Our Learning Coach Newsletter - Sept., 2016

BHC's brand new Nourish Family Food Centre

This September is an exciting month because Bethany Hope Centre is launching its new Nourish Family Food Centre on September 9th. Breakfast will be provided on that day, and for the rest of the month to BHC participants. The purpose of Nourish is to increase access to healthy food options, including in-house breakfast and lunch-box programs. 

Nourish Family Food Centre Co-ordinator Dennise Yarema explains the importance of the program: "participants will have more of a choice in terms of the food they can access at BHC. I'm excited about our participants having healthier food choices, and look forward to partnering with local vendors to foster a greater sense of community". 

Tending our raised beds on a warm August day are, left to right, Parenting Counsellor Jennifer Trankalis, Community and Family Services / Volunteer Co-ordinator Gaby Blais, and Nourish Family Food Centre Co-ordinator Dennise Yarema.

To find out more about Nourish, including volunteer opportunities, contact Dennise at dennise_yarema@can.salvationarmy.org 613-725-1733 ext 202 

A famous and interesting Egyptian Pharoah

Once again, the classroom bulletin board has been decorated with materials that are both artistic and educational. This project covers everything 'Tut', from those who discovered him, to those he cursed! 

To help illustrate the mummification process, our bookcase now holds some canopic jars containing plasticine models of human organs, topped with models of protective deities. Excellent work, Erika!

Now's a good time for a fresh start

The Canadian Cancer Society tells us that most Canadians consume diets high in added sugar, which can lead to excess weight gain and increase the risk of cancer, not only for yourself but also for your children.

This month they're challenging us to get our health and bodies back on track by reducing our intake of food and drinks with added sugars. 

The World Health Organization recommends a daily maximum intake of less than 10% of calories from free sugars. This is equal to 48 grams or 12 teaspoons.

On average in 2004 Canadians consumed 110 grams (26 teaspoons) of total sugar. This is about 20% of daily calories based on a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet.

Take a look here at the recipes the Cancer Society has posted to help us cut down on added sugars in our diet.

Easy to use tools

The City of Ottawa suggests these two assessment tools might help parents to assess the development of their child:
  • NutriSTEP
    NutriSTEP® is simple questionnaire to assess a child's eating, physical activity, screen time habits and more.
  • Nipissing District Developmental Screening Tool
    Nipissing District Developmental Screening Tool (NDDS) is a short and simple checklist to review the child's development at a specific age (birth to age 6). 

If you want more information about either of these assessments, you learn more at BHC. Just call Nurse Judy or drop by to talk to BHC's childcare staff. 

We have lots of useful information on file that's quick and easy to access.

The next time you visit the Owl's Perch take a few minutes to explore our Learning Coach Resource Library. It contains lots of useful information. 

Stay safe!

Personal and family safety are very important to Ottawa families. That's why the Ottawa Police Service has launched a new app for Android and iOS users that makes it easier to stay connected with the Ottawa Police.

It includes several features such as access to online reporting, crime maps, photos of wanted persons, traffic disruptions, a collision toolkit, a call police function, find a police station and more!

Check here for instructions on downloading this app to your iOS or Android phone.

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