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It has been almost 30 years that I began the study of Bowen Theory.  From those first days, fresh out of business school, I realized the potential that this theory of human behavior could provide for business organizations, non profits and family-owned concerns. When I was asked to present for the May clinical conference for the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, it occurred to me that the Thursday night program and a preview of Navigating Systems would be a welcome package for those of us who are interested in systems at work.

Said another way, I have always been intrigued to think systems in non-clinical settings. Families who make decisions for their assets and trusts are up against the same challenges that all families are when they make decisions for the well being of the family in the future.

Join us, share your thinking.
Kathy Wiseman

Thursday, May 9  -  Navigating Systems
10am - 4pm
This day is for skilled professionals and experienced family leaders, who believe that learning more about their self and family systems will positively impact their work with clients, and increase self and family functioning. This day begins the Navigating Systems process.  It introduces Bowen family systems theory and its integration into your personal and professional life. You will experience both the system of the brain through neurofeedback and your family system as it informs your professional life. Presented by Priscilla Friesen, Andrea Schara, and Kathy Wiseman. 

The charge for the day is $450, and includes individual neurofeedback training, family consultation, and presentation on family theory with group discussion. Held at  The Learning Space, 4545 42nd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20016

Thursday May 9 - The Application of Bowen Theory to the Professional Fields of Law and Finance, Estates and Trusts and Wealth Transfer
7:30 - 9:30pm
Charles Collier, during his tenure at Harvard, taught and practiced the value of family conversations in the world of fundraising and development. Charles' thinking and work with many families over 25 years was informed by Bowen family systems thinking. Join his colleagues as they relate their approach to development and what they have learned following his lead with families and their systems. Kathy Wiseman, faculty member of the Bowen Center, will highlight what has been accomplished by the application of Bowen theory in this field of estate and trusts, finance, and wealth transfer.

There is no charge for this meeting. Held at The Bowen Center 4500 MacArthur Blvd, NW Washington, DC. Side entrance. For directions and more information on the Thursday Professional Series, contact The Bowen Center 202-965-4400 or online at http://www.thebowencenter.org/pages/thursdaylectures.html

Friday May 10 - Starting with Self: Consulting to Work Systems
9:30am - 3:30pm
Kathy Wiseman, faculty member of The Bowen Center, will be presenting Starting with Self: Consulting to Work Systems for the Bowen Center's Clinical Conference Series. Bowen family systems theory challenges individuals to observe and manage themselves in the emotional fields in their family and their work . This day highlights two individuals- a member of a family business and a consultant-who have been working at the process of differentiating a self in their family and work.

The goal of the day is to stimulate reciprocal learning for the interviewees and the audience about the application of Bowen family systems theory by professionals in their work. This is an opportunity to address the questions you face in your professional life. Our expectation is for participants to leave with a deeper understanding of how relationships impact business outcomes. Your experience, questions, and curiosity will encourage a substantive learning day. Held at United Methodist Church, 3401 Nebraska Ave,NW, Washington, DC.
For registration, payment and location directions, contact The Bowen Center 202-965-4400 or online at   http://www.thebowencenter.org/pages/clinicalconf.html

Thinking On the Page with Kathy Wiseman
The American Bar Association convened its annual meeting in Chicago at the Fairmont Hotel. It gathered almost 500 people who  practice alternative dispute resolution. In other words, litigators turned mediators. The session I hosted included my colleague Jack Wofford, an attorney from Boston, who mediates family, civic, employment and environmental disputes, and Domingo Such, an estates and trusts lawyer at McDermott, Emery and Will, who has wisdom way beyond his years . I learned a lot about how family disputes can occur at nodal events and how just one person with a more neutral approach can make a difference. It is good to mention that the fastest growing field of litigation is in the field of estates and trusts. No surprise that the family emotional process would leak into that which is contained by the legal document.
Consider the fact that differences exist in family - different personalities, experiences, temperaments - and what can unfold once a death occurs in a family system. This was the subject that we talked about for almost two hours in Chicago.
Please contact us if you would like the handout material.

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