Our Learning Coach Newsletter - Mar, 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic

As part of our spirit week, we had a real live teddy bear picnic. It was a song come-to-life for some of our shorter friends.


The afternoon came complete with Home-Bears, Bethany-Bears and a mouth-watering snack consisting of whole-grain bread, wow-butter and bananas and blueberries.

Call Telehealth for medical advice

Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential service
you can call to get health advice or information. A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TTY: 1-866-797-0007

How it works

When you call, a Registered Nurse will ask you to answer questions so they can assess your health problem and give you advice.

Telehealth Ontario nurses will not diagnose your illness or give you medicine. They will direct you to the most appropriate level of care or may put you in contact with a health professional who can advise you on your next steps.

The nurse will help you decide whether to:

handle a problem yourself
visit your doctor or nurse practitioner
go to a clinic
contact a community service
go to a hospital emergency room

Who can call?

Anyone can call Telehealth Ontario to ask a health-related question. This service is:

confidential - you may be asked to provide your health card number, but it is not required
provided in both English and French, with translation support for some other languages
free for all users

What you can ask?

You can contact Telehealth Ontario when you have health-related questions or concerns about:

illness or injury that may need medical care
illnesses that don't go away or keep coming back
food and healthy living
teen health and issues
depression, suicide or other mental health concerns
medications and drug interactions

Do you need a computer?

Enabling low-income learners to reach their highest potential

Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) strives to provide individuals with the tools that will enable them to achieve their highest potential in the global knowledge-based economy.

As a pilot program of RCT, RCTech OUTREACH enables low income learners to access affordable quality refurbished computers and computer setup training. These tools work together to strengthen and build the capacity of individuals within the community, which in turn, fosters its economic growth and sustainability.

RCTech OUTREACH aims to put quality computers in the hands of individuals and their families and will:

Increase knowledge and ability to use computers
Provide tools to those furthering their education
Enhance individual capacity to pursue career goals

RCTech OUTREACH Offerings

Computer Package

Listed below are the specifications for computer systems available through the RCTech OUTREACH program. Please note that all systems come with a Windows Operating System (OS) as well as Microsoft Office - Student Edition.

Fee: $60 + HST + (Shipping if applicable)
CPU: Pentium 4
Format: Desktop
Memory: 2 GB*
Disk: 80 GB*
OS: Windows Operating System
Software: Microsoft Office - Student Edition, Adobe Reader
Others: 17" Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Sound Card, Network Adapter
Note: Speakers are not included
*Minimum amount specifications

Fee: $150 + HST + (Shipping if applicable)
CPU: Pentium Duo Core
Format: Laptop
Memory: 2 GB*
Disk: Between 80 GB & 140 GB
OS: Windows Operating System
Software: Microsoft Office - Student Edition, Adobe Reader
Others: Power Supply, Sound Card, Ethernet and WiFi Adapter
Note: Speakers are not included
*Minimum amount specifications

For details, click here.

Nurse Judy's News Update

Measles is a serious infection that lasts for one to two weeks.  As you know, measles is on the rise both in the United States and Canada, mainly because more and more parents are not vaccinating their children.  Affected provinces in Canada include British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario [Toronto area]. 


Symptoms of measles includes high fever, cough, rash (see photo on the right), runny nose, watery eyes.


Complications of measles include ear infection (about 1 in 10 children), pneumonia (about 1 in 10 children), encephalitis  (in about 1 in 1000 children) (an infection of the brain tissue that can cause brain damage and mental impairment. In pregnant, women, measles can cause miscarriage or premature birth.


How measles spreads: measles spreads very easily from person to person.  An infected person can pass it to others by coughing, sneezing or even talking.


Can I prevent my child from getting measles?  




Have regular vaccinations either with your family doctor, Ottawa Public Health Vaccine Clinic, or here at Bethany Hope Centre. 

Contact Nurse Judy for more information
613.725.1733 ext 201

211 is a very useful telephone number to remember

211 is the information and referral service that provides the people of Ontario with reliable information on community and social services. When you dial the 211 hotline, you are connected with a Certified Information and Referral Specialist who has been trained to assess your needs, answer your questions accurately, and advise you about the services and programs that are best for you and your loved ones.

Most of the services listed on 211Ontario.ca are provided by non-profit, community-based or government organizations that provide a direct service to the public. However, you will find some private or commercial organizations that do not duplicate the work of non-profit, community and government organizations. Inclusion on 211Ontario.ca

211Ontario.ca is free.

Love. Talk. Learn.



is a relaxing program for parents and toddlers. It's a morning full of songs, crafts and learning.


Parents learn the skills necessary to establish loving relationships, foster two-way communication, and help their child explore in order to maximize social, emotional, and cognitive learning right from the start.


Creating bonds with children at an early age sets the stage for life. Come with your toddler and have fun together.


Call Shannon to sign up, or feel free to drop-in and check it out.

613.725.1733 ext 205


Every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm



It's that time of year again. - Time to do your taxes.
The yearly challenge of completing your federal and provincial income tax forms has now started. It's very important that you complete and send in your income tax forms especially if you want:

* to apply for the GST/HST credit.
* to begin or continue receiving Canada child tax benefit payments

If you don't file, these transfer payments to you will probably be cut off or delayed.

Filing your taxes need not be a big headache. Don't be intimidated by tax forms! For many people, filing an income tax return can be a very simple process. When you have received all of your T4's and other tax documents, you are ready to file your return.

If you don't feel up to doing the job yourself,
we'll be glad to help you for free.

All Bethany Hope clients are invited to the Owl's Perch Learning Centre for free tax help.
Just let Phil know that you'd like our help.


The Learning Coach - (613) 799-2668 (voice or text)

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