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Layl and Josh 
16th Annual Twin Cities 20th Century Design Show & Sale
At the MN State Fairgrounds Saturday September 26th and Sunday 27th
Arts & Crafts Show at the MN State Fairgrounds
Josh will be showcasing his newest Arts and Crafts designs, projects and colors at this St. Paul Arts & Crafts Show show. See our newest options of historic tile tile matching. Come check out all of the awesome period antiques, contemporary craftspeople working in glass, wood, fiber, ceramics and lighting.  
Zen Kitchen
Asian Inspired Arts and Crafts Kitchen
Zen Kitchen
This expressive kitchen backsplash is a blend of two colors Iridescent Silver and Silver. The home owners loved the Cosmic Flares and wanted Josh to use them in the backsplash. Josh sketched out a series of drawing for the home owners to consider. Then using classic subway 3x6 running bond tile it created quite balance of expressive strokes to create this Asian inspired Arts & Crafts kitchen.

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Millstream Arts Festival
Millstream Arts Festival
Millstream arts festival
Layl will be selling her work a
St. Joseph, MN
September 27th, 2015
11:00 to 5:00 pm
Millstream Arts Festival is an outdoor juried art show held on the last Sunday in September on Main Street in 
downtown St. Joseph, Minnesota. Millstream is a 
festive environment with a wide variety of visual arts, music, dance, enticing foods, hands-on art activities for children, and much more!

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New Silly Millies
Emerald Dragonfly
Emerald Dragonfly 
Silly Millies are slice and bake polymer clay millefiore canes.
Nora's Black Cat Polymer Clay Silly Milly
Nora's Black Cat
Comes in two sizes!
Summer Night Butterfly
Summer Night Butterfly
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Millefiore Mistakes
mushy kitty 1

You might imagine that after twenty plus years of creating millefiore canes Layl has it down and nothing ever goes wrong.  Well no- something actually goes wrong almost all the time- she just doesn't point it out!
mushy kitty 2

 This past month Layl made a black cat that had more than one something going wrong - you can't see his mouth, eyes are too small and his ears are falling off his head.  Well, as Layl always says- you can't learn anything if it turns out perfect!  So Layl set to work making the cane again and this time she took all that she learned on the first one to have much more success.

good kitty

What will happen with the 7 or so feet of the "Bad  Black Cat" cane?  Well, it will become tiny little pictures that turn into just pretty colors on her large sculptures.  That's why it's a perfect symbiotic relationship between cane making and sculptures- there is always a place for all the mistakes and the ones that work too!
Beads and Buttons Techniques Class
bead and button class
$60 supplies included

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Three hours of learning as many polymer clay techniques as we can.  All of which you can use to make beads and buttons of all shapes and sizes.  Some techniques you will learn are: Natasha beads, millefiore, bi-cone, mokume gane, faux marble and more!  You will come away with a collection of fun beads and buttons to bake in your own oven.

Sunday, October 25th 2:00 to 5:00

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seconds tiles

 One box of our seconds tiles is $25! 
Typically has about 6 to10 sq. ft. of tile. 
New seconds are added daily so check in often. 
$12.95 for shipping per box
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Clay Squared to is a handmade tile and polymer clay showroom/studio. Josh Blanc's makes and sell handmade tiles and mosaics for installation in kitchens, fireplaces, bathrooms and as art tile.We offer the largest selection of historic reproduction tile lines in the United States
Layl McDill makes sculptures and millefiore canes with Polymer Clay.She does arts festivals and teaches classes both at Clay Squared to Infinity and around the country.
Thank you for following our adventures as artists.


Josh Blanc and Layl McDil
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