Our Learning Coach Newsletter - Feb, 2015

We're changing how we select "Student of the Month"
We've had a lot of fun with our Student of the Month contest, but so far, all of our winners had one thing in common - they were physically in the classroom a lot. 

Our program is designed to accommodate all young parents, and so too should our Student of the Month contest. 

This year, we will be paying close attention to those unsung heroes of high school education - the young Moms and Dads who work independently at home.

The Learning Coach Program requires all students to be in touch with Phil or John at least once a week, but that doesn't mean students have to talk to us in person. You can call, text or email us anytime, and that's enough to keep us connected.

We have so many great students working from home, dropping by when they can, but unable to attend Bethany Hope Centre on a regular basis. To you we say "keep it up!" and keep an eye on your phone. Every other month we will be looking closely at how many lessons you finished, and how much you've improved. 

2015 is your year to win a Student of the Month $10 Tim's gift card.

Hope Ventures Entrepreneurship Training Program

Hope Ventures is designed to encourage young parents to explore and advance within the world of business and entrepreneurship. Participants will learn what it means to run a small business. Training occurs in class, and through on-on-one support sessions.


Hope Ventures is a 10 week, 15 hours/week Entrepreneurship Training Program which includes the following training and certification: First Aid/CPR, Food Handlers Course, WHMIS, Leadership, Financial Literacy, Computer Technology, Customer Service and Business Development. Participants will have the opportunity to team up with an experienced mentor and apply for a $1,500.00 START UP GRANT! 


We are pleased to announce that there are eight participants graduating from the first module of the Hope Ventures Entrepreneurship Training Program!


Congratulations to these ambitious professionals!


Hope Ventures is now accepting applications for Module #2, starting February 24.



  • Parenting or pregnant
  • Men and women welcome
  • 25 - 29 years of age

For more information:

Find HOPE VENTURES on Facebook!

Well Baby Clinic

Bethany Hope Centre's Health Care Nurse can now offer a complete Well Baby Assessment to all of Bethany's children and parents. 


The assessment includes:

  • Growth (Weight, Length/height, Head Circumference).
  • Infant and Child Development (Nipissing District Developmental Screen).
  • Vaccinations

Simply drop in to see Nurse Judy for an assessment and/or vaccination (you needed a vaccination in grade 7 and 8 - you can catch up if you missed them -  and then a booster at 24 or 25).  



If you do not have a family doctor, Judy can register your family with Bruyere Academic Family Health Team located here at Bethany Hope Centre. 


Put 1 to 2 cups of cornstarch in a bowl. 


Add in about a cup of water. 

As you pour, stir (with your free hand). 

The trick is to add just enough water so that you can 

roll the mixture into a ball, 

stop rolling and it melts between your fingers!!



 Try it at home with your children!!!

Events from the PLAYROOM

February 17-19: Tired of choosing what to wear? Wear your pyjamas to Bethany Hope.
February 17: Pancake Lunch to celebrate Fat Tuesday
February 18: Teddy Bear Picnic - 10am till Lunch in the Playroom

February 19: FROZEN at the DRIVE-IN. 1pm. That's right. A drive-in movie. The cars may be small and made of cardboard, but that won't bother the kids one bit. 

A New Season of Tax Filing is About to Begin

The yearly challenge of completing the federal and provincial income tax forms is about to get underway. It's very important that you complete and send in your income tax forms especially if you want:

* to apply for the GST/HST credit.
* to begin or continue receiving Canada child tax benefit payments

If you don't file, these transfer payments to you will probably be cut off or delayed.

Filing your taxes need not be a big headache. Don't be intimidated by tax forms! For many people, filing an income tax return can be a very simple process. When you have received all of your T4's and other tax documents, you are ready to file your return.

If you don't feel up to doing the job yourself, 
we'll be glad to help you for free.

All Bethany Hope clients are invited to the 
Owl's Perch Learning Centre for free tax help.
Just let Phil know that you'd like our help.


The Learning Coach - (613) 799-2668 (voice or text)

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