). 

During an interview for the magazine, Daniela was asked: 

What do you think is the beauty industry's biggest challenge right now? (A portion of her response) "...(what) puzzles me is the lack of claim testing in this day and age where consumers want results and performance; why not make the investment in supporting claims? Fewer than 10% of the total beauty products sold in the marketplace have testing in place to support their claims...Science-based beauty will be the path of our industry in the future. "

Thank you, Daniela! The American Board of Certified Haircolorists has performed repeated rounds of testing professional brand products for years! We are not an authorized laboratory using the strictest scientific procedures so ABCH also has called for more brands self-testing to support their advertising claims. This is especially important when advertising claims are presented as educational facts. Perhaps this article will encourage Consumer Reports to investigate professional beauty product claims and not just over-the-counter brands. 

Cosmetic Safety on Capitol Hill


In April, new legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives, the "Cosmetic Safety Amendments of 2012." This bill would modernize federal regulatory oversight of cosmetic and personal care-products. Also known as H.R. 4395, it calls for increased reporting and transparency by the industry and enhanced regulatory oversight without straining taxpayers' resources.

There is a real need for a modern regulatory process that keeps pace with product innovation. The federal legislative process is slow and changes to the bill are likely but we are encouraged by the introduction of this bill. for more info on H.R. 4395

Honoring Past Loved Ones


A mourning wreath is a wreath made almost entirely of human hair. During the Victorian era, death was common. When a loved one passed away, a piece of the deceased's hair was clipped, made into a beautiful flower design and place it in a wreath. The wreath would grow larger as more individuals would pass from the family. Eventually the wreath would form a horse shoe shape symbolizing ascending to heaven.

This form of dedication to the deceased is not popular anymore but as we have reported in previous newsletters, human hair has been added to resin products to form eye glasses, chairs, etc. 

What is next?

Breaking the Rules


There are many haircolorists who perform successful color services using professional products in a manner not consistent with manufacturer's directions. Most hairstylists would not admit this practice in print but celebrity stylist, Kim Vo, has no such reservations.

In a Behind The Chair  article, Kim Vo offers a formula to achieve the platinum blonde of Gwen Stefani. He recommends Clairol 7th Stage Cream Lightener + 40 volume developer + 5 packages of Sweet 'N Low on the scalp for 30 minutes before toning. Clairol's website states that this product should only be used with 20 volume or lower.

The Sweet n' Low trick has been around for a while and works well to combat the irritation that comes from higher volumes of peroxide, ammonia, or powder lightener. Andre Nizetich, president of ABCH, cautions that the use of the activators in a bleaching formula using 40 volume is when scalp irritation can become extreme. Andre should know, since he has served as a professional witness for a lawsuit involving misuse of bleach causing severe scalp burns. You have to know the rules in order to successfully break the rules. ABCH is dedicated to teaching you those rules.

Lowlights from the Editor                                       
I think this scissor cuff bracelet is SO cute! 
Do you wear items that show you are in the beauty industry? This was huge back in the '80s and '90s, then passe for a while except for t-shirts. 
Is this coming back? Should it?
Bring your camera to the Energizing Summit and take lots of pics. We are looking for photos to publish in Highlights!    USE subject line: ABCH                 Certifiably yours, 


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