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April  2012     

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Denver Exam Results
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Karen Anne Vinson
Lisa Kelley & Brenda Amaral
McGinnis Team
Mags Kavanaugh
DEADLINES- Energizing Summit
Tony Fanelli
Keratin Treatments
Exotic Transformations
Lowlights from the Editor

There is still a great selection of classes and talented educators to share, educate, and inspire you. Hands-on classes are still available but space is limited.

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ABCH Exam in Denver, April, 2012

A hardy group came to the examination site ready to be challenged. There were only 11 there to take the examination, only 5 emerged unscathed.  All, everyone of them said they will return to try again.  Most are coming to the Summit to expand their knowledge of haircolor.  Our generic education is so much different than what the manufacturers teach that it is hard to make the comparison. It is difficult to sell haircolor, and at the same try to educate - almost like mixing oil and water. If there is any doubt about the value of the ABCH certification process, go to our website  and click on "find a haircolorist."  Choose anyone in our listing, call them and ask if taking the examination was worthwhile. See what they say, then take the plunge.  It will change the way you view haircolor. 

Next Certification Exam

Los Angeles, CA.  June 24, 2012


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Journey to Building More Business
Karen Anne Vinson   

A Board Certified hair colorist since 1997, Karen Anne Vinson has created a game changing business that could alter the landscape of hair coloring as we know it. She explains her inspiration for thinking "inside the box" and the imminent paradigm shift we can expect to see as professionals. Unlock your potential as a hair colorist and help shape (and color) the future of our profession. Join Karen Anne as she unravels the boldest ideas the hair industry has seen since home hair color, pull your business up by the roots and learn how to get more clients asking for your color expertise.

Who REALLY Loves You?
Lisa Kelley & Brenda Amaral

Are you frustrated when your haircolor doesn't work for you? Its supposed to zig and it zags. It may not be you. Something we all need to know is how to formulate for better gray coverage and how to get softer more natural looking blondes. Find out why 80% of consumers color their own hair. Lisa and Brenda are aware of the latest technology in haircolor and what the manufacturers are doing to market this new technology to consumers. This is a great class! You'll laugh, you'll cry and you will come away a brighter, better haircolorist.
Hands-On Speed Foiling
McGinnis Team                     

This team of dedicated haircolorists have refined the process of placing foils in the hair. Let them teach you how you can save time and make the most money by embracing this fabulous method of foiling hair. This class is for the beginner as well as the haircolorist who is seeking to refine their skills in dimensional haircoloring. This class sells out every year, so register early.

A $45.00 charge will be assessed for the hair mannequin. At the conclusion of the class you may take the mannequin with you.

Haircolor to Enhance Face Shapes
Mags Kavanaugh  

Every now and then it happens, you may put just the right haircolor on someone that has that something special. You're not quite certain what you did, all you know is the haircolor looks fantastic. Well guess what, this class is going to explain what you did to create that special haircolor. Mags will explain what to do to get the perfect haircolor every time. This is a class that is perfected over time, but you need the tools to do it, she will provide you with those tools.  

This class has a $45.00 surcharge for the mannequin. At the conclusion of the class may take the mannequin with you.

Register to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit
June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel
   Non-ABCH Member $300
   ABCH Member $250 
  Hotel reservations  $112 per night (single or double)
  (310) 641 5700   Mention Energizing Summit
 You must make your hotel reservations before May 17, 2012 
Breakfast Educational Session  
$25 breakfast class, sign up when you register

Monday 7:30                                                         Tony Fanelli


This one hour and 45 minute breakfast is primarily designed for salon owners and managers. Tony will explain in this session how to maximize your profits with haircolor services. This seminar is especially unique because it is led by a salon owner who wrestled with the conflicts of staff, waste, inventory, mess and all of the little things that become big things when it comes to the bottom line. 

Let Tony enlighten you on how to overcome the obstacles and remove the burdens so that your haircolor business will fly!

Keratin Treatments: Magic or Tragic? 


Keratin treatments are the service du jour. Recently, brands have been reformulated to remove formaldehyde but did they just trade it for a similar chemical, another aldehyde, with less odor but still as caustic and dangerous? A keratin treatment typically is performed after all color services to seal in the color. Highlighting or bleaching after the KT would reduce the smoothing effects.

Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles uses Brazil Cacau Keratin Treatmment to follow single process color. They suggest waiting 7-10 days after color. "It is essential to do a clarifying treatment before KT and the hair color will have oxidized by then," Carlos Rodriguez, senior haircolorist.

Simply Smooth, a brand of keratin treatment promotes, "You're not damaging the hair because your're plugging holes with keratin. Like repaving a road--you are fixing the surface."

As with any chemical service, the final result is dependent on the starting porosity grade. KT on grade 5 hair may result in brittle ends prone to breakage. Once it is mushy when wet and stiff when air dried, KT will not fix it. Oils will mask it temporarily.

What may be tragic about this type of product is that KT treatments are now sold over the counter. What kind of tragic new messes will show up crying in our salons now?

Exotic Transformations

Exotic haircolors are popular and can be addictive to both clients and haircolorists. This type of editorial hair can be quite inspirational but extremely challenging for even the most experienced colorists. It is vital that a haircolorist learn appropriate corrective techniques and the limitations of previously chemically treated hair.

Before any stylist uses one of the exciting new formulas offered on all of the most popular salon websites and in trade magazines, a thorough consultation is absolutely necessary. Careful consideration of prior chemical services, the current grade of porosity, and the dedication to maintenance of the requested color is vital to the success and longevity of the color service. In addition, the colorist needs to determine if this client wanting panels of purple in a blue-black base may want to change next month to a copper base with panels of gold. Services on these chameleon clients can make or break a haircolorist's reputation.

Certification through the ABCH provides the type of education needed for these transformations, both into and out of the exotic haircolors. Have you attended the Energizing Summit recently? Many classes go beyond the basics and focus on the corrective elements and techniques of extreme haircolor transformations. Designing Hair with Color for NAHA with Palma Anshilevich will teach you how to market exotic haircolor and step into the world of high fashion. Knowing and Understanding Bleaches with Craig Miller, Correcting Haircolor Disasters with Jesse Skittral, and Killer Corrective Techniques with Denise Fraser will give you the tools to safely make the transition. The Perfect Consultation with Dennis and Ame Metcalfe will prepare you to know when to go extreme and when to redirect the client into a more realistic haircolor. 

Lowlights from the Editor                                       
The artificial color remover product comparison is complete and we are analyzing  the data. Watch for the results in this newsletter next month.
How does your salon distinguish itself from your local competition?  Do you offer unique products & services, host social events, post to social media, or something totally unexpected? How do you make your salon a destination?        
Write to me... and offer to write a guest article in this newsletter. We may publish your story in Highlights!    USE subject line: ABCH                    Certifiably yours,


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