Clay Squared November Newsletter

Cosmic being created
A Cosmic being created (wet glazes)
November has been an exciting month for making tiles. Josh is working on his largest tile art mural ever for the Eastside Co-op in NE Minneapolis for their new expansion. He is creating a 100 square feet of Cosmic Clouds for their three new bathrooms. It is going to be Awesome! They will be installed the first week of December. 

Layl and Josh 
Scribble Stories in Clay at the Pump House
Mosaic Trim in Subway Tile Kitchen
Cosmic 9
The Cosmic Nine

This series of Cosmic mural tiles was custom ordered. The homeowners loved the Cosmic Spots and Lines as the main focus. They asked Josh to work in reds, greens, purples and metalics to create a piece for their home. The homeowners liked the traditional Cosmic Spots and Galaxies but were more interested in some experimental, one-of-a-kind designs they found in the Clay Squared gallery. They asked Josh to work from those designs, made bigger, to fit with the other 12" x 12" tiles they were having made. Once in place, this space seems made for this Cosmic Mural.

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Staff Picks:  Silly Millies
Silly Millies are slice-and-bake polymer clay, millefiore canes.
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seconds tiles

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Typically has about 6 to 10 sq ft of tile. 
New seconds are added daily, so check in often. 
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Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC, is a handmade tile and polymer clay showroom/studio. 
Josh Blanc makes and sells handmade tiles and mosaics for installation in kitchens, fireplaces, bathrooms and as art tile.  Clay Squared offers the largest selection of historic reproduction tile lines in the United States.

Layl McDill makes sculptures and millefiore canes with Polymer Clay.  She exhibits at arts' festivals and teaches classes both at Clay Squared and around the country.

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Josh Blanc and Layl McDill
Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC