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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

In October 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed a resolution proclaiming the first "National Down's Syndrome Month". In the past 28 years, we've experienced a lot of changes inDS Awareness Month Poster 1986 the way we celebrate October as our "awareness month".  It's unlikely that the leaders of the Down syndrome community who attended the president's signing in 1984 could have envisioned the use of social media to connect people around the world. We imagine the idea of Facebook and Twitter would have made them laugh out loud. 


But in 2012, what a wonderful resource we have to send messages instantly to thousands and thousands of people! We hope you'll take some time in October to share your personal stories with us and with others who need to be reminded of the We're More Alike Than Different message. Use your social media pages to shout it far and wide. You can share a link to our YouTube videos or this page on preferred language guidelines to help tell your story.


The NDSC has long been committed to making a difference "one family at a time". We believe that if you change even one person's view about Down syndrome in October, you've spent your time well. 


Opportunity to Learn from NDSC Convention ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
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With seventeen recorded sessions, we know there's something here for everyone. 


From Brian Chicoine, Medical Director of the Adult Down Syndrome Center in Park Ridge, IL, you'll get 90 minutes of top notch information. More than 5000 patients with Down syndrome have been seen at the Adult Center, which makes Dr. Chicoine and his partners the true experts in the world of health care for adults. 


Employment expert Wendy Parent-Johnson has so much to teach us about employment for individuals with Down syndrome. Imagine a job placement based on the passion and skills of each individual, rather than on the job available at the time. We know you'll walk away with some new information that will help your self advocate find a job, or be more successful at the one he or she has now. 


Even if you aren't looking for specific information right this minute, you might just find what you need when something pops up in your life a few months from now. Check out the full list of recorded sessions hereJust $35.00 for NDSC members, $70.00 for non-members, you'll have access to these recordings, as well as the printed handouts from each speaker, until June 1, 2013. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from the best, right in your own home.

Convention Issue of Down Syndrome News is online

Down Syndrome News Remind yourself of the great time you had in Washington, DC...or if you didn't attend, motivate yourself to come to Denver next year! This convention issue is full of awesome photos from the whole weekend, including our very successful Day on the Hill, and heartwarming stories from volunteers - like this one:


"Four years ago, I could not help but feel overwhelmed and a little afraid when I first walked into the Youth and Adults Conference in Sacramento. But those nerves and doubts about my abilities quickly vanished with the first high-five I got from a self-advocate. He didn't even know me, yet he was willing to become an instant friend".


Read the rest of this story in Down Syndrome News! (Thank you, Colleen Donohue for your commitment to the NDSC Convention!)


Save the Date for our 2013 "Causecation"


July 19-21, 2013. That's when we'll see you in Denver, CO for our 41st Annual Convention! Registration for the convention will open in March, 2013. At that time, you will also be able to reserve your rooms at the convention rate at the Hyatt Regency Denver. Watch our website, Facebook page and Twitter for updates to our convention information.


Join us as we take our Causecation to a "higher level" in the Mile High City!

And Another Thing or Two...

1. In addition to Down Syndrome Awareness month, October is also Bullying Prevention month. Go to the PACER website to learn more.  And wear orange on October 10 to bring awareness to your community.

2. Get the latest info on disability topics in the news, by subscribing to Disability Scoop

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