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Beginning Flower Class

Saturday, July 25th 3:30 to 5:30

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Bird Vessels in Clay

Friday, August 28th 6:00 to 9:00

Layl's Upcoming Shows

Alpine Art Fair

July 18th and 19th

Winter Park, CO



 Firefly Art Fair

August 1st and 2nd

Wauwatosa, WI



Powderhorn Art Fair

August 8th and 9th

Minneapolis, MN


New Silly Millies
Crescent Moon with Border

Poppy in the Garden

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Tiles and Tennis! An unlikely pairing to be used in a phrase or sentence. But when Clay Squared to Infinity.LLC sponsors a tennis tournament it all comes together.
Last month we sponsored the North Metro Tennis Association Tournament Brookview Classic. We served up Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream to the players and families. Josh also played in the tournament and won the Double 3.5 flight, got to the finals of the singles, as well as finished 2nd in the Mixed Doubles round robin. Over all it was a great weekend. Follow your passions of art and sports it makes your life more fun and well rounded. 

--Josh and Layl


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Project of the Month

Mid Century Modern Kitchen


Clean lines and rich colors make this kitchen stand out as an example of the Mid-Century Modern revival. Working with The Egg Design Group they ordered Copper Patina in 2"x8" field tiles. Using a Monochromatic palette and letting the variation of the glaze work its magic to give the space an aged character. Variation is the key to homes feeling comfortable and livable. 


Photos by Sarah Whiting Photography

Emma's Imagination
What could be better than having an 8 year old assistant for 2 weeks?  Well when you make work like Layl's there really isn't anything better! Her niece Emma Culp is about the best you could ask for in the imagination department!  She has taught Layl about all kinds of new mythical creatures that she never knew existed- like the Hippocorn- which is NOT a hippopotomus with a horn- it is a mermaid horse with a horn!  And the alicorn - not a horned alligator but a horse with wings and a horn!  
Not only is Emma supplying ideas but she is also getting really great at making millefiori canes- she is an expert at "fluffyness" which Layl finds very useful for the flowing manes and wings of the mythical creatures Emma thinks up.  She even made her first butterfly cane!
Emma was also an amazing sales rep at her art fair in Vail last week.  This girl has some awesome skills - just imagine where they will take her!
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Saturn Ring Swing

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Curious Clouds Crept Above (and they all went on their way)
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