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November 2014 / Cheshvan 5775


We are very pleased to announce that Daniele Hurwitz has accepted the position of Project Coordinator for the newest Ramah camp-in-formation, Camp Ramah in Northern California (Ramah NorCal). The National Ramah Commission, working closely with the local San Francisco Bay Area NorCal Board of Directors and the leadership of Camp Ramah in California, has hired Daniele to help with all aspects of beginning the new camp, including searching for an appropriate rental site, beginning early marketing efforts, and coordinating among various stakeholders. She will be supervised directly by National Ramah.

Daniele Hurvitz
Daniele will also serve as the local representative of Reshet Ramah, the Ramah Camping Movement's Alumni and Community Engagement initiative. She will, among other projects, work as a Ramah Service Corps Fellow in various local Conservative synagogues, and, as part of a Jim Joseph Foundation grant to Ramah, will lead the San Francisco-based effort to organize young professionals for Jewish learning and engagement.

Daniele spent 10 summers at Camp Ramah Darom in Georgia, as a camper, counselor, rosh edah, and waterfront director, and spent a summer staffing Ramah Israel Seminar. She has worked for Hillel on a number of campuses, has worked at the management level in both fitness clubs and retail sales, and has competed in 23 marathons and triathlons. She brings great passion for Ramah as well as organizational experience to this position.

Ramah NorCal is seeking a camp director to begin work in 2015. The NorCal leadership has recently adopted a plan to begin a Ramah camp on a rental site, and is in the midst of a $2.5 million campaign to build and sustain this newest Ramah camp.

For questions about Ramah NorCal, please contact Rabbi Mitchell Cohen at the National Ramah Commission or one of the three co-chairs of the NorCal board in San Francisco, Loren Shalinsky, Craig Miller, and Alex Bernstein. Daniele can be contacted at daniele@campramah.org.

    Mitch Cohen
Rabbi Mitchell Cohen
Director, National Ramah Commission, Inc. of The Jewish Theological Seminary

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