Domestic violence and guns are a deadly combination. You can do something about it. 
Every year, 20 children, women, and men in Washington are killed by domestic violence abusers who had easy access to guns, even if their victims had protection orders. Why? Because federal laws that keep guns out of abusers' hands remain unenforced and ignored in this state. 
In fact, states that enforce these protections have dramatically lower rates of domestic violence homicide than Washington. 
With support from people like you, our advocacy work has already paid off in a front-page story and an editorial in The New York Times, plus in-depth national and local television coverage. Now we need your help to keep the momentum going. 
Please give today to advance the common-sense protections that most people believe already exist. Survivors and their children need your support:
  • $1,000 will organize 40 people to advocate with key lawmakers about gun violence. 
  • $500 will prepare 5 survivors to share their stories with media.  
  • $100 will pay mileage and childcare for a survivor to testify at the state capitol.  
You know that everyone deserves the human right to be free from violence. Make this right a reality: Donate now. Thank you. 

Nan Stoops, Executive Director