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 AFWW Newsletter #34 - Feb 2014 - New book Shift on Kindle  
World Beyond War
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It always seems impossible, until it is done. 
Nelson Mandela

A Good Book


Waging Nonviolent Struggle. 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential.
The Harvard professor Gene Sharp has written classic analyses of many social transformation movements. Read this book to find out what works, and what doesn't work...and especially the astonishing power of strategic use of nonviolent struggle.



A Good Movie


"Budrus."  The film, written and directed by Julia Bacha, follows a Palestinian leader who unites Fatah, Hamas, and Israelis in an unarmed movement to save his village from destruction. Success eludes them until his 15-year-old daughter jumps into the fray.   








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A Future Without War

Believe in it.

Envision it.

Work for it.

And we will achieve it.





These three quick links are to Dr. Hand's core articles on paradigm shift:

To Abolish War

Shaping the Future

More Links:

Dr. Judith Hand's New Book - SHIFT

AFWW founder and evolutionary biologist Dr. Judith Hand's latest book, Shift, The Beginning of War, The Ending of War, is now available for sale at, at, and as a Kindle book.


[Buying a soft cover: CreateSpace takes on 20% of retail price, takes 55% of retail price.] 


Praise for Shift


I hold deep admiration for the great pioneering work of Dr. Judith Hand for a world without war, which is possible when people believe passionately and work for it. Shift explains "Why" and How" 

            Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate




"What if someone could convince you that we actually have the power to permanently end war? What if someone could convince you that once we resolve to make that happen, we could free ourselves from war in two generations or less?" With those words, evolutionary biologist Judith Hand opens her exploration of why we make war, when we started making war, and why and how we can, if we choose, move forward into a future without war. In accessible, clear language, Hand marshals knowledge and insight from biological, cultural, and political sciences to persuasively make her case. The depth and breadth of knowledge covered makes it essential reading for anyone interested in war and peace. The notion that we might actually be able to abolish war may seem utopian, but Dr. Hand explains why and how this achievement is possible. Shift: The Beginning of War, The Ending of Wardemonstrates that the current century blesses us with a rare but narrowing opportunity to achieve what generations before us could not."  


More Reader Praise for Shift 


Judith Hand marshals knowledge and insight from biological, cultural, and political sciences to argue persuasively that now is the time in human development to extinguish the fires of war. She demonstrates that such a mammoth shift of human spirit and politics is possible, in fact crucial to human survival...she invites us to take part in this historical psychological, social, and institutional shift toward resolving differences through law with justice instead of bullets and bombs.

        Douglas P. Fry, Ph.D.

        Director of Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

        Åbo Akademi, University in Vasa, Finland

        Author of Beyond War: The Human Potential for Peace


On a level with Rachel Carson's Silent Spring....Shift offers grounds for hope that we may be close to permanently ending our love affair with war.

         Sean English, Ph.D.

         Former Director of Saor-Ollscoil 

               (The Free University of Ireland 2000-2007)

         Convener, Peace Theories Commission of the 

             International Peace Research Association (IPRA)

          Author of The Collapse of the War System (2007)


In Shift: The Beginning of War, The Ending of War Judith Hand has written a book for the ages....Many of us have been waiting years to read a book like this.

                        Clarence "Sonny" Williams

                        Sr. Executive, Commercial Insurance Industry



Shift is written for:

  • doing a research project on war or ending war;
  • social transformation activists in civil society and faith-based communities;
  • academics interested in human evolution and war, especially those in the fields of political science, anthropology, human evolutionary biology, and sociology;
  • academics in women's studies, because Shift presents a unique theory for the nature of women's use of aggression and general aversion to war;
  • any educated reader who is curious about war, from veterans who have personally seen or experienced war's many harms to mom's sending their children off to fight the next one.
World Beyond War: A Global Campaign to End War and Create Enduring Peace   


For nearly twelve years A Future Without War has looked for partners who would enthusiastically embrace a plan to begin a global movement to abolish war. 


It has become obvious to activists and lay people alike around the world that war is a great folly. Also obvious is that what social activists and lovers of peace have been trying for many centuries to do to stop war has utterly failed. So far, nothing has worked. That something new is called for is also obvious.


AFWW believes we have, within the last three months, finally made contact with an extraordinary set of partners who share our vision for that "something different" that will work, an effort that uses both Constructive (peace-education, peace-building) and Obstructive (nonviolent civil disobedience) Programs.  Progress is advancing. The initial partners have agreed on the (tentative) name World Beyond War: A Global Campaign to End War and Create Enduring Peace.


Our work in progress can be followed at the developing website  An invitation and opportunity to join the movement is  available on the website. There is work to be done, committees need your input.  Check out this promising movement, and if you like what it stands for, consider becoming a founding supporter.

About A Future Without War

We want to provide newsletter readers with a reminder about our extensive website, The materials can be a reference for personal use, something to share with friends or colleagues who doubt that it would ever be possible to abolish war, and as thought pieces to stimulate discussions, for example, by your students, a book group, or peace activist organizations. You will find on the site:

  • A Mission Statement
  • An Action Plan
  • Capstone Essay: "To Abolish War"
  • "Overview" Essays - 7 essays explaining the core rationale for why it is reasonable to believe we could abolish war if we make it a priority.
  • "Cornerstone" Essays - 9 essays explaining each of the broad categories of "good works" that we need to attend to simultaneously in any campaign to abolish war and maintain that state into the future.
  • "The Books" - a Table of Contents, reviews, and FREE download of Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace, links to purchase that book and also A Future Without War: the Strategy of a Warfare Transition"
  • A Link to the AFWW Blog
  • A Map of Nonviolent Cultures
  • A Video of Dr. Hand
  • Several Movie and Book Reviews
  • Archives of AFWW Newsletters
  • Links to over 150 Organizations involved in some aspect of the campaign to abolish war
  • Miscellaneous AFWW Essays

These are titles of and links to current Miscellaneous AFWW Essays 

A Future Without War
Believe in it. Envision it. Work for it.
And we will achieve it.

A Future Without War
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