Clay Squared March Newsletter

Slapping winter out the door. Check out our new videos of 
 tile making in the studio!
Video of studio click here
Click on this Medieval tile to see the fun videos that Josh and Michael made last week and posted on Instagram.
We have to keep ourselves entertained- even though we are super busy there is always time to play with the clay (and technology!)

Layl and Josh 
Tile Project of the Month
Medieval Floral Pesto Kitchen

Medieval Pesto Kitchen
Pesto is our most popular color. It is an Arts & Crafts staple color, bringing warmth and character to a home. The backsplash area behind the sink or stove are usually the best place to create a signature design. In this kitchen the family wanted a highlight of the Medievals to break up the running bond pattern. They also wanted a subtle way to create a framing of the sink area. They did that by using 2x2 tiles as a frame round the faucet. 

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Layl at Demo Day

On Saturday, March 19 Artists del Norte is hosting an Artists Demo Day at the Banfil Locke Center for the Arts, 6666 East River Road, Fridley MN.  The day will feature three artists:
Lori Norman with a steam-punk twist on art made using found objects, Layl McDill who is co-owner of her Minneapolis studio, Clay Squared to Infinity, and our very own Sharyn Erickson creating her magic with alcohol inks.  
Layl's demos will be from 10:45 to 12:00 and she will be showing a variety of millefiore techniques.  She is working on a large cane of a ram which she will reduce some while she talks- maybe even get to the first slice you never know!  
To sign up to attend these demos ($30) get more info at Artist del Norte

Come and see Layl Demo at Artist Del Norte Demo Day Saturday March 19th

  Silly Millies

Lavender Flower

Blue Bird

Silly Millies are slice-and-bake polymer clay millefiore canes.   
Click the image to be directed to the website or the Etsy store. 
Polymer Clay Classes
Upcoming Classes-
Butterfly Cane Class
April 3rd, 12:00 to 3:00

Bead and Button Class

Sunday, March 27th
1:00 to 3:00 pm

seconds tiles

 One box of our seconds tiles is $25! 
Typically has about 6 to 10 sq ft of tile. 
New seconds are added daily, so check in often. 
$12.95 for shipping per box
About Us


Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC, is a handmade tile and polymer clay showroom/studio. 
Josh Blanc makes and sells handmade tiles and mosaics for installation in kitchens, fireplaces, bathrooms and as art tile.  Clay Squared offers the largest selection of historic reproduction tile lines in the United States.

Layl McDill makes sculptures and millefiore canes with Polymer Clay.  She exhibits at arts' festivals and teaches classes both at Clay Squared and around the country.

Thank you for following our adventures as artists!


Josh Blanc and Layl McDill
Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC