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From the Desk of Paul Vandeventer

Diversifying the Board Room

Diversity on nonprofit boards of directors matters. Done intentionally, it leads to greater inclusion and social equity among people of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Ask Yvette Chappelle-Ingram. She co-founded and runs the African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI), a project of Community Partners for the last three years.

"Representation on boards by people of color," Chappelle-Ingram says, "is more than just meeting numeric goals. It broadens the range of community experience sitting at the table, making policy, allocating resources, speaking for all views, not just a few."

AABLI recruits potential African American board members from throughout the region's business, social sector and civic talent pool. Participants in AABLI's two-day board leadership development program come away steeped in all that board service requires of them, and much more.


A psychological training component explores cultural competencies specific to African Americans, helping prepare future board leaders to "touch where the hot buttons are," Chappelle-Ingram explained.  


To read the entire article, please click here.

Independent Sector in Los Angeles

Come Share Your Knowledge and Experience - and Your View of the Future


The key trends, obstacles, and opportunities that will affect every organization and individual working toward the common good over the next 20 years will be explored through a series of conversations the Independent Sector is calling Threads. Please mark your calendar and register for this May 8 event in Los Angeles. Learn more.

Community Partners in Ventura

Paul Vandeventer presents on 'Nonprofit Readiness' at a recent workshop in Ventura. As part of our continuing partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Leadership, he'll next be on hand May 20.



Projects in the News

David Kipen, owner and project leader for Libros Schmibros, a lending library in the heart of Boyle Heights, spoke on creative placemaking (4 mins in) in this segment from KCET's 'Artbound' program...he also tipped off  Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez about this  East LA  high school's popular reading club.


The Human Rights Data Analysis Group followed up its recent critique of the government's estimates on police homicides with an analysis of their own, putting that count at 25 percent higher.

MoveLA and Multicultural Communities for Mobility, both projects of Community Partners, are applauded for their contributions to 'Just Growth' in this blog post by USC professors Dr. Manuel Pastor and Madeline Wander.

Welcome Our Newest Project

El Sereno Community Arts

Project Leader: Angelica De La Torre
Website: elserenocommunityarts.com 


El Sereno Community Arts stimulates and encourages the identity, wellness and empowerment of the El Sereno community through culturally significant events and art programs.

Grants and Resource Opportunities

Scholarships for the Childhood Obesity Conference


Scholarship awards for the 2015 Childhood Obesity Conference are available for young adults.Includes complimentary registration and more. Click here to learn more and apply.

Events and Learning Opportunities

Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color

Application Deadline: April 24

More than 100 organizations have benefitted from the Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color in Los Angeles, gaining the critical awareness, skills, and systems that help develop donor relationships and giving. Our own Priscilla Hung is one of the trainers. Several Community Partners projects have enjoyed participating in the past. L
earn more here.



2015 Developing Development Program

Early Bird Deadline: April 24

The Executive Service Corps is accepting early applications for its Developing Development Program, which is designed to help nonprofit board members and executives build their individual giving programs. This comprehensive, 14-month program includes expert one-on-one coaching, trainings and clinics for staff and Board members. Program begins July 1, 2015.

CityLife, a former project of Community Partners, is marking its 20th anniversary this month. A major milestone that makes us very proud.


From the Field


10 Ways Donors Can Be Less than Helpful


Nonprofits rely on generous individuals for their money, time, and connections. However, there are instances in which donors can be less than helpful, such as giving unwanted gifts and micromanaging. Click here to read the entire list and how donors can avoid such mistakes. 


How much is an hour of volunteer time worth?

Independent Sector announced recently that the 2014 estimate for the value of a volunteer hour is $23.07 -- a 52-cent increase from 2013. The value of volunteer time provides one way to measure the impact millions of individuals make with each hour they dedicate to making a difference. 

Extensive List of Free Online Resources for Startups


Looking for free stock photography? Social media tools? Survey builders? Check out this list of free resources from Growth.Supply. 


The Importance of Updated Job Descriptions

This article from Blue Avocado reminds us all of the importance of having up-to-date job descriptions for all employees. 


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